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Changes for having a good future

To bring change in our daily life is hard so we can imagine how hard it can be to bring change in our community or in our country. As we know that noting is perfect and correct so we should always be flexible enough to bring some certain changes in ourselves or in our community. These changes should always be in a way that makes the situation of the country good and fare.
In order to make the situation of Afghan women better I want to bring two particular changes. The first thing that I want to change is family structures because I feel that women in Afghanistan are the victims of family structure which stops them from getting there rights in the society. For instance, in most families men are doing outside works, and women are just giving birth to the children and are looking after home so basically women are not aware of what is happening in the outside. So this is not justice to put all the pressure of house chores on women and that is why I want to divide their responsibilities in a way, where men and women both do the same works in a limitation. The division of the responsibilities will be like; both should take care of home and children as well as doing outside work. However, some people have the concept that in a family if both the husband and the wife work then they will not be able to give good education for their children. But I believe that it is completely wrong because I belong to a family in which both my mother and father were working outside and they gave me and my sibling good and proper education. Second, I want to change the method of education in Afghanistan because now men are the ones who are honored of being educated. In most parts of the Afghanistan boys are only allowed to go to school and get educated because their families believe that if the girls go to school then it will damage their dignity because girls are just for taking care of home. Conversely, if they have the same body shape, mind, and character, then why they should not have the same right which is getting educated. As a result, I want to raise awareness of the people and let them know that girls should become educated. Nevertheless, I believe that there will be some barriers such as people will not accept my concept or maybe their culture will not let them to accept it so I feel these are the things that stop me from bringing these changes, but if I raise the people’s awareness, then these changes can be possible so the awareness can be raised by making and organizing some workshops, making posters, or trough newspapers. Besides, the world pulse can be a good source of gathering ideas that how we can raise awareness among women, and also engage other women around with the women in Afghanistan. I want to collect some stories that can help other women to become aware of what is happening with afghan women. So after every one will read their stories they will give there suggestion and that can help me to bring a positive change in the there life.


Sarvina's picture


Hi Fatima,

Your article is so interesting dear! I understand your feeling about the situation in your country which is a bit similar in my country in remote rural areas. Thus, in Cambodia almost families always send their children go to study even boy or girl. I totally agree with your idea to raise awareness of the people and let them know that girls should become educated. And it is also the best thing to show that Girl can also be a leader beside the housewife.

Thanks for sharing your interesting writing! Keep it have already done with a great work!

With all my loves,


Sarvina from Cambodia
VOF 2011 Correspondent

Singmila Shimrah's picture

Dear Fatima Sabri U've

Dear Fatima Sabri

U've pointed out very important areas, where you would like to focus i.e. changing family structure and providing education to women. I also like the fact that ur trying to use mediums of media, making posters and organizing workshop. Our women of worldpulse could also be of great help to you in these areas how you can organize it.
I would like to know whether you would like to focus on long term goal or short term goals. because creating posters, organizing workshops and newspapers seem short term goal or could be part of ur long term goal project..


tallybery's picture

Changing comes from inside out

Dear Fatima, here I am as one of the listeners to give you some feed back on this week assignment. You had pointed out some important issues in your essay and you had started really well - we have to begin the changing process by us first. That is perhaps our biggest challenge. I belive that big changes have to come from the inside out. It is an evolutive process and that can take some time to happen. In the mean time we can help out trying to change some pratical issues. I belive that you could have gotten to this point in a more clear way, without the need for repeating basic ideas about the changing process and so...I felt no need to clarify that so much. Being strait forward helps our readers to follow our text. In this way you could engage your sentences, connecting them to one another. They are all part of one main idea. I can understand that it is also due to a language barrier, so that is not so much to worry. I also felt the need to know a little bit about yourself through your text and how you are connected to what your are writting about.
Getting a little deeper on the issues you´d pointed out I will share with you my point of view. I am not so worried about the traditional family structure you have there. I belive it is possible to be a home mother and to be aware of what is going on around us as well. To raise a human being correctly is also an art. I come from a very "modern" structured family and I find that it can also be tricky - My mom pratically killed herself to raise me while my father never collaborated with anything in spite of being a famous new york artist. I belive that the important thing is to be allowed to chose what you belive is better for yourself. The feminist error, in my opinion, was to undervalue feminine attributes and to supervalue men position. It is beautifull to be a woman, to be sensitive, to be able to grow and nurture life. That is something that should have grand value - without that men are nothing, human life on earth would no longer be possible. But we are different from men, we have different body structures, different tasks in life. That difference is part of nature ballance. It should be seen as part of a collaborative process, not in a domination one. We are all different, but this difference should be respected and valued. Inspite of that we should all have the same rights, and this difference should not be an excuse against it. This issue about the undervaluation of feminine atributes goes deeper than this, here in Brazil we see that the carriers in which women have enrolled, have lost their value and have their salaries diminished, such as the education sector and others. Well, that is a very deep issue indeed and I belive that the changing of the social roll of women in the west culture has lots to do with our consumer power as well. So I belive we will have to right a dissertation on that issue...hehehe...As you could see through this long feed back, I really found your piece inspiring and look foward to reading the next one :-) I wish you all the best and good luck with your changing part.

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