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Painting the worms of the Pearl of the Orient Seas through words

Although my country is known as the Pearl of the Orient I grew up seeing the worms it contained.

As a little girl born in the unsophisticated area of the Philippines, my eyes have seen many things which lead to my agitation. Having no mother by my side to explain those things was one of the questions I kept asking myself. Why does my mom have to make this sacrifice, leave us and serve other people? Why do I and my siblings need to grow up without her love and care?

When I reached high school, I saw greater worms that became bigger and bigger. I have seen women in their late fifties wake up 5am, carrying any products they have from the farm and wait for a single jeepney that passes by. I have seen elderly and children who got sick due to simple fever that leads to typhoid and eventually death because the cost of medication in our country is unaffordable. There might be free drugs available to be given to the indigents but the person in charge sells them for personal profit. I have seen many women who took risks to work abroad even the price they pay are broken homes, drug addict children and gambler husbands. I have seen women beaten by husbands for shallow reasons.

Up to my college days, I saw more and more how bad the worms were becoming in our country. I have met women who were into prostitution, to support their education, forced by parents, or simply to have something to eat for dinner. I have seen the beggars on the street, neglecting the heat or damp of the cement on the sidewalk to get a few pesos.

When I reached Hong Kong, I have met Filipinas who were diagnosed with cancer. The worst my eyes had seen. In order support their medication they work hard even after chemo and radiotherapy. I have seen abuse cases by the employers even were told about sexual harassment. Domestic workers offered 'headache money', to have sex with their employer's husband because they have a 'headache'.

These and more I have seen as I continue my journey. Through the help of Mr. John Stewar Sloan,Editor of an e-publication of Asian Human Rights Commission,Ms.Lois Herman of WUNRN, other websites and some newspapers, I have voiced out the cries of these women, children and elderly.

Like other online communities, I know Pulsewire is a great help for my voice to be heard. Another friend, Nilanjana, published my works on her website. Through my international recognitions, I am pleased that I give hope to the women of my country and the youth, inspire them that someday they can be a voice for our sinking motherland too. And hopefully, through us, the world will noticed and hear the cries of the women, the elderly, the children whom we choose to speak on their behalf.


everlyrose's picture

human trafficking

i just saw an episode in imbestigador and i am just floored about all the information and investigation
and the truth behind all the deception
filipinos deceiving filipinos
women being abused and being forced to do labor, favors and sex
i took notes
and just tried to reflect on what i could do
and i thought of world pulse
we can do so many things by talking about it, vending information and joining groups and being active in every possible way
you are right , we can be their voice

take care


Solvitur ambulando
(it is solved by walking)

Airyn Lentija's picture


Dear Everly,

I am pleased to know a fellow filipina here,dedicated to make a difference for the women of our country and of the world.Lets do whatever we think is better and for the good of all.It is an honor to work with you and everyone in here.I'll pray for you to have more strength to keep voicing out the cries of the women in our country.It is very sad to see these are happening.

God bless you.

Airyn Lentija-Sloan

phoebealmeda's picture

As I teacher I make it a

As I teacher I make it a point to educate my female students about making the right choices, about aiming to help not just themselves but the community around them as will...that they have more choices than just buying the latest capricho...
I aim to help nurture strong Filipinas, because in so doing I am also helping in building a strong country.

Megan Reyes's picture

Not much I can say

I find myself speechless with stories like yours ... I am just so glad that young women like you speak out and keep the stories alive!

Best regards,




Airyn Lentija's picture


Thank you Maegan.I will do my best:)

God bless you.

Airyn Lentija-Sloan

jap21's picture

Hi Airyn

Crude reality of the modern world, money is more important than life itself. To me, money is just one more resource to make life thrive. Keeping life on earth good for all living creatures is our real job.

We need more people like you to make the rest understand the need of more love for life in all forms, and the use of resources through love will lead us to the wealth of living in harmony, both with nature and with each other.

Never stop writing, your voice is so needed...



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

Airyn Lentija's picture

You Voice

is needed as well to inspire young writers like me:)Thanks Jackie.God bless you.

Airyn Lentija-Sloan

Linda M. Ando's picture

Love & Strength in Your Words...

Dear Airyn,

It is heartbreaking to hear the many sacrifices these women have made to provide for their families or to make a living. Thank you for breaking the silence and speaking out for the many women and children affected by these human right violations. You provide hope, love and care to create change for the women and children to break the cycle of abuse. Your voice matters and I appreciate your effort to give voice for those who need it the most!

Keep up the good work!

With Gratitude,

Linda Ando

With Gratitude,

Linda M. Ando

Airyn Lentija's picture

you and your voice

mean a lot to me Linda.Keep inspiring me as well.God bless you.:)

Airyn Lentija-Sloan

Bhavya's picture

your stories are graphic and

your stories are graphic and real. You have power in your voice and in your words. It is your passion and duty to tell these stories

Airyn Lentija's picture


i agree with you Bhavya.As long as i can be of help,i will help in all ways.God bless you.

Airyn Lentija-Sloan

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