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Appeals for a better world!

The world a better place for me and for you! My vision is a world with people living as equal, a world where real democracy reigns, a world with a distribution of funds so there is no longer a poor. My vision seems to be an unreachable utopia, but I think we can make this world a much better place than it is today, with simple actions.
There should be a world’s children allowance allowing all children an education. The girl child and disabled children would of course be included as all are equal. Health insurance should be provided for all so everyone would have an equal opportunity to healthy lives. These require a world tax system.
My vision requires changes in attitudes. Human value is today relative to skin color, gender, health and wealth. Attitudes that have people accepting hierarchies of inequality where human value is relative need to change. An awareness is needed showing how people have high living standards at the expense of others being kept poor. How much should the cup of coffee really cost that we drink daily, or in my case the cups of tea?
Correspondents within the realm of social media today can reach many with a message. World Pulse reaching women throughout the world empowers. Through new knowledge one sees the things that need to be changed within one’s own society.
I moved to Sweden and was introduced to a new culture. Sweden is a culture of solidarity and one that respects children. There is a law not allowing children corporal punishment. This was strange to me who had been raised in the USA with an education on what was to have been Bible based – spoil the rod, spoil the child. With time I can no longer understand how children education can include corporal punishment, how can adults so strong allow themselves to touch a child so weak?
Family democracy was also new to me. Parents were supposed to decide and children to listen. But in this new world I found parents who asked their children what they thought and what they wanted to do.
Parent allowance was or is based on the system where all are to work and there is a respect for the time needed to care for newborns. Again so strange when my mother returned to work three days after my brother was born.
After falling from the horse and breaking my back, I called myself an invalid, only to be told I was valid! My disability is not my problem but that caused by an inaccessible society. So my fight began and continues for a world that is accessible. New houses and schools should be built allowing use of all, including people who cannot mount steps. Bathrooms should allow space for a wheelchair user and a seat to be used by those in need. This seems to be understood by some countries, but not by all.
When traveling in the Balkans this past week I was reminded to how I can be received. Many talked over my head to my assistant. At one point I had to become angry and said, “It is I who pay this bill, so please talk to me.”
Appeals are one way to reach out. In Europe at this time we have an increasing situation where the Roma are being discriminated. An appeal has gone out to the French government to stop the discrimination of not allowing free mobility. The change does not come over night, but with the international awareness, something will happen one way or another. We women within Pulse Wire can equip ourselves with that which is needed to make our appeals: Appeals for equality, appeals for education, appeals for equal employment. Together we can send our appeals for a better world.



Noriah Ismail's picture

Inspiring and Motivational Post!

Dear Jamie,

I am deeply moved by your ideals and vision. You will make a great Voice of Our Future Correspondent!

Your appeal to change this world to be a better place is not confined for your own gain, but unleashes your passion for the integrity and humanity of mankind especially those who are at a disadvantage.

Each individual person is very important. Each person has tremendous potential or like you said is 'Valid'.

Keep on fighting for the rights of those who are continually being discriminated. After all, nothing of great value in this life comes easily.

All the best,

Noriah Ismail

Dr.Noriah Ismail
Senior Lecturer
Academy of Language Studies
UiTM Segamat Johor

Jamie Bolling's picture

Inspiring and Motivational Post

Hello Noriah, thank you for your encouragement. Yes I have a passionate drive to change this world to make it a better place for all of us. A world with tolerance and within which we share resources allowing all an equal chance. It may be a utopia I fight for, but I do believe we can make a difference! Take care, Jamie Bolling

Jamie Bolling
Executive Director - European Network on Independent Living
skype: jamiebolling

Kathleen Abood's picture

A World that is Accessible

I feel your passion and commitment to bring equality into our world. Each obstacle we overcome helps to build our community and brings us closer together. Ramp up our future!

Kathleen Abood

Jamie Bolling's picture

Appeals for a better world

Hello Kathleen, yes ramp up our future!

Jamie Bolling
Executive Director - European Network on Independent Living
skype: jamiebolling

Pushpa Achanta's picture


Dear Jamie,

Thanks for this candid piece. I often wish that we could travel across countries without visas.

I hope you'll continue to inspire people with your life, work and writing.

Love, joy and peace,

Jamie Bolling's picture


Hello Pushpa, yes open borders! Free movement! EU is working for this, and all countries should be included, yet instead we set up new barriers. Take care!

Jamie Bolling
Executive Director - European Network on Independent Living
skype: jamiebolling

Sherna Alexander's picture


This post was truly inspiring your passion is encouraging. Here in Trinidad and Tobago there is a fight for equality. The differently abled are getting their voices heard very slowly.
It can be frustrating. Keep up the fight and may we support each others cause on this journey.


Sherna Alexander Benjamin
Sister in Unity, Technology, Service, and Voice

"Breaking the Silence is not a popular choice, it is the right choice"
"There may be times when we are powerless to preven

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