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Going Upstream: Curbing the Orphans’ Pandemic

I started my work with International Peace Initiatives (IPI) in 2003, cooking Kenyan food as a graduate student at the University of Denver to raise funds to keep orphans of HIV/AIDS in school and selling jewelry made by women living with HIV/AIDS to raise income for their medication and nutrition. Through IPI, we have supported nearly 1,000 kids stay in school, touched the lives of 10,000 people, built a children’s home with 22 orphans, and sold over $30,000 in jewelry that has helped transform the lives of women living with HIV/AIDS and their children as well as HIV/AIDS orphans.
Despite this work, I feel I have been sitting on the banks of a stream, saving children who have been floating down stream without asking: “What is happening upstream that is causing all these children to float downstream?” I have been reacting to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. I am ready to go upstream and see why so many children are floating down the stream. My vision is to get to the root cause of why so many orphans are being churned out in my country. My vision is to help reduce the number of children being orphaned by HIV/AIDS by being a proactive agent of change through creating initiatives that help women living with HIV/AIDS live longer.
The vision I have for my community and the world is for us to look into ways to develop an innovative response to support women living with HIV/AIDS live longer and orphans have education, support, love and care. One area that I really need help in awakening my community relates to how to empower people, especially women to grow and realize their full potential as individuals as well as within community. I know if women living with HIV/AIDS are helped to overcome poverty, they will live longer and their children will not be orphaned so early.
In my community the answer to my challenge is anchored in crafting a solution that addresses the link between poverty, HIV/AIDS and the disempowerment of women, especially those living with HIV/AIDS – disempowerment that drives them to the grave faster than might be the case if they had food, an income and a strong social support system.
I want to be a Voices of Our Future Correspondent because I need to develop skills to identify, understand and overcome my personal and societal barriers in order to achieve my vision. I have been merely reacting to the problem of orphans and not looking at the root causes. Addressing the root causes means providing women living with HIV/AIDS with tools and skills to overcome poverty. This will not only help women living with HIV/AIDS live longer and children stay longer ‘unorphaned,’ but the community and the government will also have a model from which to proactively respond to the link between HIV/AIDS, poverty and orphans.
Being a Voices of Our Future Correspondent will help me achieve my vision through the empowerment methodology model that will help me integrate where I am now and behavior that I need to change (self and societal) that is hindering me from attaining my vision. I perceive the tools that I need for this transformation to be embedded in increasing my knowledge to determine what I desire to attain my vision; identifying limiting beliefs I harbor and understanding institutional barriers and adjusting my vision accordingly; and articulating my intention and visual image to help me achieve my vision.
Most important is the fact that this training will help me harness my innate female wisdom to discover my feminine power as well as find sisterhood allies to help me build a holistic circle within which I attain my vision. The tools and skills I gain from the training will be shared with my women’s circles in Kenya so that they too will find their (em)power (power with others) to claim their agency in order to transform their lives – empowering people to attain their full potential. Together, going upstream to uncover, understand and address the root causes of the orphans’ pandemic will help reduce the number of children floating downstream.


nkinyanjui's picture

wow Amani, nice one. Well,

wow Amani, nice one. Well, lets head upstream in that case!! We truly cannot find life long solutions until we get to the root cause.


Amani K's picture

Dear N

Hi N,

You are so right!! I am looking forward to meeting you soon and sharing more.

See you soon - i am headed home kesho!!!



Dr. Karambu Ringera
Founder and President, International Peace Initiatives
Vice President, Global Ecovillages Network (GEN) Africa
Advisory Board Member, Women Human Rights Institute, University of Toronto
Member and Delegate, Soroptimist Internationa

You vision is clear and your desire strong - very powerful combination for succeeding to achieve successful outcomes.

Let me encourage you to follow the work that came out of the UN Summit in New York in September 2010 - There is quite a bit of new funding that will become available to help you create successful outcomes upstream.

best wishes

William62's picture


Good luck on achieving your goals. Keep working and don't give up. Best wishes wt

bougeotte's picture

Greetings from a Listener

I applaud your past efforts and your vision. It is clear you have a goal and ideas of how you wish to achieve them. Your piece touched my heart and I hope that you can be that change. I have spent time in Africa, not Nigeria, and know of what you talk. I too felt that I was only putting a band-aid on a wound I couldn't stop from bleeding. HIV/AIDs is a tragic disease and has caused so much suffering. Women need a woman like you to help them find ways out of poverty and a prolonged life.
I wish you the best of luck. Good Job!

jacintai's picture

Strength, love and resilience

Hi Amani,

Thank you for your determination and conviction - you are an inspiration to women fighting to be heard around the world! I agree that we also need to address the reasons for the HIV/AIDS pandemic, rather than merely treat the symptoms. Communication skills are key to that search too - as these skills may help other people make choices that will stop them becoming HIV positive too. Wishing you strength, love and resilience for the road ahead.

Best wishes,


Amani K's picture

Thank You

Hi Jacinta,

Thank you for your comments. I agree that there is a lot to be done because we also have to look at how to stop HIV/AIDS from spreading - what i get is from all these is that the approaches we use to intervene need to be multi-pronged and multi-sectoral - involving as many stakeholders as possible. It is a lot of work but with determination and commitment, i think people can change the tide of something even as challenging as HIV/AIDS.

True - communication, an often under-rated skill and tool, is a critical part of this. That is why what we are learning at WorldPulse is so important!!!

Thank you for your well wishes.


Dr. Karambu Ringera
Founder and President, International Peace Initiatives
Vice President, Global Ecovillages Network (GEN) Africa
Advisory Board Member, Women Human Rights Institute, University of Toronto
Member and Delegate, Soroptimist Internationa

Amei's picture

My dream in progress...

I am so happy to have procastinated on my assignments and to find your article. I know there is so much to learn. I have a passion to educate orphans... mine has just begun in a very small step. I am so glad I am planning to visit you in September 2011. I hope the trip give me ideas me to make my dream happen. This is just to express how happy I am today. Today, I have moved closer to my dream.

God bless us all to work together and inspire each other :-) Amei

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"One shoe can change a life" ~ Cinderella

Amani K's picture


Thank you Aimee.


Dr. Karambu Ringera
Founder and President, International Peace Initiatives
Vice President, Global Ecovillages Network (GEN) Africa
Advisory Board Member, Women Human Rights Institute, University of Toronto
Member and Delegate, Soroptimist Internationa

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