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There’s a will, therefore…


Socio-cultural change is a phenomenon that most cannot (even) imagine because it is such a complex and deep-processing ‘event’ impacted by external activities, as much as internal processes, which should be led properly and be committed to by all involved.

It is estimated that culture change in an organisation can take up to seven years… thus in a community, quite reasonably the effort could be considerably longer, particularly if the right conditions are not in place to support and mobilise. And this has been the challenge in my community: the lack of infrastructure for sustainable development to take off including the will for change at the ‘resource’ level, where especially funds are allocated and an understanding of the real dynamics driving the need to switch entirely to such a development objective.

The barrier, therefore, has been more human than anything. And as the challenge, if you will, is part of the human condition, also naturally is the solution! The need, as identified above, is so critical that many people who would have been confined to contributing ‘only so much’, reserving their desires to self-express, to actualise and to make their contribution in the world, have been quietly looking on for avenues to do so. These persons have been my major focus.

They may not be spontaneously deemed ‘social leaders’ as profiles suggest. They may however be influential persons in their small circle and when stimulated in the right way, will ‘walk away’ to their space and get to work on some integral change.

Nudging along their creative process with recognition and moral support helps to mobilise otherwise silent, unassuming persons with the will, the wherewithal, not to mention the actual knowledge, to implement meaningful change. Change, therefore is activated from within and is consequently organic and naturally integrated into the system.

The whole question of ‘moral support’ and ‘recognition’ of and for persons is the special connection, if you will, with the powerful online communities which have been building. These more informal forums permit persons to share ‘reality’ in their own language, under less pressure image-wise and with regularity. One then has the opportunity to ‘get to know’ people and to build trust based on their consistency and their reliability. People create friendships, partnerships and other relationships based on shared interests, and in showing their true selves, help to validate other people’s lives and encourage their opening up to make their latent knowledge and wisdom known to their world.

Pulse Wire in particular is potentially relevant because of its emphasis on women’s voices. In the home and in much of daily life where many of the most pressing social problems are manifested, it is the woman who is managing it and can therefore present the real dynamics and best solutions. Trading and sharing ideas within such an open and receptive forum can only serve our world and all concerned with it, in a highly favourable way.

Indeed, where there’s a will, there is a way… always.



marissabrodney's picture

I "will" agree!

The challenge of bringing about change certainly is a big one, and you seem equipped with the knowledge and skills to help make that change happen! It is refreshing to read your deep thoughts on such an important issue, and I hope you will continue to work toward the positive future you envision. Keep up the good work!

Sherrilene's picture

Thank you :)

I appreciate your feedback and your encouragement.

Yours sincerely,


'Yesterday we obeyed kings, and bent our necks before emperors. But today; we kneel only to truth, follow only beauty, and obey only love.' Khalil Gibran

gracewithfire's picture

The Main Point

I loved this part; I think this line captured it all!--

"The barrier, therefore, has been more human than anything. And as the challenge, if you will, is part of the human condition, also naturally is the solution!"

I agree with your thoughts on the need for cultural change, too, as a key driver of change.

I think you can still maximize the power of this idea by anchoring it on specifics, like a story or two to illustrate the main idea.

I look forward to your next post!


"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." - Anais Nin

kati.mayfield's picture


Dear Sherrilene,

Your perspective is that of a visionary, and for that it is so valuable. Thank you for sharing, and I cannot wait to hear more about your own story!


*resolved this year to think twice and to smile twice before doing anything*

Sherrilene's picture

Hello Jeanette and Kati!

Thank you! I always appreciate feedback and especially of the encouraging and constructive variety. With the word limit it is of course challenging to go into specifics so I have just tried to give the reader the flavour of what my experience of the past 7 years approximately has been.

Indeed as a visionary [unwilling but acknowledging haha] I can now reflect on this past and insert all the learnings about humans into what can now be. I am excited to submit that longer essay within the next day.

Again, I thank you for your kind feedback.

With sincere regards, Sherrilene

'Yesterday we obeyed kings, and bent our necks before emperors. But today; we kneel only to truth, follow only beauty, and obey only love.' Khalil Gibran

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