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OVERLOADED – Defragment, Update & Restart – Ready for Action

I am sensing a strong emotion to address this week’s task and have procrastinated until the last minute as I am in the process of defragmenting - The TOP challenge – Speaking!!! Voicing!!! Woman perspective!

1- To speak and raise the voice to express the issues of community in a constructive manner. People have to learn to be engaged in construction communication that is meaningful and assist to develop the island community.

2- Corruption is a key challenge. The island communities have been delusionised and manipulated by politicians buy votes in the politician’s interest. Leading to a change of attitude towards community development that has hindered the progress of the island communities

3- The dispersed community across small islands with limited transport and communication between the islands have isolated and resources are thinly distributed. The impact of 2004 Tsunami and loss of livelihood in families and self identity have created further challenges for the island communities.

Overcoming the above challenges is long term and may take my lifetime and more. The key is to create a structure to address the above challenges and have constructive dialogue. Create an active group of people who can work towards peace with evolving issues. Meeting challenges will be presented with new ones emerging with changing time.

Reaching out to and taking initiative has proven as a good strategy to assist people to express there personal issues that hinders in participating at community level. Listening and connecting with people showing empathy has progressed toward creating trusting relationships with people. This in turn has given people an opportunity to reach out and voice their concerns.

Worldpulse have given me the opportunity to practice my written communication and experience interaction with others in a positive safe forum. It also has shown that women around the world have similar issues and I can learn form their experiences to solve problems. These problems may not be solved in the same manner but the ideas are extremely encouraging and inspiring and make me feel capable of taking action.

I use other social website to encourage my friends in positive thought when they are feeling helpless, hopeless and feel that they are stuck in the mud. I have got encouraging comments from some of my friends and students that I have contributed to the way they have held there world. In turn it encourages me to help myself.

Most importantly, in Maldives I am viewed as a strong, brave, courageous, capable and daring person. I played the part well. It has drained me and I feel so tired. Worldpulse has given me the opportunity to let down my guard, relax and express my emotions and connect at human level than a programmed robot. Worldpulse have helped me focus and plan my future. I have now the opportunity to reflect what I love and to evaluate my passion. I need a place to refresh and reboot my own energy and Worldpulse is the place. I need to help me to help others.


vivian's picture

good you made it.

I tell you, this week assignment is challenging itself. Am happy you made me like me. I also just sumitted. Am sure we will overcome our challenges with pulse wire.

Cheers my friend


''Every woman have a story at every stage of Life''

Megan Reyes's picture

I, too, have procrastinated

It is difficult for me to think about my challenges when I read about yours (and others) that are so much more complex than mine ... I feel like addressing my seemingly superficial challenges some how take away from yours... I feel stuck in this assignment and don't want to minimize the unbelievably enormous challenges you and others face. I will think more on this -





Amei's picture

Nothing is small.

Hi Megan,

Procrastination is a killer! Yet, I do it, sometimes with regret, sometimes with joy. I was stuck for a long time...and doubted myself too...

Sometime ago I felt the same...let me tell you an incident.

A friend asked me a question after spending together a wonderful and eventful day. "What made you most happy in the day?" - I said "It was while in the car, the moment you decided to listen to me and apply the lotion on your chapped hand." My friend was so surprised that I could be so happy with such a small action. For different people the big/small issues are different.

Big issues always start with something small :-) never think your issue is superficial :-)

All the best.

CoachMarcie's picture

Keep Going

We all feel stuck at times and it can be very a struggle. You have a vision and a great story so push through and know it will be worth it in the end. Even step you take today makes for a better tomorrow.



viochan's picture

Keep strong, Amei!

As difficult and time-consuming as it is sometimes, have you realized how writing about something - an issue, a challenge, a story - makes us analyze the situation in a completely different way? It's like putting something down on paper (or on screen!) makes us go deeper and think more thoroughly about it...

Anyway, I thought you did a great job and I hope that you keep on writing!


Mirchii's picture


Dear Amei,

Your journey, albeit pain-staking and strenous, speaks volumes of your determination in bringing about change within your community. The challenges that you and those around you face on a daily basis have opened my eyes to the sheer insignificance of problems I once considered colossal. I admire not just your courage, but also the immense strength that is reflected in this piece of writing. For all that you done, and are setting out to do, I commend you! Keep up the good work. And thanks for the inspiration!

Love and peace,

It is always pleasing to get feedbac. I am encoraged to write and express. With every small step we will be moving forward. It the future we look for and it is the past we learn from.

All the best from us all

Thank you again


I found your story very personal, touching, and so very honest! Thank you! In fact, when I read your post, I thought of one of the articles in the World Pulse summer issue, talking about how as female leaders, we often push ourselves too hard, without time to rest and cry, only "work, work, work." You addressed a VERY real issue of burnout, and not feeling like we have a "safe" place to be 100% ourselves, including during the tiring times too.
I'm so verrry glad to read that PulseWire is a safe place for you, to "reflect on what you love and on your passion."

I would love to read more about your passion(s) and what you love in a future post if you are willing to share.
Keep up the superb writing!

You are inspiring, even when you're feeling "defragmented."

Keep up the great work, but... after you've taken some time for yourself! :)
Judy Schiller

Amei's picture

Thank you Judy

Actually I am in the process of “Update&Resart”. WorldPulse came as a blessing during my time of reflection and contemplation. I think defragmenting process is nearly to its end.

I am still apprehensive of what I express so I try to use a metaphor to light up my life and some of the experiences. WorldPulse has become my psychological wellbeing at a level. I share how I feel. Still scared. The world and internet is not as safe as I would like to be.

What’s the point if we are not honest! The issue of honesty silenced me from expressing. In my process of defragmenting I have learnt, as in Worldpulse – I have to speak for me. I have to represent me. No one is going to do that for me. The world is too competitive and there is no time for family, relatives and friends.

I have too much to express… now that I have made up my mind to break my silence. I feel cared when I get comments for my post. Thank you for listening.

I am appreciative for the wonderful feedback. It helps the “defragmenting” process and I am happy to at a crossroad.

Cheers, Amei

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