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Using the hammer of knowledge to break down barriers!

The challenge and barriers I face are lack of support from established organization that are run by the ‘Funders’, this create barriers where certain projects are funded and others not. My passion to drive a writing project that concentrates on mainly the uncovering the ‘self’ is not a project that is in the year plan of organizations. My believe that is also my passion ‘that before any problem can be tackled/eradicated, I/we need to reflect and do introspection with myself/ourselves through writing in the form of poetry, creative writing or however I/we feel comfortable to express ourselves with writing but to voice our issues’ is not an agenda enough for the project to start and issues such as not having ‘formal’ training in facilitation, creative writing etc. counts against me. Other issues such as not being included in conversations held by the ‘academics’ on issues that affect my reality, where I can ask questions on the agenda being raised, it feels like there is just a certain ‘elites’ group that are involved/called for these workshops/conferences/ conversation, my voice on the ground I feel by this rejection is not good enough.
On doing reflection on over coming the challenges or barriers, I came up with the following, I need to restructure my project for it to fit into the yearly objectives of the organization or Funders that I approach. Do research/read up on facilitation skills and creative writing skills. Talk to trained facilitators/creative writers to come on board to help me co-facilitate the project. Introducing my community to pulse wire and starting a group on the issue of self awareness and using the creative writing as a tool. Other online communities such as facebook I can also use, to start a self-awareness writing circle to challenge barriers. I also see pulse wire as a platform to start conversation that I will be included in and that is not ‘just’ for a certain ‘group of intellects/ elites’ but, for any one that can offer their voice to the conversation of creating change for every one.
“The quality of light by which we scrutinize our lives has direct bearing upon the product which we live, and upon the changes which we hope to bring about through those lives.” Audre Lorde


HARMONY's picture

Thanks to all the online

Thanks to all the online communities for giving us opportunity to share our Voices. Yes with pulse wire no Barriers... Keep-on offering your voice you are surely creating change for most of us...

Trust your HOPES, not your fears... Harmony

Mei Li's picture

As always...

I love reading your posts.

Whenever you need writing exercises to offer your community, let me know! I have, not only books full of them, but I have curriculum as well that was used when I was facilitating poetry workshops.

The greatest thing I learned was to share myself. The women I taught opened up most after I read personal poetry to them. This helped them to realize how important truth and honesty were in their own poems. I also tried to break down the stereotype many people have about understanding poetry, which is that it is something only for the elite. We have a spoken word movement in the United States which is bringing poetry into the streets and cafes - where it is most needed. We are offering pens to anyone who wants to claim themselves as a self-expressing, self-loving poet. I emphasis to people who important their journey was - whatever they have survived through, they can change lives by sharing their survival with other people.

"...our compassion is the practice of unconditioning." Jakusho Kwong Roshi

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It is amazing to know that I have support from you.. thank you for being a part of my truth.. I would appreciate your honesty and your guidance.. It is amazing what you are doing in the States..It is sad though that I look at my own community and realis that a good percentage of the women that I want to work with is illiterate.. but there are for sure other ways to work through these barriers.. I want to share this story with you..I am a person who talk to my neighbours and with this I met one of the street car guards he is also a gangster/ a look out for his budy / a drug addict / a fatherof two beautiful young children.. no we would greet each other and talk about the world and how ffd up it is .. I would never give him money and he would never ask.. he would ask for a sandwich or some coffee, anyway .. one night I took a walk and there he was again.. with a pen in his hand a small piece of paper.. when he saw he smiled, with his crooked smile and said " sister, I ma 45 years old and I cant write my name , but you know what I am going to teach myself" and he turned the small page to me.. there in crooked skew letters his name appeared.. right there I knew that I was blessed but I have a duty to my fellow beings.. and I know that right now right here I am on the right path .. having the right guidance and support thanx.. Enjoy your week!

Write - it brings clarity, it brings on change!


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You are right, this really is

You are right, this really is a place where the authentic voice irrespective of social status can be heard. Whilst certain expressions of an educated or professional elite may have its advantages perhaps it loses also where it gains. Stay true to yourself whilst trying to connect with lots of people on many social levels. I truly share your perception that inner reflection is a prerequisite to external change.

All the very best of luck


Thank you Tina.. I am hoping to hear more about what you do in your part of the world..
Write- It brings clarity, it brings on change!


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To explore yourself is the

To explore yourself is the hardest venture anyone can take. To reflect your mind to the outer world takes courage. Many of us rather look at the external world for solutions where actually the remedy rest in ourselves. I am excited to read more from you where you are not afraid to take the path that your heart leads you too.

-Carri Pence

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