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The fundamental role of communication to connect knowledge and people

I am conscious that the change I am trying to promote is not easy. “Managing knowledge to improve the quality of human life” sounds great but in practice means a huge effort , even if it is concerned only to improve the quality of human life in a very small community. In my case, and since new technologies can overcome barriers of time and space, the support that I perform covers some Latin American communities of professionals, working in the field of development in areas such as sustainable economy, the use of new technologies in education (eLearning), conservation of natural resources, environmental management in production process, etc.

The challenges -and concrete barriers- I have to consider when I think how can I support to women within these activities, are linked to problems at different levels. To comment only few, in a very large level of abstraction, for example are: 1) the way it is built modern knowledge (trying to divide the reality in order to manage it. This division in practice does it not exist, but for the purpose of development of science is necessary), 2) the difficult access to the "feminine" principle in the structures of collective power, etc.etc. At a second level (more functional) some difficulties are: 1) the women's individual belief about their leading role in the process of profound changes, 2) the need to promote a personal effective growth but a non-violent one (with ourselves and with others), etc.etc.

So some questions to address this process for me, are: How do I make women understand the artificial limits of knowledge? (Because the modern knowledge itself is insufficient to achieve comprehensive and sustainable responses, we need to see more deeply inside ourselves to find more); How can I support that women are able to make their voice heard on relevant collective spaces?, How can I get that they –themselves- believe in their own voices? How do I make the process involves no more unnecessary suffering for women?

And here again, as I quoted in another entry, comes to me the vision of a dreamed "golden age" in which the virtue of men or women, would not be the exception but it would be the rule (and therefore no longer call our attention). A time where the rulers would be only one indicator light while people would be free, honest, speak the truth, looking everything calmly but firmly, and profess love for others without having to think of any punishment for failure, because this would not exist. This age, could not be male as today (which separates, discriminates, control, etc. ) but essentially feminine (with compromises, integration, unity, connections, etc. ) allowing that the individuals plug with a more vast nature: with their body, spirit and universal soul; allowing communities based not only between individuals but with the Nature and the Universe.

The biggest challenge for this is communication as a complex process, and of course there new technologies, Web 2.0 and initiatives such as Pulse Wire have a fundamental role. I would like to use intensively these resources to promote the creation of sustainable communities where women play a crucial role, and therefore -as I mentioned in my previous contribution- the spirit that animates this initiative is the same the spirit that encourages me, personally.


You are a very complex person I am sure after reading your story. It is important to dream and set goals, and most importantly work to achieve successful outcomes. Keep up the good work.

There is quite a bit of research underway studying the effects of new media. I am reading a report that defines 5 distinct levels that new media can matter (see to download 'Advancing New Media Research' by S. Aday, et al):
1) individual transformation
2) intergroup relations
3) collective actions
4) regime policies
5) external attention

Your article provides examples of each of these levels which have helped me conceptualize.

Marti's picture

thanks for sharing

Thank you for your thoughts. Your voice will stand strong as a way of helping women's voices and spirits be heard and improving the quality of life.

In partnership with you,

mariarosa2010's picture

Thanks William and Marti

You are right, it is important to dream and set goals but, for me, is most important work to achieve successful outcomes. Otherwise we coudn´t be considered creators of our own existence -that in a way we are-. For me life is a wonderful gift that is always too short but long enough to try live it fully, with the quality of our spirits -beyond material things- deserve to live.

All the best for you and thanks again,

María Rosa

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