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Talking about empowering women in a world where women are nothing, but followers and housekeepers is like digging a hole in a Fortified Fortress. It brings bruise, call for treats, insults and stigmatisation. Being a woman in itself is a challenge, add to it the face of a young lady aiming to give voice to other women and we have like “Le Mur de Berlin” raised in front of you to stop all action…
The work I have decided to undertake takes place in rural areas, there no education, no right, no thinking for women… what a pitiful condition for a living.

In those places empowering a woman means putting bad ideas in her mind, encouraging her to challenge the husband and disrespect him. It cannot be tolerated. And they are so used to it that they have accepted the fact and have no will of challenging the men. They better not try. No woman has the right to speak for herself she is under her husband wings, he decides what is good for the family, He says what need to be said and can even choose her friends and frequentation. Why? Simple answer: HE IS THE MAN.

Our aim is not to challenge and scare them more than they are. At least we try not to turn them into our enemies. In contrary we work to Overcoming the fear in men, get them to understand that their happiness and comfort at home depends on the way their wives feel. We know that a radiant woman is the most reliable partner a man can ever have. And that is what we try to pass on women and get their husbands understand. Some men really do help us, it makes the work cheerful and worth it at a point.

The first step, and the most important to me, is awareness of our situation and our decision to make a change or improve it. Once this is achieved, once the women take that basic step, they believe in themselves and method and plan to transformation, though with scrape, comes like spring water. Then you can face any difficulty or challenge because the willing is there.
As I have read all the time on PulseWire, it starts with one bold action and a full program or action is engaged. I find it inspirational. Learning, sharing, encouraging each other, suggesting is like a push to say well done or we are almost there. It gives consciousness to what is happening and we don’t feel alone in an overwhelming battle. Feeling others around even from 1000, 3000, 6000 miles is a reliable support, moral support. It is a team work all around the globe and we need these occasional pats on the back from our teammates. We need the community of WorldPulse for the Pulse it gives to women’s heart.


akaneko's picture

I think you speak for many

I think you speak for many women when you describe the challenges faced by women who try to speak up for themselves. Taking the first step of becoming aware of one's situation is crucial and you have clearly done so - you are already a brave and inspirational figure for other women around the world!

I think it's great that you have included men in your solution to overcoming these challenges. While everyone here in this online community values the support of other women, it is important not to overlook the value of including men in the movement to empower women. Men and women working together to create a more just society will only strengthen our efforts to do so.

Do you have any specific ideas of how you could use World Pulse to reach out to men and to educate them about women's rights? What sort of articles would you like to write in order to move towards your goals?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and I look forward to keeping in touch with you!

Best wishes,


HARMONY's picture

Thanks Alison

Women are touched by what their fellow endure and are naturally tend to help and care for others. The fact is that if a man sees our activity as rebelious or of bad influence, he can ban his wife or daughter to participate or even do worse... It does not necessarily apply to all but some of our rural areas unfortunately are like that.
We need to get them understand or get the right maning of what we are doing.

I have some clues on how to educate them about women and I am discussing with some men to understand what their fears are when it comes to women empowerment, and I hope I will learn enough to come out with specific ideas and why not write a tone of articles and use WorldPulse.
We have so many opportunities yet unexplored and one step after one we will get there - Women speaking for themselves all other the world.

Trust your HOPES, not your fears... Harmony

amymorros's picture

Digging A Hole

Merci beaucoup! You choose a very appropriate title to illustrate how hard change can be. I have been to Cote D'Ivoire ( I was in Mali as a volunteer for Corps de la Paix) and wish you bonne chance.


HARMONY's picture

Enfin quelqu'un qui connait

Enfin quelqu'un qui connait mon pays sur WorldPulse.

Thank you. Happy to hear you came around. I hope you saw some good things here!

Trust your HOPES, not your fears... Harmony

Kim Crane's picture

a pat on the back...

....for an inspiring post. I hope you will keep us updated about your work. I would love to hear more about the women of Cote D'Ivoire: what challenges you face, what you are doing to change the situation, and how we, your "teammates" on PulseWire, can help you reach your goals!


HARMONY's picture

Hi kim, We are drafting a

Hi kim,
We are drafting a project to help some women feed their family. The whole area basic food is made of cassava and for more than ten years now (i went there for the first time in 1995) they have been cutivating the same hing: cassava. Today the seeds are not producing and hunger is common in most house. That is our present focus.
Any imput about what we can do?
We hope to do something there by the end of ths year r early next year, taking into consideration climatic changes and farming period.

Trust your HOPES, not your fears... Harmony

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