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Adult not only have human rights-children have rights too.

All people have basic rights and these applies to everyone regardless of race,color,gender,language,religion,opinions,origins,wealth,birth status or ability.Because children are small and dependent,adults more often do not consider them to be full human beings having rights.
As what the group I belong is doing,we recognize these rights and we have observed that seldom of the group cater legal services to children-in conflict with the law.We try to reach and have networking with other non-governmental institutions and lay them the centers services so that it will not be hard for us to have access in the community.We have volunteer women lawyers who render their services to the children pro-bono,meaning no pay.By joining our work force with the private/NGO's,we were able to enter to the community as our first point of entry.Having courtesy call to the Barangay Chairman of the area who is the local head of the community.Tapping private individuals and have alliance with the peoples'organization from the community was also done to make them involve in the implementation of service.After organizing the groups which are composed and represented by the different group/sectors,we formed a network and call it childrens' legal action network.Once a month meeting or every 3rd Thursday of the month was decided upon in order to monitor and will informed of what is happening in the selected areas.Involving the representatives of the network we formulated a questionaire to be use for conducting a community survey in three(3) communities who need most of legal service for us to know the percetage of domestic violence on women and children and to know whatever services are being given by the local governments to their constituents.During the process of survey/house to house,it is the chance wherein the people was informed and make them aware of its objectives.The quetionaire were collated after the survey was done and its feedback should be presented to them by means of Focus group discussion(FGD)and target dates was scheduled to three areas.We invited the following to attend to the Focus Group Discussion: Barangay Chairwoman/chairman and his councilors,interested private individuals/volunteers,local government agency/leaders and Church representative.
The result of the survey was been presented during the group discussion and everybody saw the absence and the need of legal services in the area.We have brainstorming of the outcome/result and agreed upon to work hand-in hand for the implementation of the legal service.It was in that moment the woman whose three(3) daughters was being raped and the rapist is at-large.It was this woman who don't want to speak at all at first and by consoling her and assuring our symphathy and support on her she started to speak what's on her feelings of hopelessness of getting help/support from the local government unit.The same process for focus group discussion was done to the two(2)community.After the activity,recepients are coming to the office/center for assistance.Giving seminars/community education in relation to childrens' rights was given to the interested individuals/volunteer in the comunity.Members of childrens'legal rights' and peoples'organization leaders are invited for updating/development of all issues that concerns childrens rights.Tireless visitation and continous immersion in the community was also done.


Noriah Ismail's picture

Inspiring Work and Effort!

Inspiring Work and Effort!

It takes a lot of compassion and courage to listen to the needs of others especially of those considered as the minority and unimportant like the children.

They often do not have the 'Voice' and cannot champion their own rights.

It is up to the selfless and outstanding individuals like you to stand up and fight for them!

Your effort will bring forth an inspirational impact to others and great hope and change to the helpless children!


Dr.Noriah Ismail
Senior Lecturer
Academy of Language Studies
UiTM Segamat Johor

Thanks a lot for your nice commending and inspirational thoughts for the efforts done. I am doing this in my little way,because i am finding our social structure in large numbers this time of hardships and lot of priorities to others,I don't think anyone can maintain that this society has created a milieu for our children which is producing the best that is in them.

Let's strive harder.

nureendas's picture

It's great to learn about

It's great to learn about projects that are steeped in community and listening to and gathering information at the grassroots level. Keep up the good work!

Adelma A.Linatoc's picture

More thanks . . .

Dear Nureen,

It's so nice of you inspiring me in my effort to acknowledge childrens'rights is human right.Rest assured that these advocacy will be always a priority that goes hand-in hand with the womens rights.

Hi Adelma!

I am the Listener who reviewed your Week 3 assignment.

I was inspired by the partnerships and structure your group has established. Many people have good ideas for improving their communities, but very few people have the strategies and support that they need to bring these ideas to life.

In your article, you give us many examples of strong collaborations and good planning, which other readers could use in their communities.

I would like to know more about the woman whose daughters were raped. Did the government unit help her? How did they help? How is this family now? I was so inspired by your work that I really wanted to hear the end of that story!


"A writer’s job is to tell stories that connect readers to all the people on earth... Passionate and well-articulated ideas can and do change the world." ~~Mary Pipher

Adelma A.Linatoc's picture

Update re: 3 rape victims

During the last meeting/planning last August 02,2010 of the Childrens Legal Advocacy Network(CLAN)-our support group advocating for the rights of children most especially on legal aspects,the mother of the three(3)raped victims was present she's already participating in the discussions unlike before that she's quite and don't want to talk.She even interacted with us because before she's so shy and she don't want to mingle with us.She already have gain self confidence now when so observed and proved that we are supporting her on her flight.We designed our plan for the target area and the activities,methodology,target output,target outcome,indicator and timetable were made.Implementation of the said plan will be done in the three(3)target areas.An Inter-Agency Case Conference was scheduled in response to make action regarding the Rape case,and those who are expected to be present in the conference are:Criminal Investigation Division Group(CDIG)-government entity,who took charge of investigating crimes and it is from Philippine National Police(PNP),Council for the Welfare of Children(CWC)-government entity and monitoring arm of Department of Social Welfare and Delopment(DSWD),Center for the Protection and Treatment of Child Abuse(CPTCA)-Non Governmental Institution- at present do the counselling of the three rape victims,and Childrens Legal Rights and Development Center,Inc.(CLRD)-which cater legal assistance and the one who help the mother to make the new blotter/statement to replace to the ones lost that was submitted to the local barangay office.It is also through CLRD's effort and obliged the CIDG why the cartographic sketch of the rapist was done.On the first scheduled conference,the Philippine national police did not come,2nd attempt scheduled conference,it's the local Barangay officials was the one who didn't come.On the third try,the two government offices/representative-PNP and Barangay not around.The group will try to think of other possible way and strategy in order to push the plan of action.

At present,the rapist is still at large,and the same crime was repeated in another area and in the same manner done to the three(3) sisters.This case really is a very challenging and very dangerous one.The people in the community said that the rapist is a stranger from the place which I think is impossible.

The status of the case now is,still cannot be filed,the identity of the rapist is not clear,there's no known address where will the summon be serve.

Sad to say,but it is true, that, there's no clear services and support rendered/done or given by the government entities to the rape victims.

Adelma A.Linatoc's picture

Coming 22 and 23 October . . .

I am so much saddened of the three rape victims' case status of the non-action/efforts done from the government and last Wednesday,13th Oct. I was informed that there's a schedule set up for 2 days updating and planning what strategy to be done.Members support or Childrens' Legal Advocacy Network ( CLAN )will be expected to attend on that event.I started to prepare my suggestions and insights for that occassion.

May the power of our Sisters here in Pulse Wire sorrounds and work on us on that important day for fighting for the rights of the victims.

Let's put our hands together.

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