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Change is to happen!

Creating change is far more difficult, but not impossible, than we think. I remember when I was in Grade eight, I had thought of helping my smoker community members to turn into non-smokers. Unfortunately, I failed. That time, I had asked for help to a Cancer Relief Society; I wanted them to come to my village and raise awareness against smoking. I took a small survey to know how many smokers are there, and then try to explain them the negative impacts of smoking that I had read in my Environmental Science class at that time. Perhaps because they were my elders, it did not suit a small girl to teach them. They might feel insulted, so they neglected me. Then after I could not continue my mission further and perhaps because of my weak effort, the Cancer Relief Society also could not help me.

What I want to tell from this personal experience is that there can be change if it is wanted, but it needs the support of the people who are responsible for the reason of the need to bring the change. I simply mean that awareness should come first. I also learn from my experience that we should be able to make people understand about the necessity of the change, and make them want to bring change. Along with that, our determination to bring change and transforming that determination into actions can be the solutions to overcome obstacles to creating change. Being women is not and should not be a barrier as some people, for instance, my community members might think. Similarly, we should have trust on ourselves, get trust form others and trust others.

I could think of money that can be another barrier. However, all the changes do not necessarily need money. Organizing campaigns for some awareness raising program might need money. But there is nothing to be fear of because we can raise funds as there are people who are willing to help those who want to work for the welfare of others.

The online communities like PulseWire give the support and courage to the one who want to bring changes in communities or in the world. Through the experiences of those who had struggled and are near to the destiny of bringing change, one can get motivation. They also help to give the ideas about how to move forward, how they overcome the obstacles; and they majorly show that change can happen. As I can feel, these online communities can be friends and guardians at the same time. Helping to establish good connections with people throughout the world through online communication, one can gather ideas, and refine them. In addition, such communication can make the fundraising easier. The online communities indeed can play a great role to overcome the challenges and barriers in creating change in the community.


olutosin's picture

"You have to have confidence

"You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be
tough enough to follow through."

-- Rosalynn Carter

I got this today from the cistern of knowledge where I go daily to have a dose.....I think it goes well with what we all are planning to do here on earth.
You are great.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale
Founder/Project Coordinator
Star of Hope Transformation Centre
512 Road
F Close
Festac Town


Deepti's picture

Like the quote!!

Like the quote!!

Sarvina's picture

Hi Deepti, Thanks for sharing

Hi Deepti,

Thanks for sharing your personal experience! Don't let yourself trapped in dispair for, it will turn you into defeat. Lift up your hope, boost your inner strength, and keep on moving with great courage. So everyone on PulseWire always supports your idea my friend!

With all my loves,


Sarvina from Cambodia
VOF 2011 Correspondent

Deepti's picture


Hey Sarvina,

Thanks for your good words. I hope the failure teaches rather than defeating me. It is possible with support and love!


Nisha Karki's picture

hi di

Being women is not and should not be a barrier as some people, for instance, my community members might think.
hey i like this.

the greatest challenge of our community is the thought of people.

Deepti's picture

thanks bahini, so true!

thanks bahini, so true!

Beverly Rose's picture

Dear Deepti, As a Listener

Dear Deepti,

As a Listener for your week 3 assignment, I enjoyed reading your account as an Eighth Grader. How courageous you were to want to change an addictive habit like smoking at such a young age!

You speak of raising awareness, yes, that is a crucial first step. If I may share with you something about my efforts - I work as a domestic violence advocate and we are raising awareness on this island with a major media campaign. Letting the women know there is help as well as letting the men know that violence against women is wrong.

The barriers you presented are real, indeed, though they are only challenges to be overcome. I was wondering if you are using the online community (like WorldPulse) in any change effort today? Are you involved in a specific change effort now? I would love to hear more about that.l

Thank you for for sharing and being willing to let your voice be heard. May you continue to have both confidence in your cause and the courage to fight for it (as in the Rosalyn Carter quote above).

Deepti's picture

Aloha - affection, peace, love?

Dear Beverly,

Thanks for your comment. I am happy that I got to talk to a domestic violence advocate! Which Island are you raising awareness on? Did you mean 'Worldpulse' by "island"?

I am not involved in any specific change effort, nor I had. Worldpulse is the first and only online community I have joined. This is my beginning and I hope to continue to this community. I was totally unknown about such platform before. Moreover, internet was very expensive in my country, Nepal, and I did not know about online communities and being exposed to the world. I had thoughts only within myself.

Now that I am in Asian University for Women, I have the internet; and I want to utilize this facility. I have desires to bring change in the society, especially for the women upliftment.


ccontreras's picture


Hi Deepti,
I really enjoyed reading your personal post, it was very nice. I can tell from reading it that, even though there are some obstacles in your way, you have a lot of passion to make your ideas come across. I really want to keep reading more about your experiences. Great job!

"I embrace emerging experience. I am a butterfly. Not a butterfly collector." - Stafford

Deepti's picture

Thank you!

Thank you for the compliment, Ccontreras! It is motivating.


sabina's picture

keep your hardwork

Hello Deepti,

The idea you tried to bring changes in your community is really appreciatable. I am really pleased that you as being a studnet of class eight tried to influence your society. But it's true that our conservative society does not try to understand our deeds, instead they think that we are negatively influencing the society. But this is what we have to face as our challenges. life is full of challenges. So I think that we need to accept challenges as the medium of achieving progress in our life and should rebutt it in oreder to overcome.

Great work. :)

Deepti's picture

Dhanyabad sathi!

Hey Sabina,

Good to hear from you through WorldPulse! Thank you for the comment. You are right, challenges are part of our life, and we should accept it :)

I am looking forward to read your posts, experiences and journals too in the pulsewire. I am sure you also have lots to say.

Deepti (budhi.. lol)

cbenkov's picture

Community Organizing

Hi Deepti,

I very much agree that organizing is the key to making change. And WorldPulse is a forum for online organizing.We must figure out a way to keep the momentum going!

Best wishes,

Deepti's picture

Thanks Carly!

Thanks Carly!

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