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The Journey of the voiceless

There was a time whhen I lost confidence in men except for my father. It seemed he was the only male species whom I could lean on. Then, I have an aunt, now a widow,the husband used to subject her to all sorts of physical and emotional trauma. She could not socialise with her peers, she was in her own prison. Then I read a book, by then I was very young and a book worm. I did not keep the author's name. The book made me realise that as women we are also men, that is men of a 'wo' type.

In our African context men are viewd as a superior species to the extent of abusing their wives to remove their 'smelly socks' after a hard days' work. Ladies are taught that they need to do everything for men. Up to now I am still in confusion. I always have questions like, "Do men really feel for others?" Why I ask is because it is very rare to see their tears when they are touched. Another question is, " Do they really love the women whom they propose love to, or it is just a matter of them fulfilling their ego?" I ask this because they end up abusing those whom they say they love in the name of love.

Then came pulse wire, an online women community. I stumbled on it when I was looking for women opportunities in terms of women advancement because I always hear people say 'Internet is the answer'. That was approximately eight weeks ago. Since then I have never looked back.

Presently, I believe more in women voices, women interaction, because I am a woman and pulse wire is aiding with that. It is my wish to see women listening to each other, sharing ideas and empowering one another through the power of the voice.

Pulse wire is helping me interact and I believe soon my questions will be answered. My vision is to report on what is happening in the lives of the people, that is women, closer to me who are regarded as worthless and kept for breeding children. Pulse wire is giving women hope and courage to face the harsh world and solutions to their problems. Remember the saying, "If you educate a woman, you would have educated a whole nation." We have beeen silent for too long as women and this is the time for us to join hands. It is giving us a higher platfrom to be heard and felt. This and applying to become a citzen journalist are the reasons why I considered considered Voices of Our Future.


Tina's picture

The time for us to join hands

I find it sad that abuse and superiority by men is seen to be a part of your culture. The internet is a great tool for women like us to experience what life is like for others in countries around the world and I am glad that you found it. Platforms like Pulsewire give us the opportunity to view our own obstacles and challenges through an alternative lens, and to find the support and encouragement we need to work for positive change in our communities. I hope that you have seen from the other stories here on Pulsewire, that such behavior by men is not a given. In fact this perception has been changing rapidly in many countries and cultures across the world - in part because of women like you who believe in another way. Keep it up!

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You are right

I agree with you totally. Thank you for listening.


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Hope and Courage

You certainly have the strength to carry on and makes things better in your community. Thank you!


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You give me that strength with your kind words. Thank you Amy.


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Gender inequality is such a horrible and unfair practice, and it is sad that it is commonplace in so many cultures around the world. You sound like you have the drive and the desire to make a difference and I am sure that your opportunity to write for World Pulse will help you with your goals. I am looking forward to hearing more about your struggles and accomplishments! Stay strong, you have much support from women around the world :)


bnyongani's picture


Thank you for giving me the strenth lady. You have topped it up by your kind words. Keep in touch.


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