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I'm Standing in the Wake of your Power!

Dear sisters,

When I first joined PulseWire, two years ago, I was the 658th member to sign up. Little did I know that this would be the beginning of a powerful journey for me that has directed my life on a new path, ignited friendships across the world from Kathmandu, Nepal to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and lifted me in ways I thought not possible.

At first I was very intimidated by PulseWire and the idea of raising my voice in this community of such amazing women. I began devouring the journal entries of women from around the world who had such interesting, empowering, tragic, and inspiring stories to tell. How could little ol’ me, a young woman from Alaska who hasn’t done much yet in her life and hasn’t experienced true hardship, relate to these women?

There was one woman who especially intimidated me and drew me into her life through her journal. Tabby is HIV positive and at the time was struggling with an abusive husband. How could I have anything of value to say to this woman? But I began commenting on her journal, just letting her know how much she affected me and inspired me and how despite our physical distance and cultural barrier, I could feel her strength and inner beauty through her words. Tabby expressed her gratitude for the members, like myself, who were reading her words and sending her encouragement and it was through this interaction that I became hooked on PulseWire.

Since then I have witnessed the PulseWire community reach over 11,000 members from 185 countries. I journeyed with the first Voices of Our Future class and met women like Busayo of Nigeria, whose first Google search led to the VOF announcement, and one year later she was attending the Empowerment Institute in New York and launching her dream to open a Women's Inspiration Center in her community. And I met women like Sunita of Nepal and Gifty of Ghana who through their journey with VOF were empowered to apply for One Young World in London, where they spoke to the world's youth alongside Sir Desmond Tutu on the issues of girls in their communities.

And now today, as I read your assignments, witness your collaborative discussions and supportive comments, and stand in awe of your powerful profiles and energizing testimonies... I sense a new wave of change - of what's possible when women have a global platform to speak for themselves and a network of women worldwide to share dreams and innovative solutions for gender equality.

You are the voices that the world is yearning to hear. Your story is the lesson that will teach the masses. Your vision is the future that we long to achieve. I just feel honored to know you.


Dear Jade,

Thanks for sharing this wonderful article! It is empowering me much with the way i'm going and doing. Encouragement is so important to change a person's life, everyone needs it. It is like Tabby, i'm sure when she got your comment and encouragement she was so happy and your encouragement also inspired her much.

It reminds me the first time I joined PulseWire and I also got comment from Olutosin and a few days later I got an Email from you asking me to be part PulseWire Volunteer team so it made me so warm and familiar to using it and connect with other women. Only 1 comment & encouragement can also change my life even not all but little is Good for me!!!

You are really inspiring me Jade! I also thanks for your encouragement to encourage me to join VOF 2010, it is the best chance for me to share my own inner thought and learn from other women' s articles. Wish you all the best!!!

With all my loves,


Sarvina from Cambodia
VOF 2011 Correspondent

Drita_Bajrami's picture

You are an encouragement...

Dear Jade,
You ask: "How could little ol’ me, a young woman from Alaska who hasn’t done much yet in her life and hasn’t experienced true hardship, relate to these women?" I can only speak from my experience and say that you have been an encouragement for me, and I am not surprised that you have had an impact on other women of this community. You ask yourself how you can relate to women who have experienced so much suffering when you havn´t experienced true hardship, but from all your mails and encouragement I have learned that it doesn´t matter what you have experienced, what matters is how hard you try to understand. You have done your best trying and look how it turned out! I always used to say that we cannot understand hunger if we have not experienced it, but it isn´t always true, we can understand it if we try to understand. I believe that the most important things in life like peace, love and friendship start with understanding and you are a living proof. Thanks for everything...


nkinyanjui's picture

Jade thank you for the

Jade thank you for the support, its really encouraging to know that you are actually reading posts and being there in this step by step process. Your testimony of connecting with many ladies cross the world are awesome, its great that you have bonded so much with the Pulsers. I am a newbie so its great to know how much support we have!


Zippy's picture

I am intimidated too!

I like your post. I can relate to the intimidation that you felt getting on to world pulse. It is happening to me now. There are so many people to connect with, many stories to read. Some stories you read, and think you are reading about yourself, and yet others you read and are left in awe at the courage and resilience that women posses.

I believe you have inspired others, whether or not you have suffered like them. We don't have to undergo some suffering in order to recognize that suffering is bad.

I feel honored to know you too. We have much to share with one another.

"A human is a human because of other humans"

That's what I call being the change! You went from the timid girl on WP to the online community manager on PW...What an incredible journey that is! I think all of us are timid and intimidated in our own ways. I have my own ways of coping with my shyness or nervousness. Give me a keyboard to type on or a camera to point at someone and I'm perfectly content to hide behind them. But, put in front of a large crowd and suddenly I am wordless and introverted.

Thanks for sharing that story Jade,
P.S. and I agree, it is intimidating to think that your struggles (because we all have our own) are so small compared to someone else's incredible strife. Its humbling and eye opening.

Nelly Bassily
"We must become the change we want to see in the world"
(Mahatma Gandhi)

Navin Rahman's picture

Thank you for the support!

Hi Jade,

I am new to this community. Yet I already feel there is a strong bond among the members of this community. You are very correct about the them in this post. I am looking forward to great discussions and meeting great people acros the gobe in this community.

Thank You!


Nelly Bassily you just stole my quote ! :)

Navin Rahman

Monica09's picture

Very encouraging!

Dear Jade,

Thank you for this wonderful post! Your words give us all the boost that we need.

~ Monica

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