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The First Step

I have been talking about the word “CHANGE” since I started my journey on worldpulse. Apparently, this dynamic and powerful word cannot be attained in a day or after I write a paragraph on it. Change is much more than that. It firstly, requires you to change the perception of people around you. It requires you to start the process, to initiate change the mindset of people around you.
I am an amateur in the field of development. Nonetheless, I have always wanted to focus my program on children and education. Being a woman, I have wanted female children to develop themselves as a smarter, capable and strong workforce for tomorrow. I would certainly like to initiate a program in the rural areas where women get fewer opportunities. I want to see at least one educated, civilized and optimistic village in my life and I want to work for it.
But things aren’t all that simple. There are people who love things to remain static. Change is not welcomed everywhere. Therefore, the first barrier would be changing people’s mind. You need to bring an alteration in the mindset of the people to do that. It needs patience and perseverance. Financial resources don’t fall from the tree as well. You need support and an initiation on your own to do that.
I am just beginning now. While travelling for the voluntary work that I do during my free time, I observe around and think what the few factors that need improvement. After I have a concrete solution on my mind, my first step would be to share it, talk to everyone around me and also my worldpulse community. And when my voice is heard, I will have found the solution to my barrier. I will have taken my first step towards the word CHANGE, my most desired ambition. Once people start supporting my vision, the rest of the actions will be easier to complete.
To do such tasks alone is not at all easy. You cannot just manage the whole thing by yourself. But I have worldpusle now. I can easily share my ideas. I can ask for suggestions with my fellow sisters on worldpulse for new ideas. I can invite them to work with me. I can become stronger. And then probably, in the end, I will not be walking alone anymore. I will get what I have wanted to see.


aimeeknight's picture

I would like to quote my

I would like to quote my friend Sahar from World Pulse and Gandhi. “Be the change you want to see in the world". You are doing just that, taking the first steps. You will be an inspiration to other young women and girls, who will follow in your path. In World Pulse you have found an invaluable tool, blessings in your efforts.

"One shoe can change a life" ~ Cinderella

Debbie Phillips's picture

You are not alone...

You have all of us! And, change began when you started to volunteer during your free time. Step-by-step, you will succeed in your dream to see one (if not many!) civilized, educated, optimistic villages in your lifetime. Sending love and all good wishes to you.

Debbie Phillips
Women on Fire
Martha's Vineyard, MA USA

HARMONY's picture

Isn't it true that it all

Isn't it true that it all starts in the mind? The grestest barrier is indeed changing people's mind and perception! You've got it and you are moving towards it. We are all here to support each other and work together... I like your strenght and powerfull vision of where to start...
Together we will succeed with WorldPulse!

Trust your HOPES, not your fears... Harmony

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yes, i have my experience of my recent voluntary work to share. looking forward for all your support.

Dear Nikita,

I love your passion and vision to create "POSITIVE" change in a humanistic and empowering way. Nikita, the change has already begun with "you" and the vision you believe in and shared with others, they too, will join you in creating the change as they too have the same dream!

I do appreciate your approach and the reality of obstacles in our lives and society. However, you will not allow the obstacles to deter you from sharing, creating, learning and living - you can do it! As stated earlier, the famous words of Ghandi, "Be the Change You Want to See in the World" and the women of World Pulse join cheer you along the way. Our voices will be united with yours.

With Gratitude and Appreciation,

Linda Ando

With Gratitude,

Linda M. Ando

rimalnikita's picture

thank you

Linda, Thank you so much. It feels great to hear form sisters like you.!..i will keep up with my work!

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Changing Mindsets

You definitely have a community here at World Pulse. Thank you for your commitment.


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Beautiful Change

What you wrote really spoke to me. I think you completely captured the essence of change. It starts with the first step and patience's is needed, but as we all know it is well worth the wait. I also feel appreciative that world pulse has brought this community of women together to support each other in all our efforts to create change within our world community. I have faith that the goal and ambition of change is fully within your reach and "our" reach.

Thank you for sharing!

Wishing you many Blessings,


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