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While I am writing, it’s raining. It’s pretty cold and I’m also cold. I am not only cold because of rain, but I am also lonely. I can hear from sound of rain in my heart and I can’t cry. If I can, It will be much more pleasant. Now, I am homesick.
One day, one week, one month and two months go by. I have lived far from home for two months. I have studied the AUW for two months. According to you, two months is a short time. But for me, it’s a long time with such a challenge.
Since I came here, everything has been strange and exciting,. I have met many friends from many countries. I have tasted many strange favors of new place from food to people. For me, this is memorable excerpt of my life. Think back! It’s lucky for me to study in a university and I don’t have to worry about hosing, meals as before.
However, sometimes, luckiness can’t mollify my inmost feeling. I have missed my parents, relatives, neighbors, old friends. Frequently, the nostalgia turns out pleasant images in my dreams. When I wake up, drops from somewhere flow on my cheek. In here, the strange delicious food can’t make me forget my country’s favor. I miss the food mom cooked for me, it’s very simple with vegetable and rice. But it contains love of motherhood. I miss my dad’s smile and warm eyesight. My dad is neither handsome nor good looking. But in my heart, dad is the best man in my life. He teaches me many meaningful lessons of life. From his lessons, I realize that human live by heart and I shouldn’t appraise someone from their appearance because value of human being is their heart and mind. Outside is being cold. It would be better if I could be in my mother’s arms or drink a cup of hot tea with father. In the strange land, every evening is every quiet period. Maybe, in this time, my family are getting together and talking something funny. I wonder if happiness is only felt when we break away from it.
It is colder and colder; but the warm memories come to me more and more. But I can’t live with the past for good. It’s the time for me to come back the present which is sometimes alike to dream and I need to live with my wish which takes me to Bangladesh country and which takes me to this school. The way I choose is my challenge and sorrow; but it’s also my aspiration. So, I have to live with it. Now, the time is about two months. Comparing with five years I will have been here, it’s nothing. Therefore, I need to be stronger and stronger. This way is my choice and I have to own it. It’s sometimes rainy, but sometimes not like that. However, raining in human heart won’t end, will it?
Oanh ngoc luu
In evening, October 7th, 2010


olutosin's picture

Sharing in love.

It is really nice that we all have someone to share our stories with and we can always have friend that will comment, console and dry our tears.
This is part of Auto biography, if we pass through this life staying 24/7 under the love and protection of our parents, who is our teacher then? Experiences in life are the teachers that teach us and direct our paths, it is then we can confidently say, we have fought the good fight.
Last month I was passing through a difficult time and I sent a mail to Jensine as regards the training, what she told me is what I will tell you today, Dear friend, let your focus be on the end of this journey, glaze the certificate and the experience somewhere, snap the picture of your graduation with the inner mind's camera and think about the lives you will touch with every knowledge gained. The end is better than the beginning thereof.
As from now on, try to engage yourself with several productive activities on campus. And let it be at the back of your mind that there are some people who are orphans and are even looking for this type of opportunities that may never come.
I love this rhetorical question "However, raining in human heart won’t end, will it?
We are with you too. You know?

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale
Founder/Project Coordinator
Star of Hope Transformation Centre
512 Road
F Close
Festac Town


noreens's picture

be happy

I understand your feeling because I left home and went to high school in England while my parents were in Nigeria. And until now, my family is scattered in different places. The memories of your time with your family will always be with you, and you will have that time again. Right now, you have work to do............your education. You have been given a great opportunity, so make the best of it. Time passes so quickly and before you know it, you will have your degree and be back home. Being away from home also can be good. At the end of the five years, you will find that you have met some great people, learned so much and matured. It is almost as important as the diploma that you will share with your parents when you return to Vietnam. Be happy, and enjoy what you have now!

By the way, my son is also away from home. It's 2 weeks today, and he is enrolled in a 6 year program in another country. I miss him a lot but I could not stop him from looking for his future. He will return and hopefully have a great future -just as you will. The internet is so amazing! We talk to him almost every day by Skype. Try to talk to your parents that way. You will feel as if you are almost with them.

Take care, and be happy!

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