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week three

My challenges in such an impossible yet possible community among other things are , Religious believe,(doctine) adopted as way of life, Traditioal and cultural believes, lack of basis education and enlightment, male over possasiveness and dormination, believe in the suprimency of men and marriage, children syndrome, fear of unknown, single parenthood, economic independance and personal independance. Leadership problem, stability and continuty of programmes and concortized action plan, inheriance tendency of goverance, personalization of public interest,gred, materialism among men. lack of vision and focus, negligence of national aspiration, deceipt, and among all lack of clear cut ideological bloc. These challanges are senonemous with most developing country, and to a larger extend impedi meaningful contribution of ideas from authrorities of women. It has reduce the sociatal struggles to inheritance, with each male passing it to the other, whether capable or not. The ticket and deciding factor is jus being a man and from same ward. The solution to these acute problems are plan action of empirical and coherent thinking from the women. Women are known to be species with high level of deep thinking, conflict resolvers and preventers. The very few women who happens to find their ways to top position should form a kind of resolve to move the society to glorfied position through advancing programmes that will see more women to greater hight, and evoking meaningful policies that will advance the community forward, then to the state, and finally the nation. In my little stay here, i have grown up to discovered that action plans, policies, programme no matter how little or small/big goes with the intiator. Most time intiator of programmes terms to want to be the executors to the final havest. This is not practicable in any community or nation. I have equally not seen or heard of an idealogy bloc through which a given community aspired to achieve. I have come to the realization that empirical thinking has no place in this community. Thus women most set the pace, they have alway done so given the slatest opportunity. This is proven by Dora Akinyili the Drugs boss of NDLEA, Mrs Okonji Oweala of Finance, Eze kwesile of Education Min. to mention a few. Their policies are short living as they existed goverance.The revolutionary seed has already been plainted, the executor are the women. Only but women can execute this programmes effectively without supressing or oppressing any part of the interested party, man, women or children. Opinion pool be respected and created. women agitation be respected for the better tomorrow, More places or opportunity be made available to capable women, and should be listen and respected. formulated policy should be carried out irrespective of who governs to a logical conclusion. A policy on believes whether Religious, cultural and traditional should be reduce to personal conviction, never as yard stick of judging others or serve as merit or ticket to the top. Merit should be embrace in choose of who leds. A holistic idealogy not subjective, personalized be the blue print to pusuit of leadership or top position. Since women are the Executor of this change, pulse wire, can assist in no small way to effecting change, through their continous partnership with women of this community, via building their capacity, serving as data bank, assisting the women to break the fear of being thrown out. choose between independence and domination. build their ability to speak out for themselve and make resolve. A little push will do the magic. pulse wire is a medium of this advocated change in my community. together as partners we will win the race. A community where domination, inequality will be no more. I am a product of pulse wire, so are others in my constituncy Nigeria. togeher we can work or strick a balance to effective change.


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Dear Bintu, As a Listener for

Dear Bintu,

As a Listener for your week 3 assignment, I was struck by how global the challenges to equality and justice are, though certainly in some countries it is more obvious than others.

I commend you for having the courage to speak your story and that you are gaining support and confidence through WorldPulse. I wonder, though, how might you use the online community to effect the change you seek?

I wish you continued determination and courage and strength in making your country (and the world) a better place to live.


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Thank you

Dear Bintu,

Thank you for articulating your ideas for change in your community. I agree that women can and should be strong forces for change and I hope you can help all the women in your community fight for more equality.

Best of luck in all your endeavors,


bintu's picture

climbing out of my box

hi Laure

I feel honor and of rare opportunity to merit such commendation. I hope with the insipiration and encouragement wire pulse will offer, together we distroy fear and the consequence of not making a decision which is crippling the life of fellow women. A lot of women knew every day that they need to take that bold step, but are bored and reluctant, they kept draging their feets, sticking to the somehow familar routine was easier to cope, rather than exploying the unknown. They hardly realize the situation ahard. That wasnt the best. They failed to look up challenges of cretivity and leaning new skill to deal with the routine position that drains their life out by day. I feel boxed in the need to climb out of such box. But i stay in it because i had conviced myself that i am indispenable, i justify why leaving was not the best option because i would be letting my conpatroit down. your company i now view as a critical stage of growth. I will now never be threaten by depression, nor overwhelmed by this vices, or overstuffed to lock myself up looking at the backyard. I will read to my compatroit in this chair of wire pulse cordulle them in wire pulse blanket, i call my quite place. This is where i retreat, thats making me feel i have every weapon to fight back to substance. fight back to be seen heard and understood. I will never ever have those free flow of tear, isolated from the rest of the world. never would women sank into dept of sorrow to fell asleep. wire pulse keep awaking women with a start, then can talk. Thank you very very much. bintu


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