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Conversion...The Power of One into the Power of Two

The challenges and barriers I encounter in creating change within my community is expanding the Power of One into the Power of Two. The vision may begin with the power of one voice, but the empowered action which blossoms from the collective voice brings a force and spirit to create the change. The three main challenges I face as a single parent, balancing my own passions/career/rejuvination with that of three children exploring their own worlds and opportunities available, would include time, energy and finances. I, like many, am experiencing a new way of navigating in the current state of our economic environment, both professionally and personally . So many uncertanties, which is a beautiful place from which to create, but also requires breaking of all patterns which are not useful and learning anew. Not being exclusive, but inclusive. It means to me, that it truly does 'take a village to raise a child'. It is time to act upon this, whether that child be an issue which is important to us, or actually living the day to day and needing help with our families in order to fascilitate more time to raise our global voices. Creating community in our life is what will aid us and support as we see/experience the issues which need our attention within our local and global communities.

The solutions I believe are to open up and share with as many as will listen to your vision and ideas, and also to be a good listener to others dreams and ideas. This opening, both in giving and receiving, will break down the barriers and even as there is greatness in the power of one...the power of two can move mountains! I have experienced this many times over!! It is exciting and beautiful to see it at work. It is how I have been able to have my work published, just in the sharing with a friend who said more need to hear what you have to say, and I think I have the editor who will publish your voice...and he did! Pulse Wire and many of the online communities available will enable me to use my voice more effectively and create the momentum for change. There is still so much to learn in this venue, but I am using it as I write today, posting my visions and ideas and know that through this process the support and solutions will come. It is a networking and opportunity to weave a fabric so rich, no one person needs to feel that they are alone. That the power of two is always available. it is my commitment to break down the walls, reach out, be an explorer and learn this new terrain for my voice and all of our future voices.


Eleush's picture

well said!

I really like this quote of yours, that it would "'take a village to raise a child'. It is time to act upon this, whether that child be an issue which is important to us..." I agree that community and working together builds resilience and insight in each one of us.


Connecting Together's picture

in response

Thank you Eleush for your kind words and your sharing regarding my posting. I can't take any credit for the quote of "It takes a village to raise a child." I am not sure where it came from, but I have heard it many times through my parenting experience. Resilience is a wonderful word in connection with community, I like that!

Have a wonderful day!


Lisa Stidd Silver

suzanna of c's picture


In reading your writings, I am struck by the seemingly small things that create the beauty in a human life. It sounds like you attend to synchronicity, and to the idea that it is each moment that is most important. Keep writing those experiences!

Connecting Together's picture


Hello Again Suzanna,

I think you got me, and IT! It is a way that I experience life and very much a part of my expression. It's matter the subject I speak or write upon these days, the message is the same...from the will lead you there. I spoke to a group of women about architecture and a few commented afterward that they knew I was speaking about my profession, but it was brought about in a way that was so personal and intimate, very much from my heart. I can't seem to go about it any other way... it seems to be the voice that I need to share at this time. It is so simple. Thank you for insight and that I should continue...because even though I feel I should...I wonder sometimes why I am to communicate in this way. But I have been moved, inspired from all of my serendipities, miracles, happenings to share...and it just flows from me!

All the best...


Lisa Stidd Silver

ck's picture

good start

Hi Connecting Together,

Sounds like you have made a good start in getting your voice heard. Keep up the good work!



Connecting Together's picture

many thanks

Hi Carol,

Thank you! It is beautiful to feel the circle all of the sharing!


Lisa Stidd Silver

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