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Personal vision of my life, waiting to change mission into vision

Every human beings have their own likeness and dislikeness,feeling and realization towards different ideas, work to perform and dream for the furture.
Dream....the future wants,the great aim to uplift our life and to work for other, the actual result of effort and life long experience that comes true
When i first spell this word i nearly remember my dream moving around my eye. My dream,my personal vision at first is to be a capable women myself . There is no possibility of improving other before we ourselves start. My first personal vision is to stand being capable women. Even i am women by birth,my vision is to be as equal capable as men.

All people think to accomplish dream, also try harder but when the aim comes nearer to them they don't glance how much I move,it's the time of success and give up hope and all struggle becomes useless.So, we should try to catch the dream, do effort as the great writer Langston Hughes says "Hold fast to dream for if dreams die life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly". My vision of life is to stand as capable lady who can speak for herself by knewing "that onone speak for me, I've to speak for myself". Speak against injustic,dicrimination, violation of rights to give proper justic,equality for all and proper justice for all. Even world is moving in 21st century, even new technological system have developed but the glance towards female is same till now.If male do even small progress, society praise them but instead of male if female do something great than no any overlooked to it, even inner heart of people may think good but outwardly they don't spell it.Why it is so i don't know.If richmen do great mistake that are hidden but if poor one either men or women do mistake that are broadcast even by every media.The benefit is all over rich one, male as patriachy one who show power.
My society is same even world is progressing, idea towards women's education is same even some part of world womens getting high standard education as the expectation.For example If there is 20% women highly educated in the world and 80% are deprive of quality education then can that be called improvement, no never.There is a saying " if man is educated he himself is educated and he himself is aware but if women are educated whole society and world is educated" so, i'would like to be aware and eduated myself at first so that i can work for women , aware to them convince whole world to give women's opportunity, to help her dream comes true, to listen her word as men's.There is a great saying "everything is hard before it is easy".At this time it is not an easy task for me to do, even seems imposible to me because myself hasn't reach in my dream to stand in my own feet, to improve society and to raise voice and help to bring poor, helpless and lonely peoples voice comes true, is far from me now..This step i've to move on what is necessary to me study,and then what is possible from me example writing about women's condition, ways of upliftment and women's empowerment and then when i became success in it certainly i can do what seems impossible to me.Main things is I am in stage of doing what is necessary to me, with it, slowly i'm moving in initial stage of doing what is possible i.e i 'm getting chance to share my idea and story to hear by some online media as worldpulse realizing not to miss opportunity but it is my first possible things that i've done because opportunity call me here morever, worldpulse should be always there for me. I've choose worldpulse as the best way of expressing my words so that by the suggessation, by the aid to improve by writing and by giving support in my aim of dream it will oneday make success to me.It is the only one who speak in favour women like us who are not well recognised yet by the society, the one who listen calmy when we express word.
Finally, I want to fulfill my personal vision of standing myself being capable and understanding woman and help the women to uplift their condition, to do the thing to recognise as iron lady."A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle so, i want to be the same candle who give raise to other who are in shadow.


You are certainly capable, and gender equality is a wonderful goal. It is important not to give up after setbacks, but examine what went wrong and try to overcome the hurdles and challenges you have the next time.

I tend to agree that work becomes easier as you learn, grow and understand how to innovate and achieve successful outcomes. I want to encourage you to build networks and work together with people of like minds, coming together and achieving successful outcomes with hard work.

Clearly World Pulse and Web 2.0 platforms offer tremendous opportunities to build networks. I want to encourage you to continue with your personal development, and keep the candles burning.

olakitike's picture

Yes Kalpana, Keep the candle

Yes Kalpana,
Keep the candle burning and help others light their candles too.
All the best.

Kim Crane's picture

shining your light

I connect with what you are saying about filling yourself up first so that you can then work for others, change attitudes and work for gender equality in society. It sounds like you are well on your way to becoming the fearless and capable woman you dream of and you are shining your light into the world to inspire others.

All the best!

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