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Fighting APATHY

Fighting Apathy

I believe one of the biggest challenges in my community, and in my country is APATHY.

In the past I have tried starting several projects, but in the end they could not work out as I had trouble in finding committed volunteers, as most of the people that were attracted to the project were full time students, so they argued could not commit to the project because they did not have enough time.

Personally, I could find that sometimes these excuses came directly from an absence of emotion or enthusiasm towards the movements, in other words, this is how apathy can be defined. Mexican society is living one of the worst times in history talking on a belief of their own people, as we might be used to thinking that nothing will be right (regarding on all the economical, political and drug dealing issues happening in the country).

A solution that comes to my mind would be, first of any idea of any project, would be working on starting a “believing campaign”. Maybe if Mexican people could believe in their own country, in their own people and in a better future built by a civil society, -where they belong to-, then projects could succeed.

But how can we make this happen? By showing examples of successful Mexicans, by showing others that our country is not only “violence” and a “lazy” society. The most important step would be getting this message to Mexicans, who have to believe they have the power of change in their hands, and that if they really want it, WE COULD MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Pulse Wire is a great network! I believe that by using the tools that are offered by the web page, such as the Resource Exchange, we will be able to connect to women from other parts of the world in order to get advice, opinions and even sources on how we could create a change in this Latin American country. I think Mexico has a lot of potential and civil society becomes the most important part of the journey we need to take, in order to make our country a better place to live in!



alia's picture

wow ! i really liked your

wow ! i really liked your assignment ..APATHY is great thing to talk about , how did you get this idea ?

you inspired me really

thanks my friend for this wonderful writing

with love

Andrea Arzaba's picture


My dear :)

I am happy I could get to you!
To be honest I chose this subject because I have founded it hard in the past to find really commited people. Has that ever happened to you??

alia's picture

that's always happening to me

that's always happening to me , as you said we really cannot find commited people , i dont know what happened to people why this Apathy !!!!?????

thanks for this great point

keep up the good work and ideas

with love

rajkumari's picture

wow!! que bueno que salió

wow!! que bueno que salió algo de esa plática del desayuno! oye me gusta eso de usar la red para contactar personas de otras partes del mundo para que nos den sus consejos!! hay que hacerlo! es un buen paso a hacer!! solo que tienes que enseñarme como hacer eso en la red.. me acabo de registrar... beso!! que padre que hayas hehco un articulo de esto!!muchas cosas se pueden lograr!!

Leelee's picture

Yes, apathy is a problem here

Yes, apathy is a problem here in Barbados too. No wonder they lump us together as "Latin America and the Caribbean" we share similar traits. Volunteerism is picking up here in Barbados. In 2007 we hosted the finals of the Cricket World Cup so from 2005 there was a big call for volunteers with 2 yrs of training. Now that the cricket final is over, there is still an active database called "Legacy Volunteers" who are called up to work at different entertainment and sporting events across the island...I have never been to Mexico but some of my favourite actors are from there and the country looks beautiful so I am always sad to read about the violence there ... thanks for sharing.

'Harlem: A Dream Deferred' - Langston Hughes
What happens to a dream deferred?
Does it dry up
like a raisin in the sun
Or fester like a sore—
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over—
Like a syrupy sweet?

mariposa's picture

the poem is apropos

Thank you, Leelee, for sharing the poem. We should be very careful not to allow our dreams to shrink away - otherwise apathy will set in and take over. Our lives will be bitter and there will be no progress.


Peace and ... Bliss,
Restorer of Peace

Andrea Arzaba's picture


I get very very sad to hear about always sad and violent news in my country!
We need to empower people and make them BELIEVE there is a light in the end of the TUNNEL ...right?

Thank you leelee!!!!

mariposa's picture

So true

Thank you Andrea for sharing. Apathy really is something that robs us of making a difference in our lives and our communities. What do you think is at the root of apathy? And do you think that is different in Latin America than somewhere else in the world? I understand what you mean about people and movements. Perhaps that is why they shy away from affecting change. Just some thoughts ...


Peace and ... Bliss,
Restorer of Peace

Andrea Arzaba's picture

In Latin America

Well, I believe at least in Mexico apathy has been growing around youth and citizens because we do not see much change, and even when people try to express their thoughts they tend to be repressed.

People get tired of trying anf they justs develop a state of "depression" which becomes an apathy.

How do you think we could help them in order to get out of this state of mind??

Farona's picture

Andrea sis! thank you for

Andrea! thank you for sharing this sister.

Feeling ‘stuck’ constantly in depressing situations certainly sucks up all human positive emotion. Enthusiasm and believe in change are two of them. This is often the case in many developing ecnomies surrounded by rich economic neighbours.
To bring back enthusiasm and change in society, I always feel tapping into youth energy is the best way to go.

Rebecca Roberts's picture

Thanks for writing about what

Thanks for writing about what can be a sensitive subject. I too have been frustrated trying to get a project going and not being able to get commitment from others. How do we reach them ~ what are your ideas on that? Especially when someone does not believe they have the power to change, how can we convince them otherwise? How will your writing for World Pulse achieve that?

You have a wonderful positive energy, and I look forward to hearing more of your ideas!

jap21's picture

Hi Andrea

I love your angle on this subject! I also live in Latin America, way down south in Bolivia, and I find the same thing. I guess this has to do with our survival strategy. We do not like to provide care too much. Instead we feel that if we are a lot of people we will do better.

Our challenge then, is to make people aware that we do not need to be many, but we need to be better.

A dear friend of mine once told me the story of how we latins are like crabs in a tall bucket: we bite the one who is leaving the bucket so that no one gets out if we don´t do it first. Instead, we could hold each other´s legs until we reach the top and we all get out...

So my dear friend, you are in the right track. Keep going. Keep wanting to. This forum will lead you to the most beautiful places!



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

amymorros's picture

On Apathy

Very relevant! We have similar problems here in the US. We all need to start believing again so thank you for your thoughts on the matter.


Andrea Arzaba's picture


Apathy is an issue we need to attack in order to create comprehensive concioussness among our society!! But I know it will change :)

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