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Ask, Listen, and Share

Every worthwhile task or endeavor always seems at first insurmountable… That is my operating life’s principle, right along with “Nothing worthwhile comes easy”. I think starting out from this mindset emboldens me approach any challenge. I find myself better able to fully commit and apply myself to fruition. There is nothing more rewarding and exciting that the thrill of seeing the fruits of your labor. Absolutely priceless!

Change is a necessary part of life: births, deaths, fall, winter, rainy seasons alternating with harmattan winds…all around us “change” happens. I particularly do not care for winter, but over time I have learned to appreciate its subtle beauty. Picturesque white snow blanketing trees and shrubs that masks life hibernating underneath waiting for spring. Similarly, in every community there are people who do not care much for change and will strongly resist innovative ideas. The main challenge I often encounter in my line of work is typically due to internal beliefs and attitudes. Though change may be beneficial, it can be perceived as threatening a fundamental tradition. How do you convince an HIV positive mother that breastfeeding, something so natural, is not safe for her baby?

One of the reasons I joined public health is because education saves lives. In the scenario question above, educating a mother on baby formula use is another way she can demonstrate her love to her child. I believe that presenting truthful, meaningful, and relevant information can be a catalyst for overcoming any challenge. Words can and have spurred people to action.

I work with community organizations that seek to implement evidence-based HIV interventions. I really enjoy tailoring each intervention based on the organizations needs and being able to approach the task from a strength-based perspective. The concept of asking people, involving stakeholders, promoting collaborative work, and fostering communal ownership of projects, is crucial in bringing about change. I am applying this same principle on the Threads of Our Fabric .

As I work towards developing an acculturation program, I find myself continuously asking questions and listening. In the process, I am able to stimulate conversations on the psychological needs of immigrant women and girls. Data collection is being done via Survey Monkey, a free online questionnaire website that has enabled the survey go viral. The project has been featured on Facebook groups, online blogs and magazines (MIMI Magazine ), and even twitter. The more I learn about Pulse Wire’s many resources like the Resource Exchange and Action Alerts; I know that this space will be critical in providing me feedback on my project. I definitely feel empowered to continue with the project knowing that I have the most valuable resource – collective support. Thank you World Pulse team for this online community! I was profoundly touched by the warm welcome, really grateful for the instant connections, and very excited about my new friends!!



Fungai Machirori's picture


Nice read. Rock on my sister!

from today i live out of my imagination
i am more than my yesterday
tomorrow i plant a new seed
nothing that lies behind easy
nothing that is ahead real
my within is all i have today
*Napo Masheane*

SAsong's picture

Thank you

And I will add my voice to yours so that our voices can be that much LOUDER!

Claudia's picture

Beautiful picture, beautiful

Beautiful picture, beautiful woman!

And I love your entry. Very well put. I have no questions. Except, can we meet one day?
I think having a conversation with you would just be amazing and I would learn so much from the work that you do.



SAsong's picture

Of Course!!!

I would love to meet!..I travel alot for work, so hopefully one day I can be resent to Chicago. Thanks so much for your support and your faith in the vision within me. I too, know that I will be blessed to have a conversation with you...your posts have been very inspirational. Plus, we are in the U.S. sooo that can definitely happen!


rmweaver's picture

Thank you for sharing your

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your vision!

I really loved it when you said, "I believe that presenting truthful, meaningful, and relevant information can be a catalyst for overcoming any challenge. Words can and have spurred people to action." I can see so clearly how you were drawn to public health. Information is a powerful tool. Putting the right information in the right hands can be the challenge. I encourage you to keep working on that challenge!

All the best,

SAsong's picture

Thanks RMWeaver

I really appreciate the cheering support! I love public health because it involves alot of strategic planning and writing and disemmination of information. It is really critical "how you present the information"...Thanks for reading the post.


nilima's picture

ur picture is so lively that

ur picture is so lively that make everyone to read your post!! you are beautiful so does your life!! keep rocking!!!

SAsong's picture

I will!!!

And with a smile :-) Thanks soo much Nilima for pausing to read my humble words and for the compliments.


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