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Orwell's reality

As a multi-ethnic country with minorities such as: Albanians, Serbs, Turks, Bosnians, Roma, Vlachos, our leaders always boast about our openness to minority issues and bringing welfare to everyone. Nevertheless, doesn’t the fact that the Law on Antidiscrimination has only just been voted say it all? There were so many struggles for voting this law that lasted for years. My opinion is that this is a key element for introducing human rights in a country. However, what is worse than not having such a law? Having a bad one, I would say. Our Government and Parliament decided to remove one of the subsections – discrimination based on sexual orientation. World practice suggests constant expansion of the subsections within these laws by adding new forms and of course there should be the last one saying “and other” that would include discrimination on all grounds. Discrimination by gender, sexual orientation, race, class, ethnic, religious, national belonging…all these are clearly established grounds which should then be followed by “and other”. All that hasn’t been named (although consisting in “and other”) is looser than the clearly defined grounds and remains in the part of neutrality which sometimes can be manipulated.

I found very important to mention this, since things like these are the barriers in my community. I see my country as very politicized: politics influences almost every, if not all, spheres. People hardly get jobs if they are not members of the political party on rule (remember it’s very important to be part of the leading one, not just any political party) and the country’s unemployment rate of 34% speaks clearly on this. People face troubles in getting grants for projects, funding, clients, since the business is tightly connected to the politics, which means if the CEOs play smart and get connections with the government they will do so well and their success would be guaranteed. We had a monopoly in the telecommunications market only because the operator paid the Government not to allow any competition. Even I was a victim of this Orwellian society when I couldn’t get a place in a students’ dormitory because the young people from the political party on rule told me they can’t give it to me since I am not a member of their political party or even worse that perhaps I am a fan of their opponents. Why would I refuse to join them otherwise?!

However, wherever there are barriers there are challenges; even if the challenge is to remove the barriers and do better. I would like to work on local projects through the NGO where I am involved, but even more set something myself, but it seems very hard to get to funding around here if you are asking from businesses or government.
For now I am coping by finding young enthusiasts and working on local activities that do not involve many costs. Still, World Pulse opens many doors and opportunities for fund-raising and my determination is to start doing something in this direction.


Andrea Arzaba's picture


I think it is very important that you try to focus on youth in order to create change :)

A big hug,


IvanaG's picture

Hi Andrea!

Young people are almost always those that create change; they are the future! Thank you for reading my post!


Bhavya's picture

focus on your own talents and

focus on your own talents and attributes. your skills will speak for themself, your confidence will shine ans soon people will be attracted to your immense potential and they will want to be connected to your movement for change.

IvanaG's picture

Thank you for the kind

Thank you for the kind comment and advice! I am giving my best and I hope and at the same time assured that the change will come. There are many people out there thinking the same things as we do, the only thing we need to do is to inspire and motivate, organize and initiate.
Thanks once again!


Tina's picture


I am learning so much about your country and the challenges you face from your writings. I like the fact that you have included statistics, facts and a strong argument in this piece and I can see the potential journalist in you. Regardless of the outcome of your application, I hope you continue to raise your voice and explore your visions here. Best,

IvanaG's picture

Dear Tina, I am so happy to

Dear Tina,

I am so happy to hear that you learned something about my country and liked my writing and arguments. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and the lovely comment. I will continue raising my voice regardless of what happens with the results of this program. Of course, everybody that participated would love to be selected, but to be honest I loved the process and enjoyed the experience. My expectations were far surpassed and I am happy to have felt all that passion burning in me and having met so many great women, made friends and learned so many things about different parts of the world! I have been checking your journal a week ago and I have to say your writing is so beautiful, flowing smoothly and I am certain that your journey in the Voices of Our Future has given you so much, because by reading the post when you meet with your mentor and cried brought tears in my eyes too!

Hope to read more from you and stay in touch!

Thanks again!


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