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Journey To The Heart

Journey to the heart

My country, Myanmar, has been under the reign of military government for over twenty years and they have been ruling us without any democratic values and with just guns and dictatorship. There is no doubt that how much the regime restricts on what activists from the civil society and organizations work for our people. Moreover, in our country, there is no any economic justice as well as gender justice, and the fundamental human right is violated. Apart from some elites, the middle and low class households in the country are suffering the difficulties in terms of essential services which a citizen must be provided. Lack of education, serious oppression and the propaganda tend both women and men do not even realize their right to secure and sustainable livelihoods. Furthermore, one of the pressing issues we have to address timely is that people living in poverty, especially women and girls, to realize their rights to accessible and affordable health care, education, water and sanitation. As long as we cannot educate and enlighten our people to reach their awareness and fully understanding on all negative impacts of injustices, all women and men in human crises will not be assured both the protection and assistance they require, regardless of whom or where they are or how they are affected, in a manner consistent with their human rights.

Hence, educating people and promoting their knowledge, skills and values is my perception for a betterment of our society. At the moment, I am devotedly working in education, social welfare and health care development areas. Among them, what I am strongly participating in is educational projects and capacity building programs. I am not only contributing for my organization but also volunteering in other organizations, networks and forums regularly if I can find time for the development of primary education as well as citizenship education which is we should and must know as a citizen of a country. I am one of the organizers of the Myanmar Youth Forum so I am actively working in organizing to support our fellow youths which are unfortunately vulnerable. Because of my work, my colleagues and the community I am in, I can be able to understand and believe we are hopefulness and helpfulness.

Although I have been in community development field for three years, I still feel my knowledge and skills are limited and I need to upgrade myself. Therefore, I explored the possible effective ways not only for myself but also for the community I love and I found out that using state-of-the-art facility such us IT very resourceful and helpful. As we all have different local contexts, I can share the issues, problems, burdens, our attempts and possible solutions for not only Myanmar citizens but also for those around the world as well as listen to all other experiences in online communities. So, I feel it is very deserve to spend time online and I am very proud of being a part of the global movement for a change.



Rudzanimbilu's picture

Hello Shwe!

You are right, education is the cornerstone of any developed country and for the citizens of your country to fully enjoy the benefits of human rights without violations, they must first and foremost understand that we are all equal. I am proud of you, I am proud that you have dedicated your time and you are giving your time to other organizations. Most often those with jobs just want to get on with life and forget about others. You say you are involved in primary teaching, do you mean as a teacher? I like the photo as well. It is beautiful and it potrays the journey of your heart.

Rudzanimbilu Muthambi

Insha Allah's picture

Role of Education

Hello Rudzanimbilu Muthambi,

Honestly, in my country, there are over 150 institutions across the country that means we have the highest in the south east Asia region but it's in terms of quantity not really quality. As the quality of education the government provide us is very doubtful. Here, most of the elite and affordable people make their children attend private international school and they continue their further study when they get older. And most of the adults aim for foreign study after their high school graduation. On the other hand, the poor and less fortunate people in the rural area cannot afford to go to school. As a result, the rich and poor gap became larger and all the inequality is likely to be huge. Here, most of the children in rural areas are lack of primary (quality) education and they become child worker and most of the bad things. That is why, I believe, for my country, educational development is very crucial.

I had a chance to attend teaching trainings and I used to be teacher. Up to last year, I devotedly teach children in the outskirt of Yangon. As I would like to work more and focus on broader areas, I didn't choose teacher as my career and I decided to continue as a social worker. However, obviously, if I have time, I am very happy to teach. Currently, I contribute citizenship education to adults in the community as a trainer. And on some weekends, I spend my time playing and walking together with children.

I am very glad to hear you like the picture. I also feel it's really match with my passion to the post. Actually, it is in Shan State in Myanmar, one of my best friends' native town. He likes it so much and we, other friends love that place so much. It's very pleasing to our sight.

It's my pleasure to help the needy.

Best regards,

Shwe Wutt Hmon

HARMONY's picture

Wow! I am always amazed to

Wow! I am always amazed to hear about your country and waht you are doing! You are so special in my eyes... I am sure your devoted action for education will pay... Thanks!

Trust your HOPES, not your fears... Harmony

liberia unitewd youth for community safety and development's picture

My short story

Title: My Short story

My name is Miss Rita Beddle
I was born July 25, 1979 unto the union of mr and Mrs. Moses Beddle in Gleyee Town, Tappita City, and Lower Nimba County Liberia.
I came up as a child in Gleeye Town where I started my primary education at Methodist in the year 1988 and later enroll at rainbow school in 1992, and prior to the war. I started going to school after I got my three children.
I decided to started in 2007 when I was in the 10th grade at Harrier E. Parkerson High School in in LPMC community, Ganta city, Nimba County Liberia. And I attended for three years and by the grace of God by the end of 2010 I will be graduating from the twelve (12) grade class.
Sincerely yours
Miss Rita Beddle

The Liberian United Youth for Community Safety and Development, INC.
Chief Executive Officer Mr. Fred C Johnson LUYCD representative of LUYCD to LDCs Conference in Istanbul from 7-13 may 2O11.
Ban ki –moon Call to work together for a better world

Insha Allah's picture

thank for sharing

Dear Miss Rita Beddle,

First of all, than you so much for sharing your story! I saw you are very dedicated woman for education and I am very proud of meeting such a woman, here in PulseWire. You show women are capable of almost everything no matter where we are from or who we are. Congratulations for your graduation, in advance.

Very sorry to hear about the civil war and damages. By this way, we have to understand more about our roles and the conflict in the world.

With Love,
Shwe Wutt Hmon

Shwe Wutt Hmon

Amei's picture

This is a great journey :-)

Dear Shwe,

You are spot on. Education is power. I enjoyed reading about your journey and wish you all the best :-)

I fought for education and still there is so much to learn and so little I know. I am learning about your lovely country. That is a lovely picture of your country. It amazes me how beautiful a country can be even with all the troubles...In Maldives where I was born, a similar situation, quantity is what we have without much quality. It is a blessing that some of us do not loose hope….

You are a wonderful girl. My well wishes are always with you.

With love

Insha Allah's picture


Hi Amei,

Thank you so much for your perspective on my country. Exactly! I confess that my country may be well know with bad reputation such as terrible government, lack of democracy and freedom, poor and so on. However, we still have other sides where you can see lovely and wonderful people. What I am most proud of my country is my fellow citizens.

Exactly! We all are leaders in some situation and followers in another situation. Life is a journey of learning.

Let's make a change together for quality lives.

With Love,

Shwe Wutt Hmon

olakitike's picture

I identify

Dear Shwe,
I can identify with you to some extent. I grew up under the military regime in Nigeria and I can still remember the uncertainty and fear that ruled our lives. I remember instances where we were afraid to speak in our own house about issues that were going on in the country.
I believe that today, IT provides an avenue for many people in countries like yours to speak out.
Today, Nigeria is under a democratic government and things a somewhat better now. i hope that this happens in you country soon and I believe you can be an instrument of change to make that happen. Thank you for sharing your story.
Best wishes,

Insha Allah's picture


Dear Ayobami,

Your comments really encourage me. I will try to be a part for the betterment of our future.

With Love,

Shwe Wutt Hmon

Christine L's picture

Empowering and educating the youth

Hello Shwe,

Congratulations on the amazing work that you have been doing so far. Your community/nation has many challenges but you are so strong an inspirational in your efforts to make a difference, especially to the youth of your community.

Oftentimes the youth are overlooked because they may not have voting power but they are the future of any country and their advancement will lead to positive social, economic and political development.

You are helping in that advancement and empowerment and subsequently aiding in the development of your community and nation. Thank you! Keep strong!


“Be the change you want to see in the world.”- Mahatma Gandhi

rozjean's picture

Dear Shwe Wutt Hmon, Thank

Dear Shwe Wutt Hmon,
Thank you for including a picture of your beautiful country. It is a travesty that the people of Myanmar have been living under tyranny for so many years. Under such circumstances, it is especially courageous of you to work toward achieving human rights and quality education for all the citizens, not just the wealthy. You certainly do not need to "apologize" for the time you spend on the internet, as you are using its power to share, listen and ultimately help you in forging a better society.
With warm regards,

htaikseng's picture

My Heartful Thanks to Shwe


You can really express the image of our work and our country.

Best for the Best Shwe

Htaik Seng

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