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We can reach the dream to create a more sustainable world only using our deep connections

In previous entries I said a little about my personal story, struggling as a single woman raising up my three daughters, my field of knowledge and activities, and I shared some ideas that may provide a somewhat fuzzy picture of why I'm here and what is my specific field of action. In this last entry I want to say that I'm here because I would like to contribute effectively to a sustainable future for all of us, disseminating knowledge, sharing expectations, experiences, visions, etc. and creating awareness within the broader community of women, using the new technologies.

Because the big challenge that my work field promoting sustainability means (as regarding the complexity of the problems as the vast and diverse territory covered) I can´t avoid to consider that no previous generation has had to face an overwhelming agenda as those who are adults in this decade and those who will come later. Our challenges are to stabilize the world population, reduce emissions that are changing the climate, protect biodiversity, stop destroying the forests, soils better retain, use energy and materials efficiently, conserve resources in the long term but at the same time to fight against poverty and inequality, etc. But they seem to be challenges too big and so many people tend to look away or go into deep denial by that. I think the only way to address them more effectively is if we get those words that sound so big and threatening translated into individual actions, everyday small things but committed with a vision of hope, and there I personally believe that the role of women is fundamental changing destructive patterns, constructing new realities, which does not stop at any time to see the centrality of life and the need to protect it.

I work promoting Sustainable Management, Environmental Management and Social Justice, my "area of specialization” (as my professional credentials say), but I realized it is not enough to multiply knowledge and to contribute professionally through educational processes and providing technical assistance in various fields. I would say that is even more important to create awareness and a commitment to long-term goals within individuals, households and communities with creativity and sensitivity looking for deep connections and it is only possible being a very good communicator.

Latinamerican women, like me, go ahead overcoming many barriers and difficulties, in a context that demand from ourselves much more than it gives us, and where we must gain the respect not only to be able for contributing to our society but also where we take many familiar responsibilities with very small spaces to get a real growth as complete human beings. Claimed by our loved ones and with many professional responsibilities we must walk through life sometimes against prejudice and discrimination, trying to keep our moral and spiritual integrity. And, in this context, I learned what true empathy is, because I have received it from wonderful women and I gave it to other women in a kind of "sisterhood" based on the emotional richness and purity of feelings that characterizes to us.

I want to be a Voices of Our Correspondent and to learn much more in this field from you, because here I can share not only my story, thoughts, feelings, vision and concrete experiences to get sustainability but also I can speaking up for my community on a global platform. I feel that I am a kind of bridge between civilizations (because my shared roots, my particular professional profile, the places where I´m working) and my heart is open to the essentials that sometimes in the world appear in irreconcilable spaces, but within myself are in only one space. As mother, friend, daughter, girlfriend, sister, co-worker, etc.I share similar stories that connect deeply myself with every woman in the world, but maybe I have also a particular dream to share and some findings about the wonderful nature that bind us (our real "connections") to create a new life for us, our kids, relatives and our community.


María Rosa Gamarra


JessiSchimmel's picture

Sounds like you have a

Sounds like you have a mission in life! Go for it! We need people like you with the passion and the knowledge to effect real change from the ground up by motivating and inspiring people to change.

Keep up the good work!

Greta's picture

Hello Maria Rosa

Thank you so much for sharing so much of your self in this post.
Your writing, for this reader, strikes the cord in terms of our "real connections" I feel them so strongly in this community of women. You are indeed, a bridge between civilzations and I am left here knowing that your commitment is and will be instumental in the hard work yet to be done.

I wish you all the best in each and every endeavor. I will keep watching you here in the community.

Warmest Regards,


mariarosa2010's picture

Thanks Jessi and Greta

I read some time ago that our mind -and our thoughts- take the shape of the words we use.

I mean that words are the embryos of ideas and depending of what words we use, in this way we will shape our mind and our thoughts.

I would like to be a master in the art of the perfect use of words (of course I´m not!) only because I realized that the misuse of words distorts the perception of reality and creates unhappiness. Our world is full of people using words to cheat others and now I´m only looking for a better communication with others, in the deep human level possible in order to create a new and happier reality.

Thanks again,

María Rosa

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