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week two assignment

I was born into a family where every thing work for me. Although I was given out to marriage at age nine, the agreement was that no advantage be taken on me until I attend the age of 16. This Memorandum was respected. My father was a Jounalist and a man aware of the ill surrounding women disadvantages in the community. I attended all my school life in my husband house, who is a medical doctor. At the momen i hold Bsc Political Science, PGD Jounalism, PGD Business Administration, Diploma in Public Administration and Diploma in Computer Engineering. I am currently taking up MSc in LLB International Business Liverpool University London on part time. My Doctor husband is late. In the course of study I have come across so deep sociatal impediment against the girl child. Early marriage, nagative Religious doctrine, cultural norms, tradition and out right supremecy of men over women. In my growing days the women has basically no say to what ever the man said. This practice, as today been modernized not erase, perfected to serve the interest of the men. It has been traslated to work place, segregation, discrimination, slim opprotunity to women in work places, politics, allocation of lands, ownership of landed properties, meanful business, access to meanful loan, partnership of gaint businesses. Where such women worked their way up or inherit these opportunities from parent , the men are alway at the coner to mis manage and ruin the woman, even blood brothers or relation. My very very first encounter with this vices was when i graduated and pick up a job as Personal Assistant to a Director in government office. having been posted to work with the director, i was happy and as a young girl and Personal Assistant, my husband ensure he furnish me with the right dress. Unknowing to him, by boss was a religious extrimist. three month into the job, he oneday ordered me to returned home and change my dress. I am an independent minded person. My husband though from the same society, but was englighten enough to drop those primitive ways of thinking. I refused to obey his commond. He confronted my husband in the worship house and discussed the issue with him. I did not. The next day did repeat similar dress. He worked me out and order for my posting on grounds of wearing english none traditional ijab. My husband took up the case with the personal Director. But unknowing to my Husband he harbour same believe. I was made redoundant for 6months. My father being a jounalist waged into the matter. I was then posted else where. 5years after similar situation occured. I was pencil to be a Secretary of the Local Area Council,on three occassion, but was denied on grounds of being a woman and young, without looking at my capacity to execute what i was pencil for. The position each time, was given to men who have no much capacity to make meanful contribution. Another 6 years later I fail neck deep into another controvercy. This time to a much higher postion. I acted that position for 1 years 6 month. did what i am expected to do clear all the mess only for rub a man to take the position away from me. posted out to a new place to act similary higher position, which until now 2year 6month, i am deprive of the sustaintive position. this is not because i am not capable, but simply because i am a woman. I have told my father from the second experience to stop waging into my problems. I can face it myself. I am a resolved woman. I believe in fighting my course. I believe I can make it without lobbying any man. I can speak for myself. My capacity and productivity, skill will speak for me. This is me and my story. Many women out there are into this mess with no body to bail them out. In my society you need a strong man behind you to progress even without requisite qualifications. Your father, husband, uncle, brother etc. This has over the year subjected women to compromise their intergirity, to obtain such support. Milliions of such women are out their suffering this faith. Sometime even a husband can work against his wife upward movement because he habour same believe. One thing is obvious women only get to top through merit. Any woman in position merited it and will perform mavalously, and outstanding mark it. Therefore the men do not want the women to discredit their performance, because it is a challenge. This is my bio and who i realy am.


Carri Pence's picture

It is sad when a male, who

It is sad when a male, who performs less than a female, gets the position. We even see that here in the United States. Though the louder we speak about inequality the better we are heard. And after reading your entry, you are heard from around the world.
-Carri Pence

Kathleen Abood's picture

Change my Dress?

Gender inequality has absolutely NO rational basis! Like YOU, every woman must stand up in the community, in the temple, in the work place and the home and DEFEND the human rights of every girl child. Your stories reveal the current injustices rampant in every culture. You are brave to share your voice with us.

Kathleen Abood

Beejay's picture


Bintu, thanks for sharing your story. You came, saw and conquered. Your inner strength still lives and fights on. Be my friend, we have certain things in common

Beejay Fabamise, Nigeria

bintu's picture

winning is the game

Hi Beejay
Its nice meeting you and having to know you share same experience with me. I worth it. I am not regretting any bit of my experience, and perspective which i see life. There are so many perspective to life, depending on the angle you looking at it. I believe life is a journey in a long bus. The bus kept droping its occupants at bus stops, and kept picking new occupants at its route. The bus hardly become empty and never stopped it keeps moving. You may be previllage to see some seens or even in- route your destination. It is only right for you to remember them from time to time, but should not be remembered in sorrow or pity. You flash back with joy, thats make you great. You share with your species, allow them to deduct meaning from what you experience, caurse there is never the same experience, depending from the angle you viewing it. The most important of it all is share the history, history build today tomorrow and the future. For what is remember is for ever young, and who ever forget history, will live in the past for ever.
I appreciate you for the wanderful experience you had, your great. Such experience build and broaden the horizor of ones knowledge and developed capacity to handle and manage information.
I agree to be your frience together we fight on. We share and give others voices and a chance to speak up and regain lost confidence for a better tomorrow.

Remain bless


bintu's picture

my life story

Hi Friends

I appreciate every one of you that saw things in my perspectve, or commend my courage, I say thank you. Life to a woman has been and will continue to be characterized with hard and ugly experience. It is true that women give birth to men, and without women there will be no procreation. It is very common to hear stories of men changing their sex to women, but hardly will you hear that they gave birth to children. Women the world over should know, from me Bintu that we have and occupy a very very envious and prospectively great position which cant be contested, until God decide to change the status co. The woman can do everything the man can do. Technology has brough about easy way to insert fetus into a woman to give birth to children without men. Technology has advance to a level that, men can be secondary, no longer necessary evil in terms desire. Single parenthood is much easly practicable for women than men. To a man he needs a woman 247, to have children. Thats quite an eage over the men. This position cannot be duplicated or purchase with money, women can purchase fetus with money and keep the flag flying. Never is the case with a man. Therefore women are important species in this world and that position most be claim by every woman. Women are the best products, refine of the refiness of product of the clay used in creating men. We are a shodow that weather the sun in the wilderness, the water that runs in streams, that grow food which every creation survive on. fire that burned in the wilderness and used to mold every meaningful object, be it food, technology etc. We are the light that brighten the earth, and make darkness managable. We are the soil that sustain , housed and accommondate all leaving creation. We are the wind that blows and calm the earth. We are the air which all leaving object liveth on without which all product die off. we are call women, yet the unpriced.
Thank you all, keep the flat flying, remember we are that object which without the world ceased to exist. We are Women.


Julene's picture


I really enjoyed reading your personal story and how you've perservered through so many struggles. Gender inequality is such an unfair practice, and hopefully as more women get their stories out, it will begin to change for the better for everyone. Thank you for sharing your story and for fighting such an honorable fight! Good luck my friend :)


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