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Resolutions and Solutions

I believe that major change in society is brought about when a foundation has been laid to empower and educate women. Women experience various situations that affect development directly and indirectly mostly due to injustices done to them or even negligence and also by them being looked down upon. Some girls and women need basic knowledge and skills while others need empowerment and encouragement to be proud of themselves, to find inner strength and motivation for life despite their hardships and situations. Some need to know that there are opportunities out there for them and that they can equally stand out and be counted and pursue dreams and careers apart from simple domestic roles. Some need the motivating force and energy that comes from freedom and liberation from situations of conflict and abuse. They need a hand of hope and warmth to guide them and comfort them.
The major challenges surrounding this change includes the lack of resources and manpower to bring these women together and educate them-especially those who are less privileged or are tied down by traditions and cultures that prevent social growth and development. If there can be a way to mobilize fellow women who are in a position to help educate others into a single unit or one voice, many of the challenges will be conquered and many lives will be impacted. It’s in this regard that I hope to participate in Pulsewire in whatever capacity to be a part of the voice of change and the voice of hope.
The opportunity to empower others comes through sharing experiences and thought. I believe there are very many well educated and experienced women who are resourceful with words of wisdom and the know-how on how to work with women and bring out the best in them. Pulsewire is a means of connecting such women and bringing the world closer together with a common goal. This is instrumental in bringing about change today and in the future.
Some of the solutions including taking a step to be counted as a voice of change. By simply acknowledging the need in a woman’s world today is the first step in addressing the issues surrounding her. I am also involved in a not-for-profit organization- Vessels International which aims to reach out and empower women at risk, including widows and girls who have been through various hardships and empower them in various ways. I believe as I network, partner and research and go through training, even through Pulsewire on better ways of reaching out to women, more solutions will be achieved. It is a journey.
Pulsewire is a means of cooperation, education, publishing and creating awareness, networking and collaborating with other women either by knowledge and virtual willpower, or simply by sharing with each other. My story may be the encouragement of the hour to help somebody else stand strong and overcome.


In reading your piece, Patience, your enthusiasm for the Pulse Wire community shines through. Within an online forum such as this, I believe you recognize the potential of one's personal story to touch, and ultimately inspire the reader with your words. In reading your post, it's clear you are dedicated to educating and mobilizing women into a powerful, collective voice, capable of vast social change.

I would encourage you to expand on your brief discussion of the "lack of resources" and the social and cultural constraints. For example, I would be very interested in learning about what specific social and cultural challenges you've experienced and how that has influenced your commitment to the empowerment of women.

Great work!


Patience O.'s picture

Thank you Catherine for your

Thank you Catherine for your response and comment. Its an honor to be intouch and to be a part of Pulsewire.

I hope I can explain myself well with regards to the question. As mentioned earlier, some of the challenges include lack of resources. reching out to women in various situations may require resources to be effective, These include travelling, self development kits, projects and counselling materials/services. Some women and girls need books and medical care. The list is endless but this does not mean it cant be done. I beilieve in taking simple steps, reaching one by one, a difference can be made. Many times I have felt helpess and its such a bad feeling when I know of a woman who would do with a little help to ease her burden and to help her be strong for her family and loved ones. Nevertheless, a word of hope and encouragement, a little counsel here and there has helped...but I long for when it will be different. On social and cultural contexts, there is so much going on. Traditional beliefs and drawbacks that influence women's thought and development still exist. By placing boundaries on what women can or cannot do, discriminating on neccesities like education and imposing heavy roles and expectations is intimidating for many. These are real stories of situations I know.

Thanks Catherine, I am encouraged by your interest.


Julene's picture


I can definitely feel your strong passion towards empowering women through what you've written Patience! I would be really interested in hearing more about Vessels International - what they do, what you do to volunteer with them, and does this experience with World Pulse you are journeying through influence what you do with them?

Your words and drive to helping women are very encouraging, and I wish you all the best with what you want to accomplish!


Patience O.'s picture

Hello Julene, Thank you for

Hello Julene,

Thank you for your comment.

Let me try explain Vessels International briefly:

It is an upcoming not-for-profit Organization which aims to reach out to at risk women and children. The goal is to 'pour energy, resources and compassionate guidance into the lives of at risk women and children'. These include widows, the abused,neglected and needy in general. There are various departments but the main aim is to give a wholistic experience where possible. Currently my role is to lead in the creativessels, where the goal is to use creative arts to address various social issues—such as peace negotiation, disease, hygiene, gender relations, emotional, mental, and spiritual growth.

The journey with World Pulse is definately a strong influence. Though I recently joined the network, it has ignited the passion within and opened my eyes and mind further, and am clear on my grounds. Connecting with fellow women and relate with them and their experiences is the biggest step in the whole picture.

Thank you Julene, its good to hear from you and all the best to you too!

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