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Power of Togetherness

I remember the day in my school, when we were asked to write an essay on title "What you want to be in future?" I wrote two of my visions one to be an Engineer and another to help poor and needy people. I simply thought I would spend the money that I earn from my profession in social work. I had misconception that money is the main aspect of social work. Interesting thing is that after going through my essay my English teacher discussed that essay in our classroom. He convinced me that money is not only the solution but the love and attention to them also matter a lot.

When I got the certificate of Engineering Degree, I felt one of my goal is finally achieved. However I thought that I have to go long way to achieve my second vision, but I realize that I am very next to it when I joined Equal Access. In order to prepare analysis report, I need to go through each and every piece of records in database which are excerpt from audience responses for various radio programs that our organization broadcast. I come across many such letters, emails on sensitive issues like sex, HIV/AIDS, love that I felt very awkward to discuss but time taught me to deal with such responses. Eventually I came to know that this is the place that my both visions can be carried together.

I have not initiated any such social activities myself but only helped in activities conducted by others providing clothes to the flood victim, charity for some welfare activities. Oh! I forgot to mention that once I spend a week at orphanage next to my home where I got chance to help them with their study and homework. They were really happy to have me. It was short but memorable moment.

The word "Change" has significant role in social activities. Each such activities direct to achieve some changes such as change in behavior, change in situation, and change in knowledge. We always dream about big change among community, nation but we forget about the change within ourselves. In my opinion this would be the best start for social activities. If I am well informed and with good attitude I can reflect those things to my own family members and ultimately to neighbors, community and country. Most of the times we fail to implement basic moral values. We aim to aware nation but we fail to communicate with our own family. So I want myself, my family and my community to follow moral value.

A penny from your pocket could result a big contribution. So I will emphasize on these things to move ahead with my goal. Along with that I would like to spread the use of Computer technology. I have desire to conduct free computer classes at Buddhist monastery where I usually go with my mother. I find this can be effective place where most of the pilgrims who come to listen to the sermon of Nun, are of my mother age and are house maker. Big challenge would be to make them familiar about this technology as they feel this technology belong to new generation and they are old enough to handle.

Afterwards it would be easier to introduce them with social networks like World Pulse and web 2.0. Though they would not be able to write their opinion themselves on Internet, they would be helped by volunteers.

If I succeed in doing that it would be easier to bridge up the communication gap between old and new generation which is the root cause of domestic violence, family disputes, teenage problem, marriage problems and many more.

I am hopeful that I would get constant and tremendous support from all the members of Web 2.0. Issues remain issues because they are never discussed and never solved. I expect that Web 2.0 will provide us with flexible and firm platform to highlight those issues and to find the most appropriate solution for them since I can see there are members who are experts in Social work, who could share their experience and expertise to make my dream come true. I feel that sense of togetherness is strong tools to accelerate social activities.


Manvitha's picture

Interesting insight!

Hi Sajani,

I came across your blog post and found it quite interesting. You make some keen observations - that of targeting house wives and middle aged women - to be the most important and necessary thing right now. It is quite alarming how useful it would be to target that section of women in order to bring about change in society and the mindsets of various people. I really do hope that you are able to succeed in this endeavor. You are also right in pointing out that a "sense of togetherness" is a strong tool - I really do hope that all your ideas and efforts come to fruition and that PulseWire provides you with a strong platform in this journey!



sajani's picture

Hi Manvitha

Dear Manvitha,

Thank you so much.



JT Long's picture

All Together Now

I love the idea of combining your education with you desire to effect social change. It sounds like you are well on your way to transforming your world with the power of information and love. Keep up the great work.


telling stories; creating communities

sajani's picture


Thank you.



Sarah Diop's picture

Bridging the Gap


Bridging the gap between older generations and newer generations really connected with me. The plan you laid out in your piece is realistic and it sounds like you will accomplish both your future goals very soon. Thank you for the change you're creating!

Wishing you many Blessings,


sajani's picture

Hello Sarah

Dear Sarah,

Thank you so much.



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