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What an Effective Communication should be, participants at GWHN, Colombo, 2008

Indonesia has just celebrated the 65th Independence-day on 17 August 2010. While having better progress in politic and economic growth, many people commented on the national mission of achieving the community with social welfare and justice.

A wave of people actions showed that many people do not have enough understanding about human rights. This is found not necessarily from layman but also from community leaders, politician and public figures in the government. Issues on disagreement to exhibition and art performance for homosexual while giving ‘pressures’ to women migrant workers/domestic violence victims; and there were also stigma and cynical to people living with HIV/Aids (PLHA).

I believe they have done those actions due to powerless in knowledge, attitude and practice on human rights. The biggest challenge is how to promote this into all levels of society, community and nation, despite the survival of living during financial crisis, social competition and national priorities.

The human rights cover understanding that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. That’s why in religion we have learnt to show gratitude in every aspect of live that we have or received although for a small thing day by day. The human rights, including right to health give respect, protect and fulfill people’s right to have the enjoyment of highest attainable standard of health. No body wants to have diseases, nor having malnutrition, hunger, obesity, high cholesterol, mal-nutrition even death on delivering baby. Many housewives were contaminated HIV from husbands.

A good human being while celebrating the freedom to choose for own life style through speaking, action and living; is not appreciated if ‘annoyed’ other people’s lifestyle; especially to the sick, poor and hunger people, including stigma to PLHA especially women.

The patriarchy culture implementation, including bureaucracy has directed people to keep silence for ‘mistakes’ done by the higher level officials/social status. The “boss can do no wrong” is around, even within international organizations. People tend to ‘wash their hands’, if they saw injustice done by the top to the lower ordinance; they are afraid those might give bad impact to their status. It seems people is started loosing their freedom to give voice, choice nor even forces, due to they scare of loosing something they have.
Power abuse is then become the latent ‘bomb’ that shall destroy the people welfare and justice. In this life we have to accept payoff process, thus we can not give up.

Nowadays while still using public policy forum (PPF), newspapers communication, cyber facilities, public dialogue/workshop to attract decision makers, public attention and governance; the ICT is noted as the best method regardless time, place and power restriction.

The promotion of human rights for PLHA must be kept being promoted and performed using ICT. The Pulse Wire/VOF may give tremendous impact in the future to change people perception, understanding and positive actions to help more people of the sick, poor and hunger as the best beneficiaries!


Fungai Machirori's picture

Thank you for sharing

HIV -related stigma is still so strong that we need to find it as best we can using the tools that we know work. ICT is one such tool and through it, I think we can reach more people who still harbour those dark beliefs about the disease...

from today i live out of my imagination
i am more than my yesterday
tomorrow i plant a new seed
nothing that lies behind easy
nothing that is ahead real
my within is all i have today
*Napo Masheane*

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we are one team

Dear Fungai,

Thanks for supporting. Sure we have to keep sounding this and reaching more people. To providers and decision makers as duty bearers and to PLHA as rights-holders.

We are one team and must be stronger as well as having louder voices altogether to eliminate stigma on HIV; and put respect, protect and fulfill their right to health.

Alliances is one best strategy on empowerment!


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Dear Erna:
I thank the Lord, God for giving you a sound voice, to speak up for those who are not able to speak for themselves.
Welcome aboard Worldpulse, and keep up the good work.Your are making a difference.
Stay blessed.
Rose Candy @ GrandaRose Foundation

Mothering, Molding and Nurturing children

Erna Surjadi's picture

Thanks God for Pulsewire

Dear Rose,

Thanks to your nice word and let us thanks God for Pulsewire! I worked and saw; I heard and I understand how they are powerless as well as watching how they are suffered.

By God's will in some other cases I was involved in this field for many years; I heard also how gender-based violence victims are desperate and almost being inserted to mental health hospital. Some of PLHA are also GBV victims. Power abuse, arogancy, exclusiveness and greedy has led to discrimination, torture and social injustice for those people in powerless, sick and worse in poverty and hunger.

I dropped my tears to hear, see and know how children got affected from mother with HIV/Aids. Even when they are HIV negative the children are being discriminated.

I am in my elderly age - I fight to my feeling 'to resign' before from this VOF but I still hang on due to the desire to sound the grassroot voices; which mostly forgotten and or ignored.

Let's hope the Pulsewire empowered many voices to keep sounding and lead to changing!


Rose Candy's picture


Dear Erna:
I thank the Lord, God for giving you a sound voice, to speak up for those who are not able to speak for themselves.
Welcome aboard Worldpulse, and keep up the good work.Your are making a difference.
Stay blessed.
Rose Candy @ GrandaRose Foundation

Mothering, Molding and Nurturing children

Insha Allah's picture

Great Approach

Dear IndonesiaErna Surjadi

First of all, thank you so much for sharing your experiences and perception on PLWHA issues and human right based on your country.
Your post is very critically and antiseptically viewed on the reality. Of course! Although people are always saying " human right", sometimes, most of us don't have fully understanding and people always neglect human's responsibility. That is why we have to suffer human right violation.
Nowadays, internet and online facilities offer us a lot of opportunities. That's great to utilize those in our social and development works.

Best regards,
Shwe Wutt Hmon

Shwe Wutt Hmon

Erna Surjadi's picture

Gender, Health and human rights

Dear Shwe,

Thanks for your support to the concern.
FYI I worked also for the South East Asia region for more than four years; the gender, health and human rights is part of women's issues of most of the 11 countries: Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia; where unfortunately we have less data in DPR Korea.

Gender-based violence (GBV) is becoming top gender and health issues due to 9 out of 11 countries highlighted it, except for DPRK and Timor Leste (TLS). However, later on we know TLS has noted also some cases and they are working on it. You are right, it is noted that understanding about human rights (HR) is low; like gender - the human rights is also oversimplified. This is found in the region as well. Most of the time people thought that HR is only related to law, court and some verse of regulations justification; that's why people living with HIV/Aids received stigma though the HIV programmes performed succesfully.
Sadly, some of the decision is held by the higher officials who have lack understanding about this as well. Not to mention that most of the time people are 'stranggled' by own work and ignore or not getting used to collaborate with the other's works within the network. Although working multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary are the stated methods; the reality showed only a blink of those. Gender as cross-cutting issues then become sacrifying to give a hollistic work and perspectives.

I found more about HR implementation about Aids, due to now I am recently more involved into public discussion forum, national networks and internal news. Thus, using ICT you can also have more information, analysis and or involve in the public debates freely in any topic highlighted by you and or the team.
Stigma is not merely coming from layman, community or society, but coming also from health providers. The transgenders who have HIV/Aids received the worse; while the ART is given free to people living with HIV/Aids. Sadly only small percentages of health providers has practical understanding on this. The transgender is treated like having communicable diseases; they were 'ping-pong' from one room to another room by health providers; while in the reality they have no option to have normal work either. This made them turn out to 'surfing' into the sexual business/commercial and 'night work'.

The women living with HIV/Aids depend most of the time to the men's network with HIV/Aids; due to they hardly can ask for support from women's network. This condition made most of the women have less bargaining power to refuse sex, drugs and other un-wanted activities in order to survive in life.
Those above happened due to most people don't have understanding about human rights; ignorance and negligence - both lead to disadvantages to those people living with HIV/Aids, especially women. They are sick and poor however instead of being helped and cured they are pushed to be hungers and lead to death faster..

FYI, based on my experiences using ICT, more women are attracted faster than men in commmunity changes; while the men put more attention to the political and governance aspects; they after all accepted the good strategic points though. Women could easier accept changes, forgive and proactive in suggestions; as well as put wisdom for the future. I think those gender and development styles are supplementing each other.
Thus, I think we have to work with men to support gender, health and human rights, including promote the better condition for people living with HIV, including eliminating stigma and eradicating the disease forever, if we may.
ICT opens up more advantages; the VOF is a remarkable strategy and asset of the world to help more people, especially women's advancement in all living aspects!

Let's do it and be the agents of changes!


Insha Allah's picture


Dear Erna Surjadi,

Thank you so much for your deep and fruitful discussion on the human right, gender and public health issues from critical and analytical point of view. I am very luck to read your post and I found I can learn a lot from you and your experiences through PulseWire. I am looking forward to read your next posts.

Best regards and thanks,

Shwe Wutt Hmon

Erna Surjadi's picture

All the best

Shwe dear,
Thanks for nice words and I am glad those were useful. You look young and have bright future I believe.
Wishing you all the best,

Best wishes,
a grand mother, mother, wife, sister, daughter and career woman.
I am about 58 years old.

Insha Allah's picture

Same to you

Dear Drna,

Absolutely! I have to learn a lot from you in terms of your skills and experience and your caring heart. Yes! I am in 24. My compassion is to help poor and needy people and I am just trying myself.

Best regards,
the eldest daughter, the elder of two lovely sisters, trustworthy friend, a single and pre-career lady

Shwe Wutt Hmon

Dear Shwe,

As the eldest, I think you are expected to be a leader and help others.
Many people ignored their needs in the family and only work for other's benefits, parents or younger brother/sister.
If you noticed in airflight mother needs to put on oxigen masker to herself first then only could help her child.logically sick person cannot help healthy person properly..

Thus I suggest to help yourself first then only you could help others. Self empowering is needed to be agents of changes!
ICT is one of the tools. Go for it..


bintu's picture

Hello Mrs Surjadi This is an

Hello Mrs Surjadi

This is an impresive piece. While congratulating you for the 65 anniversary, i want to concord with you. you re absolutely right. Bad leadership has become a menace in the decision of issue that affect the poor, the sick and women. Most leader terms to shy away reaction if they found out that speaking will temper with their influence. What amazed me most is the fact that, the common man is the majority, which without his vote, leaders dont get elected. Without the common man, the sick, the poor and women, there will be nobody to govern. Goverance is about people, no matter their class . You know what!, the rich also cry. This HIV thing is not only suffered by the poor or the deprived, and the opressed. A great number of HIV carrries are the rich. they have the money to leave positive, they dont look it. The rich can afford balance diet. the rich can afford the best medical care. Stigma, yes is only visible among the poor, because you can identify the poor HIV carrier, but you cant identify the rich carriers. So to the rich since you cant fish them out, you cant stigma them periord. Women and childrent are at the disadvantage of being infected without justification. The mens large passion accounts for it. They spread it among their wives and the innocent unborn child. In agreement, and to elaborate further the men concelled their status from their wives. The innocent woman only get to know either at point of delivery or after. This is a fact. Its a big problem among the women and children. This is a challenge to the web.2.0 pulse wire family. women need to be elighten, they need to be reached and they also need to reach out. a problem share is a problem solve. web 2.0 has given women voice. they should not die in silence. With web 2.0 the era of concelling information is gone. fish them out and give them voice to reach out to the global women through web 2.0. This should be our collective responsibilities.


Dear Bintu,

I read your writing also with impression. It is recalled that this HIV/Aids was famous first time due to attacked actors and celebrities. It is found also among monks in Asia; husbands of some rich families but they 'pushed away' the wives.
However, the impact is worse. As you said they might cry but they have money and resources; not the 'neglected victims' which were innocent at the beginning, such as babies.
In gender movement, we try to close the gap between men's status and women's status. The women may have equal access, opportunity, benefit and control as the same as men. Shelters are become the next premises of these housewives who were contaminated HIV/Aids from the husbands.

In another story, the women as housewives have never imagined when the husbands came home from travelling as migrant workers beyond Nepal; they brought 'bonus' of HIV/Aids. When they were pregnant, the babies are contaminated. This is medium economic status; I think every department of 'mobilizing people' such as: Ministry of Labour, Transmigration, Foreign affairs etc need to give advocacy and awareness to the traveler and spouse about HIV/Aids - on how to protect themselves. They are mostly powerless due to they are mostly concentrated to work and earn money and do not have enough time to listen about healthcare; for the poor who 'borrowed' money from the agents they might never pay attention to the risk. We need to empower them, especially for women.

In India those housewives who were contaminated with HIV/Aids may know her pregnancy but might not knowing their diseases. Voluntary contribution on testing HIV/Aids (VCT) needs her to check on it. Failure to catch these pregnant women with HIV/Aids to get early medication may end up to child transmission. Some NGOs, try to catch them by inserting material during nutrition and maternal check up.

This is good to be done within formal health services, however most public services performing their duty to the patients as targets only not as subjects. The reproductive health has just doing their areas in maternal health; while the nutrition is doing only their areas in the food composition related to diseases and growth etc.
Indonesia performs maternal health services with accompanied to Malaria and Tuberculoses checking though.

One higher official in the Government of India admitted so far what they are doing is mostly clinical, not really inserting gender needs which are beyond health areas; thus a gender lens need to be loudly reported to all parties, she said as appreciation to what we have done.
A multi-sectoral approach, multidisciplinary and true partnership implementation need to be emphasized in practical not merely in theoretical in deed. We need a strong leader that understood this need and push forward the integrated actions.

Prevention of mother to child transmission may run better and faster using ICT, regardless bureaucracy, segmented organizations and reluctance people. Let's help them with sincerity and encouraged ourselves by showing gratitude due to we are healthy and had received many blessings to do it.
If among the sick and poor and the hunger are helping themselves - ashamed to us in better and higher positions!
By using ICT - let's be the agents of changes!


bintu's picture

appreciate the connection of Hiv/aid

Hello Erna
Impressive, we a connecting. your overview of this subject is brilliant. Advocacy and awareness is the only solution. In every little way we can it important to do and not to at all. It is better to take wrong decision than no taken any at all. It is popularly spoken tha people with ideas rule the world. We in the pulse wire have brilliant ideas to move on so let move on.
I start within my little enviroment to create awareness to the timid house wives, small mothers, who are babies themself, but due to the misplacement of sociaty values this young babies are send to marriage too early to identify themself, only to end un being conterminated by the self centred men in the name of marriage. This men later aboundant these little girls to their faith. This is big trouble. Again this young innocent mothers a the worse hitted by this wrong doing. Leader of the world should rise up to this challange. But we women can spreed up the process through our actions.

Thank you


Erna Surjadi's picture

communication in gender language

Dear Bintu,

Your work is remarkable.
FYI based on my research the domestic violence is caused due to strong implementation of patriarchy culture with low communication within family. The submissive understanding about men is number one has put women amrginalized, sub ordinance and under stereotypes. We need to change the perception into egalitarian ethos. The good thing is the higher communication implementation with this egalitarian ethos has reduced the cases into 56%.

Girls and women can not do it alone; ICT might help them being empowered to deliver the understanding to men in the house in order to create gender harmony. There is an art to speak; a semiotic within gender language - there is gender disparities on speaking style between men and women. Men mostly like straight to the point; while women like long phrase. Men mostly put concentration on the object while women pay attention more to the subject. Failure to take this into consideration may bring worse condition to women/girls, due to men feel like being patronized and attacking their dignity as the leader of the house an dor husbands (as an impact of patriarchy culture).

I gave you one simple example practice; when you said I don't like you to do it - it is better you said: I feel sad when you did that or I am happy if you did the other way around.
The wise men will pay attention to you more when you put him as the protector or hero; thus it won't guarantee all men have the heart; exception is always around. In my experiences; the outcome is tremendous.

Keep moving on in your noble work
Have a blessed day with Hope, faith and Love!


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knowledge is transformation

Hello Erna, you have touch an area that have often be neglected by development actors in some regions of the world, i pledge my support for the promotion of human rights. this is because people have actually been victimise because they lack knowledge to go about the issue or who to report to. ahead ahead, we are together.


Dear Evelyne,

Thanks for your interest and support to the issue. I like the idea of tranformation; it needs a total movement.
Talking about development actors we have to admit that some officials are in 'dejavu'. Many people are talking about their 'behavior' and sadly mostly 'no action'; while when privates or society organizations done the responsive actions, they made it into complicated issues and 'dragged' those into 'regulations, law and texual' within bureaucracy.

We are trying now within public policy forum to present evidence based, modelling and suggestions for further improvement in the governance. Based on my past experiences about 28 years as government officials, we have to understand their limitations and or barriers; despite the social, culture, economic and political priorities. They also need empowerment, not necessarily as the actor. Maybe like training of trainers (TOT).
Patriarchy culture has 'stranggled' people mindset into stratification: within social life, organization, governance and sadly are taken down to public services. The customer is the King, though - this is in business and commercial only due to the customers have more money.

Thus the human rights understanding and implementation is missing. Organizations are very careful about staff regulations and procedures, including harrassment in the workplace. However, in the reality many of them treated lower staff inequality; it is found the finance people treated the funds, including staff salary as 'the money in their hands'; managers put long and complicated procedures to get approval; some providers treated patients in 'begging' for their help; while in fact they are working and received payment for their works. Many staff then tried to 'buy' the access and opportunities by 'licking' the officials. The power abuse is around and more settled with 'the army' created more and more. National and international organizations as development actors are noted facing those conditions.

While the governance has limited movement within bureaucracy; sadly most senior government officials 'moved in' to the international organizations and brought along their 'custom and characters' to the field. When they occupied higher positions within international organizations; very less of them understood the main essence of international democracy and management; they don't remember the true beneficiaries of programmes is the people as the subject; nor to carry forward declaration of human rights and implement it.
Social stratification, power abuse and bureaucracy are born to disadvantage people more and more

The 'extended bureaucracy' to the international organizations 'by ignorance' or 'by power'; apparently sacrifying the organization and grassroots people need/demand. It is becoming worse when the technical units have never worked within grassroots public services; they don't know the reality but they are in the position to plan, design and manage the operational. Within patriarchy culture obedience is the indicator of 'good people'; so they followed it. Probably they are in fact powerless; do they?
This is philosophy - when the children went wrong, the parents is responsible. Thus when the staff is powerless and went wrong - the top management is supposed to give responsibility.
I prefer positive thinking is a flow of happiness; all of them need the human rights training; afterwards then we know who are the dedicated officials or not.

It is never realized the longer time, the more complicated the process, the more people sufferred; the more women are pushed to shelters, more women died in delivery, more women injured and died due to gender-based violence; more babies contaminated with HIV/Aids and so on. The powerless, sick, poor and hunger have no voice, choice and force; they have never asked to have those conditions around and we need to empower them!

The training about human rights and its sample of implementations need to be performed widely and systematically indeed. The movements need to be started from the top; for more power and better outcomes. Movements from the middle have brought more people sacrified and desperated; while the people in the bottom is suffered more and more.
Human rights training may bring transformation for the best people beneficiaries, including the grassroot people, especially women not necessarily people living with HIV/Aids.

It is hoped that people may understand that equality and equity is based on rights of every human being which is born free and having own dignity equally regardless position, status, ethnic, culture, physical, age, geographic and gender.
Let's keep the VOF up and up - and reach the world!


vivian's picture

Well done Erna for this post.

Well done Erna for this post. Your challenge is really big and this is not percuilar to you alone but to all women. There is really need to help women know and fight for their rights. Stigma on women living with HIV is also a huge challenge even in my country and like you said ICT can be a tool to address some of this societial challenges of women. Thanks to pulsewire which has given women a voice to be heard. I pray that our voice will bring a change in future.



''Every woman have a story at every stage of Life''

Erna Surjadi's picture

Bravo pulsewire with the ICT!

Dear Vivian,

Thanks for your encouragement and nice words.
It is true ICT may become a very powerful tool for supporting many living aspects.

While involved within ICT environments for more than 20 years; I found many benefits of it to support organizational works, services and networks. However, just within this 21st century we can not deny many negative impact created by bad people using virus, hackers, cookies that lead to 'white collar crimes' through banking and cyber transaction.
This reminds us to be careful on raising up our voices through the ICT process.
I do hope pulsewire protects the editing limited to the author and administrator only; to avoid unexpected evidence.

It is noted lately; some networks of facebook, twitters and other facilities are being used for negative purposes; while in certain features it is easy for the 'false-friends' in the link-list debug the information. It means that you have to choose and free to make decision for the offer. Thus in a sense, ICT transform ourselves to become more mature persons.

This is a great challenge for advocating the information to grassroots people and empowering women; not necesarily diminished the powerful advantages of the ICT! The pulsewire has opened these chances for greater beneficiaries.
Bravo pulsewire with the ICT!


vivian's picture

You are right madam, we

You are right madam, we really have to be careful with the use of ICT because of false network. This has been one of the reasons I do not join online networks but I think pulsewire is doing fine and have sincere and committed women who have vision for change.

Thank you for this information



''Every woman have a story at every stage of Life''

Vivian dear,

Let me tell you my own experiences; I always refused to be member of any FB, Linkedin, hi5 and many others due to I didn't have much time beyond my work for international organization and I didnot believe I could manage it. Sometimes the news are too much; so I decided to quit. However, I found later how my husband found his old friends in the cyber and many people also got benefits in sharing experiences.

By accident one application to international conference had directed me into fb; my sister asked me to join other network; and over the time it is growing due to more request and communication.
To my surprised; one of my friend who loss communication with me due to she went abroad for study; found me couple months ago in fb after 6-7 years past! Erna I found you!! - she said.
We celebrated our friendship in Kathmandu when I had duty travel in July 2010 due to she is working in gender for the country.

Thus, keep our eyes open and be alert!
There is no light without dark stick on it - let's use the light without ignoring the dark and reach the advancement..

All the best, dear


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we are together!

hello there in Jarkata

Erna thats great, and thats what am also fighting for.Promoting human rights for people living with HIV /AIDS.You are an ambassador. Your sharing is reliable we can embark on it.Keep advocating for these people,for your reward is great.

Empowerment is all we want to bring unto mankind to overcome and so that we can achieve social welfare and justice among people.Thank you very much.This is so amazing.



"success will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time " And when confronted conquer with love

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Social change that you want it

Dear Warona,

Yes we are one team, ICT created borderless cities around the world; and VOF pulsewire open more opportunities to support each other.
I read your desire to create changes in your community. I learned in the sociology material when I studied those; any change may happen due to three factors: (1) people want it; (2) the right momentum; and (3) there is power/forces available on it.
Thus, if I recalled my experiences when succeeded created self-supported community for school health in one district which covered 135 schools about 30 years ago (1981); I was lucky preparing preliminary advocacy - door to door to the highest official and managers (Oversight Education Official and Principals of selected schools).
It took me more than two years to create dialogues and networking with the decision makers before I surfed into their mechanism on having periodic meeting every month for all schools in the district. I worked extra hours visited the operational fields after office closed; and I discussed their needs and benefits. Only 10 -15 minutes each on doing my serial advocacy in the beginning of their meeting; the tools I used only slides/pictures with projector. They liked it; and not longer than 6 months after the first presentation they made decision to create the self-supported school society. They could collect money from the children using waste stuffs and creativity to support their own health care activities.

The power was there; the people wanted and the momentum was also there. All children were happy when exposed during the yearly district exhibition by the Chief of district. A typical community empowerment with small activity, a sweet memory though.
Thus, you can also make the difference to a social change that you want it.
I believe the situation is not the same; challenges and opportunity must be around and God be with you
Wish you all the very best!


NI NI AYE's picture

Happy to be aware

Dear Erna Surjadi

I am so happy to be aware of the notable remarks from your message. Abuse of power is a really unacceptable and ignorance of human right is a worrying matter. I really appreciate your effort on making awareness of public society . Your are taking the role of powerful women . For me as a teacher I will share your knowledge through my classrooms and find the solutions together to settle the unfair actions.

Best Regards


Congratulations on Very Happy Teachers Day through ten years journey!

Erna Surjadi's picture

Teacher is a noble position

Dear Aye,

Thanks for your comments. I put high respect to your position. Teacher is a noble position in the world.
One of position in this world have power according to Michael Foucalt is teacher. You can control the world by giving proper material; what the world would be if no teacher is around..

God made me like this...; I just read another compliments from higher level official due to I did not pay crime with crime but kindness instead, he said. He said that is wisdom.
The reason is I believe God will pay everything completely; and my husband said: what are you looking for in this world?
I got my family happy, enough financial and my credential back through networks and recent works; the money and position they stole is nothing and more over my future life is not supposed to depend on somebody's actions - it depends on God's blessings...!

May God help and bless us to keep consistently helping each other..
I am leaving for Global seminar and meeting in Europe next week; and suddenly I just realized couple days ago; I could visit my second son in Spain. The visa is covered already by the duty. It will take only 1.5 hours flight; isn't that a true blessings? God is so near without we realized. He gave all the time what we needed although we didnot even ask..

I will miss this VOF due to I will take a long trip from 16 - 29 October 2010 while also visiting my son.
However I will keep my eyes opened for gender movement
God is Almighty; let Him manage those evil guys; and let's us keep doing our works for the goodness of all!


NI NI AYE's picture

You really make me fly

Hi , Erna Surjadi

I am so happy to hear your friendly voice . I am sure you can make people happy with several skills God offers you. I sincerely like you a lot. I am looking forward to your happy return and let's talk more.

May God Always Bless you!

With Love


Congratulations on Very Happy Teachers Day through ten years journey!

Erna Surjadi's picture

Flying together

Thanks Aye; let's walk and fly together..
All the best!

Your friend,

sahar's picture

Thanks a lot , You are great !

Dear Erna

I believe this is your 3rd assignment and I am afraid that it has to go within your journal not the group journal. You can double check with Rachael about it.


Sahar Nuraddin

follow me @snuraddin
"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."
- Helen Keller

Erna Surjadi's picture

Having big in the smallest

Dear Sahar,

Thanks for your comment and nice words.
FYI I have to admit I joined the group but I found not easy to find the group journal nor to post any

I support the group consistently to what I have started about 15 years ago and my heart is still with them by more concern to women and children as gender activist.

As also human rights activist I feel many people don't understand what they are doing due to ignorance and lack of knowledge about human rights.They don't know that stigma is killing people; thus in the other way around eliminating stigma means blessings and supporting right to is having big from the smallest.

It looked beyond relationship or not direct but actually putting stigma is worst for people living with HIV (PLHA), especially women. It kills access, opportunity and benefit.

Although not siblings, all people have the right to love.
PLHA may also sound the rights, speak against ignorance and lack of knowledge. When there is a will there is a way.
While we can not change the past we could do something for today tomorrow and the future, including by voices...

I learned a lot from people writing and response; people could see beyond if you know how to write and speak. There are a lot of people have the hearts and have similar experiences. These creates bonding and strength; it is a change!
Thanks to VOF that made me built confidence and networks.

I only hope the rest of my life I could tell others how God is alive and He may use anything to make us better living, including voices, friendship, positive thinking and putting hopes; regardless time, place, age and whether victimized or not...

Let's forget about others behaviour, believe only that God is the Almighty, the unfailing Love - He was with me and I was saved by Him so you and others will be... and I know He is still here now and forever for us

Let's move on living by the Love of God, faith on Him and lots of hope for our lives; and be the agents of changes!


amymorros's picture

Promote Human Rights

The very fact that you have so many people commenting on your journal entry clearly shows how well-thought out it is. Through the effective communication strategies you have learned and are currently practicing, I am sure that your goals will be attained.


Erna Surjadi's picture

life is a long learning journey

Amy dear,

You can write something from the issues that people can get in; thus you also can do it.

My career path started long time ago because I'm older than you..; however I have to admit it's nothing without sharing... By opening your ideas and working together only we can be enriched more and more. I took partnership skills training, human rights training and knowledge management though.

What a remarkable changes and experiences when we got more knowledge and practical wisdom from the reality.. It is also including my sad story when being victimized due to power abuse...;however positive thinking - God made me stronger and wiser...

Life is a long learning journey...!
Keep moving on...
Wishing you all the best!


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Hello, Erna, Congratulations

Hello, Erna,
Congratulations to your country for celebrating an important "anniversary," and congratulations to you for showing the rest of us readers the challenges your country is still facing.

You have a lot of information on the human rights issues in Indonesia, and I found your post very informative. I actually didn't know what ICT meant, so I looked it up on Google and it came up as "Information and communication technology." Is this what you meant? If you use an abbreviation, make sure you always "spell it out" for your readers, even if it seems "obvious."

Are you able to use PulseWire in your work for promoting change and education, Erna?

Keep up the super work, and I'm glad that you did not leave this VOF project. We need to hear your stories! :)

All the best to you,
Judy Schiller

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No body is perfect

Judy dear,

Nobody is perfect. Thanks, you made the point. My background in Information Communication and Technology (ICT) for more than 20 years; and several discussions within this PulseWire since week1 about ICT has made me forgotten about the rules.

The PulseWire is limited among persons involved; its about voices and freedom to speak; as well as sharing and lessons learned. Thus, the impact is indirectly to the work due to they don't know the PulseWire. My learning experiences from this media has contributed to my knowledge, inspiration, creativity and confidence to keep on moving and using the media as best choice on promoting the gender equality and equity.

I had bad experiences before from the job; it's like a nightmare and nobody could help me; they like performing fiesta on my suffering.
However, I would like to admit; all were past - nothing suitable any more to be compared to the sincere words and bonding I received from PulseWire; people I don't know who wrote something about my writing and the work.

The PulseWire has safe my time and gives added value to my future work. When I wrote about something on the PulseWire that's the time my work started and the magic working... In my earlier work even I made the plan and being approved; there is no assurance your idea will be implemented nor even protected from being sabotaged.

I might not receive any money as I received from my earlier job; but the conspiracy party who blocked my programmes, twisted facts had no meaning any more; though it won't be forgotten.
There was so much sadness about work, idealism, power abuse and powerless as a staff... It is spreading also to spoil my career to all other regions and many parts of the world. My tears were already too much - it is apparently like watering the other plants to grow... May God's will happen...

I always believe God is fair and unfailing Love. HE will purify my name and reputation in the right time. My work now is more interesting related to Gender in politics, social and human rights with more sincere people with hearts in my own country... I do enjoy the work... And I promise I won't leave the voices of the future to help people and promote changes for a better world of men and women!

Best wishes within the Love of God,


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