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Character Transformation Key To Change

Political instability, volatile peace and order situation, lower employment status, poor infrastructure project and higher rate of illiteracy are among the major problems my hometown province of Basilan is facing. These have been the problems for decades now and remained to be unsolved. Why? My answer is simply because of the attitude of the people.

First, people elect government officials who are willing to spend millions during campaign and not by their outstanding track records. They have been disregarding the qualifications and competencies of the political aspirants. What matters to them is what these candidates can offer at the time of election. Not thinking of what these politicians can give in the long run. They are easily fooled by the sweet tongue of these wannabes. After election the promises of “good life of salvation” seemed to just be blown by the wind.

Consequently, as a result of having elected incompetent leaders we get frustrated with the government system we have. Kidnappings still tops the headline. The sad part is when people from other places and nations hear the word “Basilan” what come into their minds is “land of no return”. The name itself scares them to death and would never entertain the idea of visiting this place. I strongly believe if only we have better leaders these struggles we are facing would somehow be lessened and our community will be a better place to live in.

Secondly, most people only rely on what their leaders can do and forget to ask their selves what they could also contribute to the community. There are people who complain about poverty but who are lazy to work. You could see them on streets gambling and drinking and even blame their misfortunes in life with the President of the Philippines.

From my youngest years I have always dream of a better Basilan, where people could just live peacefully, children could go to school without interruption due to arm-conflicts and be able to finish their schools and land better jobs, a sufficient sources of income for everyone, and a place where people from all over the world will be enthusiastic to visit.

Character transformation is one key to achieve change. I highly recommend that we need to teach the small children, inculcate in them the true values of a good Filipino citizen. We need to mold them to be better persons while they are still young. Teach them the value of good education, patriotism, leadership, honesty, obedience, hard work and to fight for their rights.

With my recent introduction to pulsewire and online blogging, I also believe I can use this tool as an instrument to inspire the people in my community that we still have hope for change and achieve our aspirations. We could disseminate information on helpful tips which would be of great advantage to our people be it about climate change, health and wellness, latest trends and technology and other important things that would serve as eye opener to many.


ShukThi's picture

well written

Hi babylei1225

It is apparent from your writing that the state of politics and civil society in your hometown is something you deeply care about. You have identified some key pieces to a solution for this state of instability. I wish you luck in the implementation.

I think it would be great to hear a more detailed idea from you on how online blogging and the Pulse Wire community can help with your goals.

Keep it up!

Your cheerleader and personal Listener!

babylei1225's picture

thank you

Hi Shukthi. Thank you so much for your comment. I greatly appreciate it. Thank you for opening my mind to think of a more deeper idea on how i could utilize online blogging and the Pulse Wire Community. I must admit I am a working progress and everyday is a learning experience for me in this community. I am looking forward to hear from you more often and to learn more.

Best Regards


Wonderful job identifing the big problems in your community. Finding the best political leaders for the job is a tricky thing (in almost every country actually!). It is indeed frustrating when citizens are wowed by big budget campaigns and do not judge candidates by their true merits. You are right that Web 2.0 can be a helpful tool in disseminating information—like the true colors of political candidates—to the general public. Forming blogging campaigns to get the correct facts about candidates to the public can help, as can writing letters or op-eds on news forums (for your local newspapers, for example). Keep thinking of other specific ways Web 2.0 can help correct this problem to move your community towards a better, more peaceful, place!

Hi lydia. I am so happy to receive positive feedbacks from you. Certainly, you are right. There are so much to learn in this forum and Web 2.0 could be of great help in many ways. Your advice has opened my mind to think of more concrete solutions to the various problems of my community as well as my country as a whole. I know i could not effect change over night but I believe great thing starts from small beginning.

Warm wishes


lauralf's picture


Hi Aliyah! thanks for sharing your vision with such a clarity and passion. I agree with you. We can all contribute to real social change with small acts. It does feel overwhelming but we shouldn't feel paralyzed and isolated in our efforts and hopes.

best wishes,

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