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How Do We Get To Utopia From Here?

World Pulse has brought the rest of the world into my view. Listening to the stories – the tragedies and triumphs, the hopes and determination, the love and the angst, has inspired me to want to jump inside the box.

My biggest challenge is that I don’t know where I fit in. I’ve been outside the box looking in, wondering why everyone was so crowded inside the box where people make irrational and illogical decisions. It’s messy in the box. I’ve been waiting for the rest of you to jump out of the box and join me, but that is taking too long. I must jump inside that illogical, irrational, messy, crowded box.

This is me jumping in.

1. I am morally, intellectually, and emotionally opposed to any and all programs that ship water out of Africa. I am likewise opposed to strategies that use water as a weapon to coerce or destroy a populace. I am for drilling wells, water reclamation, and water conservation. I support clean water and oppose any project that harms our water supply.
2. There are many great organizations out there feeding the world, but it’s not enough. One of my favorites is Heifer International. They don’t just feed people. They give people the tools to feed a village.
3. In my mind, there is no excuse for malaria to continue to ravage the world when we know how to arrest it. I am opposed to corporations and conglomerates providing known harmful products. I oppose the use of carcinogens in products intended for human consumption or absorption, especially in children.
4. Shelter can and should be affordable. People have been building their own homes for centuries. Here in America, the people have turned this task over to large builders, the government, and City Redevelopment Agencies and suddenly, tens of millions of people are facing homelessness. In Haiti, though it costs only slightly more to build a “tiny” house, people are living in tents. Around the world, people lack the basic amenities that my brother has in his weekend camper – indoor plumbing, electricity, heat and safety. That’s an abomination and I don’t want to die knowing that I could have helped alleviate the human condition but failed to do so.
5. Last but certainly not least, safety is the most compelling reason for forming a government, yet few of us are safe from our governments. Far too many of us suffer precisely because of our government. My vision here is to train the next group of leaders.

My vision is clear – a world at peace. How we get there from here is what I’m trying to figure out.

STOP THE VIOLENCE. That's a start.


Pushpa Achanta's picture

Utopia or reality?

Dear Karen,

I found your presentation interesting and agree that we must do what we can to reach out to our fellow beings.


akaneko's picture

Hi Karen, Thank you for

Hi Karen,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! I think it's great that you have specific ideas of how to reach a world at peace, with equal and just societies.

I was hoping to hear more about how you would use PulseWIre to achieve a world at peace and how journalism can help you overcome some of these challenges. You noted that your biggest challenge is not knowing where you fit in - how can PulseWire help you tackle this challenge and what are some of your solutions for breaking down these barriers to change?

You have touched on some important issues that need to be addressed (such as malaria and access to clean water) and I look forward to reading more from you throughout this process!



Valerie from Oregon's picture

Your Vision For The Future

Hello Karen!
I'm one of the listeners for your Week Three assignment. I enjoyed reading your journal entry and share your concern for people who lack basic services such as…water, food, shelter, health care, and government that protects its citizens. I admire you for being inspired by World Pulse to “jump inside the box” as a means to addressing the injustices of the world. However as I read your journal entry in the context of the assignment for Week Three, are you saying that your challenge to creating change in your community is “not knowing where (you) fit in”? You clearly identify problems that need to be solved but you don’t talk about your present solutions for eradicating the barriers that are preventing change or how you currently use, or see the possibility of using, PulseWire and other online communities to overcome these challenges. For your remaining VOF journal entry, I encourage you to pay careful attention to the questions posed in the assignment and to share your passion to harness social media to connect and bring a global voice to women worldwide. Let’s hope that we both live long enough to witness the world at peace!
Your friend,

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