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During my Children’s Class one Sunday morning, I was teaching my pupils about elimination of biases and prejudices.

“We are all children of God. God loves us no matter what the color of our skin is… no matter what our religion is,” I said.

I continued, “And because we are all children of God, there is no reason why we should hate our neighbors simply because they have different religion.”

Jessica, my 6-year-old pupil raised her hand and confidently said, “Auntie Tess, you know, we have Muslim neighbors. My father said we should not make friends with them, because they are bad..” (Note: The Philippines is a predominantly Christian country.)

Stunned by her innocent statement, it took me minutes to compose myself but I quickly snapped, “No, that’s not true.”

I tried harder to explain to my class who range from 4-10 years old, how people’s preconceived idea, usually passed on by adults/parents to their kids, tend to become gospel truth to the young minds.

At an early age, some kids have formed misguided beliefs, which, when not corrected, these misconceptions will be passed on to their own children. It has become a vicious cycle.

On my way home after my class, I reflected on Jessica’s statement which was also supported by her other classmates. It was a childlike remark, but left me with heavy heart.

“What will become of these kids when they grow up to become adults? Will they ever taste a peaceful existence,?” I blankly asked.

As a mother, I worry for my kids, and for the other kids of this world. How would it be for them, 10… 20 years from now?
Today is World Teachers Day… and I pay tribute to my teachers who have contributed in molding me to who I am now. Most of all, I salute the mothers, because they are the first teachers of the children of this world. And as first teachers of our kids, we either make or break the future of our children.

It is a challenge to bring up children to become good citizens. As a mother, I don’t rely on the school teachers; I complement them. I reach out to other kids whose mothers, due to economic reason, are forced to spend more time earning a living than teaching their children moral values. I hope that the little sacrifice I do (my Sunday Children’s Classes is voluntary) would spell a difference in the future of my pupils.

Pulsewire has gifted me with tools and inspiring lessons I can tap in furthering my wish for this world. The knowledge that I am not alone in my ‘mission’, that there are many women out there who share my dream of a peaceful world is a loud whisper I could not afford not to listen. Ours is a peaceful fight… and we have the weapon: each other. We are waves of one sea that will water the seed of World Peace!


aimeeknight's picture

Thank you for sharing this

Thank you for sharing this and shedding light on this important issue. Every day this subject is making the news, the tensions are very high. It frightens me to think what our future will be like if hate and fear continue to increase. It's upon us as parents and together with our community to speak out in defense of our brothers and sisters, no matter their religion. Thank you!

"One shoe can change a life" ~ Cinderella

Eurekafilipina's picture

Thank you for sharing this

Dear Aimee,

Thank you, too, for your very inspiring note. Makes me very proud not only as a parent, but also as a woman who is fighting for a peaceful cause. I wish i could literally hold your hand now, and squeeze it... to signify a start of a strong camaraderie...

take care, aimee....



Dear Eurekafilipina --
Your time and intelligence and spirit will certainly shine through during your volunteer Sunday classes -- you will surely have an influence on the kids and, one hopes, on their families, when the children go home and talk about the issues you raise.

Dear Joanna,

thank you for your note, and I am touched and inspired. indeed, it is a challenge to 'overhaul' the preconceived ideas of these children and sometimes I feel it's a lonely fight. But every time I see changes in their attitude, either through their words or action, I get this overwhelming fulfillment that my efforts are not useless after all... I see a glimpse of the fruits of my sacrifices. It's a very nice feeling.. a feeling that no amount of money can buy...

I know, even if the parents don't verbalize it, I could see that they, too, are happy of the changes in their children. Now, they are ones encouraging their kids not to be absent on their Sunday Classes. Before, these parents have every reason not to let their children attend.

take care, joanna....



gracewithfire's picture


I so totally agree about being mindful of what we say to and around our children. They are our future after all, and careless words and messages thrown here and there are like sowing the ground with bad seed. : (

Your poetic title and introduction drew me in. : ) Good piece!

"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." - Anais Nin

Eurekafilipina's picture


Hello Grace,

thank you, for your note. you ignite the fire that's burning in my systems. comments like yours inspire me more, move me to go on and join other women who are not content of what is being laid down on us. we, women, has the power to change this world for the better.

by the way, Anais Nin is one of my favorite writers, too..:-)

take care, grace...



rmweaver's picture

I really loved the title of

I really loved the title of your piece. You are so right - we are all waves in the same sea.

I agree - it is a true challenge to raise children with open minds. It is a tragedy for children to be raised in environments of ignorance and hate. Thank you for doing your part teaching the children in your community. As you said, "The knowledge that I am not alone in my ‘mission’, that there are many women out there who share my dream of a peaceful world is a loud whisper I could not afford not to listen." True words and a great encouragement for the future!

All the best,

Eurekafilipina's picture

I really loved the title of....

Dear Rebecca,

truly, you are one of those people in WorldPulse Family who believe that we could make a difference, through our concerted voices. thank you for your heartwarming note. i wish, someday we would have a chance to meet in person. it would be so nice, isn't it?

take care,



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