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My story is' herstory'

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. It is with this in mind that I saw it fit to embark on the journey to my self by using this platform, which would go a long way in my road to self-emancipation and empowerment. My story is ‘her story’, it is a story of a million women’s quest for freedom a struggle in a road filled with vigils and thorns.

After making my own analysis of the mainstream media and coverage of women’s stories through the knowledge I had gained from a young women feminism and leadership-training course this year, I began to question things. The process was an eye opener for me, it made me realise the importance of having women telling their stories.

There is no doubt if any that the mainstream media has a tendency of trivialising or scandalising women’s stories. Women are viewed, as vessels of sexual gratification the negativity that shrouds the portrayal of women is appalling to say the least. The only time you see women being given voice is when they are victims. Success stories of women are not celebrated in the media, in fact all efforts are made to tarnish the images of women who have dared made it in a supposedly ‘male dominated world.’

Coming from a community of marginalized people who are condemned and vilified my many for loving another like me I have had first hand experience with stigma and I am no stranger to being bombarded with hate tirades, this had made me realise that the onus is on me to speak out, to claim my space and define my self.

I got tired of apologizing for what I am. I refused to be oppressed and to conform to the norms of what society dictates and expects from me as a ‘woman.’ I decided enough was enough and I had to stand for my self, what better way to do that than to use this platform to share my story with the rest of the women across the world.

When I heard about the Voices of Our Future programme I thought this opportunity has come at an opportune time in my life. I had to grab this chance because I was in dire need to be heard I had been shouting all along but probably to the wrong audience. When I saw that I could use this platform to network with many women across the globe, share ideas, strategies and inspiration with mothers and sisters I was really excited.

Through this space I can write about anything without fear or prejudice, it is a safe haven where I can highlight societal ills, advocate for positive change, fight against oppression and suppression of women and denounce discrimination and stigma on all women.

My vision for justice and equality fits quite well with this program, which has no ‘voiceless people’, women are empowered to voice their concerns and can speak out against all forms of injustices.



Aida Dervishi's picture

Dear Milestah, highlighting

Dear Milestah,

highlighting societal ills is quite an important step for making a change!


Carri Pence's picture

We place focus on the problem

We place focus on the problem and not the remedy. Thus, we neglect the solution and continue to value you the problem, even if we place negative importance on it. Thanks for highlighting this, where we have too many times used media as a weapon to kill rather than defend. I am so happy that you stated that we need to focus on the survivors, who were the victims at one point, and not place all our energy on the victims. You opened up my eyes with your post, and I am greatly thankful you did.

-Carri Pence

Milestah's picture

Let's Go ahead Sisters!

Our lives are doomed if we are silent about the things that concern us.Let's Go ahead sisters and Speak for ourselves.No one is going to give us space , so we claim it, we shout out loud, we are all from different backgrounds but our experiences are somewhat the same whether black or white, straight or lesbian,rich or poor.We are Speaking out our voices are loud and the movement is growing in the spirit of love we will get there right now we have the power, Feel it it is here....Thank you sisters for the comments.

I define Myself

Fungai Machirori's picture

Go Milly go!

Nice words sister. Keep on!

from today i live out of my imagination
i am more than my yesterday
tomorrow i plant a new seed
nothing that lies behind easy
nothing that is ahead real
my within is all i have today
*Napo Masheane*

Milestah's picture


Thanks Fungai, together we will make it lets make the circle bigger

I define Myself

Mila's picture

Feedback on Assignment 2

Hi Milestah,

Thank you for sharing your 'herstory' with us. You gave a powerful description of your journey and personal vision. I would have liked to have read some personal examples/stories in your writing. What is your first hand experience with the stigma and hate tirades? It would have been better to start with a personal example than with the overused cliche of 'a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.' Although you were talking about the main stream media it would have been good to mention the alternative media . You just squeaked under the word limit with a word count of 499 words. It is important to practice writing concisely as not to lose the attention of the reader and to make your writing powerful.
Thank you for using your voice--we are all hear to listen!


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You are so right in saying that the media doesn't portray women in a realistic or uplifting way. Pulse Wire is a wonderful opportunity for women to tell their truths and for the rest of the world to hear what is really going on. Good lluck in getting your voice out and thank you for sharing your thoughts!


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