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Early this year, I sent out a number of letters to various principals in girls high schools. I had requested I be allowed to address the students free of charge in a motivational talk. To my utter shock, not even one of the head teachers responded affirmatively or otherwise.
Later on in the year, there was an opening for writers in one of the dailies. We were called upon to submit an article on a given topic. After submitting, the editor said that despite my article being among the best, they could not take me in because no one knows me!
One of the major challenges I face daily is that there is a notion that you have ‘to have a name’ before anyone can entrust you with anything. You have to be in the media industry, an artist or one of well-heeled executives in the society. People are skeptical of what you are capable of doing. No one really wants to give an ear, or a chance to what you have to offer. I can confidently affirm that those head teachers never bothered to respond because to them ‘what did this girl have to offer and for starters who is she?’
Most girls in my community lack role models, they have no one to ignite their passions and encourage them. As a result, they end up performing poorly in schools and this is the beginning of their downfall.
I have not let all these naysayers dissuade me from doing something for my community. I have come to the realization that if I await that podium to address, it may never happen. I now approach students on a one on one basis in any social gatherings. May it be in weddings, church events, my family members and even among my circle of friends. I also write articles with encouraging messages. Some are published and others are yet to see the light of day. I do charity walks and engage with women groups.
Through PulseWire, I do not have to be renowned in the society to inspire someone. They are no barriers through this online community. All I have to do is to speak and someone will listen. Through inviting other members of PulseWire to my community, I am able to interact with them, share ideas and get enlightened.
I am overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge and lessons I have garnered through online community. It has helped me realize despite our diversity women face similar if not the same challenges. Of essence is how we choose to overcome those impediments.
On a daily basis there will be mountains that we as women we have to climb, whether we succeed or not is up to us. The fact that I wasn’t given an opening to speak to various girls’ schools in my community hasn’t dampened my spirit. If anything, I have created other avenues to ensure I achieve that goal. Against all odds, we shall overcome!


olutosin's picture

This life

My Dear sister, this is beautiful........Just like me, No one has ever asked of my family name, bank account or qualification on Pulse wire...hmmmmnnnn, I have learn so much in life.
I pary we will be able to replicate what we have here in every nooks and crannies of this world. WORLDPULSE ia a real Initiattive for women, even if Larssen Jensine is here with me in Nigeria I will still say "Lady, you are a not an American, you were born for US NOT FOR USA!
If not for Worldpulse, may be by now, I would have gone back to Westminster selling my fairly used goods.

I still have an untold story, let it unfold gradually.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale
Founder/Project Coordinator
Star of Hope Transformation Centre
512 Road
F Close
Festac Town


Naitore's picture

Let untold stories unfold

Dear Olutosin,

You have really accompolished a lot and keep on doing the great work and

let all the untold stories unfold each one at a time.

Its amazing hearing from you,your voice is being heard and heard well.

I appreciate your insight in this.



abella's picture

I feel your ...

Hi Naitore,

I have been in such initiative in my country Tanzania, i totally understand what you went through. We got the same reaction at first then we chose to use students clubs and then after one or two motivation talks you have students write to their teachers, that way it is the internal communication and it worked magic.

Also another plan we used was we combined more than one school together, that way they will always be a demand after our one talk, we started small but ended even involving parents and teachers organise a special day with more than a thousand parents, supported by National leadership, we adviced them where the connecting dot is fading and there is not stopping now.Right now we are planning on ways to organise a Nation Mentorship progam.

Though I must confess its not easy, out of ten schools you will want to go, 3 may turn you down and see no use of you, but for the ones we got entrance we created champions doing wonders right now.

We started with no name whatsoever but completely relaying on God, but right now the realities are showing and the need realised.

So my friend dont give up, it was never easy and it is never easy but we are still walking because we believe in what we do and what we want to achieve.

Hope it helps.


I am because we are :-)

Naitore's picture

Immense Help

Habari Bella,

Am so elated to hear from you!

Wow!! What you have achieved and from where you started is incredible.

That has been of great help.I know sooner i will get there.

Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work that you have started.



HARMONY's picture

Frustating but encouraging!

Rimal Nikita said it "There are people who love things to remain static. Change is not welcomed everywhere." bu one thing is sure being stop to do something provoke you to do it by all means. It is by nature that we want to achieve what they are trying to kill. And you have a starting point: the one on one aproach I learned this is how our ancestors passed knowledge on to next generation until writing was found and developped. You've given me a new method Old and New technology combine together for a change... Thanks

Trust your HOPES, not your fears... Harmony

Hi Harmony,

Its awalys a pleasure to hear from you.

Thank you soo much for cheering me on and for being that positive voice.

Kind regards,


Sarah Diop's picture

Free from Barriers


Thank you for your post and sharing your story. World Pulse does free us all from the current Barriers, but also Women like you with passion, determination and drive will also bring down those barriers.

With Appreciation!

Wishing you many Blessings,


Manvitha's picture

Success, against all odds!


It is really nice to read your journal entry and see your optimism. It is indeed contagious! :) I like how you have outlined not just the challenges that you face - I'm sure these are not unique to you and your country - but also the positive spirit with which you plan to overcome these obstacles. I hope that through PulseWire you are able to connect with a global network of women who are facing these challenges or have overcome them, and hence learn a great deal.

No matter what the obstacles, I wish that you never lose this strengthened spirit to keep up the efforts.


Naitore's picture

Keeping on

Hi Manvitha,

I am elated to hear from you.

Thank you for going through my journal and for your very positive words.

PulseWire has connected me with other likeminded women and i am learning a lot.

I fully appreciate this


Jan K Askin's picture

VOF week 3 assignment

Dear Naitore,

Your dedication to efforts to be heard is exceptional. I strongly believe that one positive voice can begin a cascade of positive events. Your voice can be begin such a cascade. You have my best wishes in your struggles to be heard. You are already a strong role model.

Your sister in the US,


Jan Askin

Naitore's picture


Dear Jan,

Wow! Am really encouraged by your words.

Your voice is motivational.

I totally appreciate this



Jan K Askin's picture


Greetings Naitore,

I am glad you found my remarks encouraging.

Take care,


Jan Askin

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