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VOF Week 2; The Diary of An Itinerant - Glowing with the greatest, like the blue of the very still waters...

I am thinking of many thoughts this morning. I am thinking of Oprah, and Maya Angelou and Dr. Toni Morrison, a handsome woman indeed. Toni Morrison, who tells me that time has come for me to increase the volume of my life. And alas, is it not so true, that I, and indeed the world, can ill afford to have me live my life in silence and defeat? That I must live my life in such a way that I live finger prints, and foot prints, and most important, heart prints? I think of these women because their lives have 'heartbeat'.
I think too of people whose names we might not all know. Say for instance Sharon. . Sharon, who lives with her jobless mother and three siblings a one room - 5 by 5ft at most, where there are two double-decker beds and another single bed, and here they cook and sleep and change and live and entertain. It is here that I met Sharon, who is 12 years old and has sickle cell anemia. Sharon, beautiful and elegant and with the eyes of the gods, tender and knowing, and passionate and full of life and who has been sent out of school for not paying an equivalent of twenty dollars! I think it is a disgrace. So I pay. And to see her absolute joy at the possibility that she can go back to school; this kid’s thrill brings tears to my eyes.
Her determination, her willingness to try, to live just shakes me to the core, and redirects my soul to the basics of life.
And then I think of me. Every day of my life I have that growing sense that I am a flower – may be even as a winter flower. That in spite of the expansive snow, I still grow. Indefatigable, I suppose the word is. Unbeatable. Beyond destruction. I speak not of external beauty (though of that, I have plenty!) This beauty is part of my essence. I am a winner.
I feel connected to Oprah, and to Drs Angelou and Morrison, and to Sharon. And to all the other beautiful women in WorldPulse, and the world.
So here I am celebrating us. All of us. For it is within us to win. That like Sharon, we have the power to live beyond the pain in our lives, which is anaemia in her case; to celebrate and to look forward to the many possibilities. Because our identity is not negotiable. That what we suffer from, or who is bigger or better or prettier than us is not an issue. Because each one of us is beautiful in her own right. Because the lushness of the grass is not reduced by the majesty of the oak tree, or the blue skies.
That I, we, must shine and glow. Not in the overbearing way, but rather in the silent, convincing and soothing way, you know, like the blue of the very still waters….


Claudia's picture

i love the idea of heart

i love the idea of heart prints and being a winter flower. especially because i live in a windy/snowy city. i am a winter flower! beautiful reflection!!

Essentializing causes decontextualizing - While I amy say something about all women in the world, in reality all women are different because of their 'politics of location'.

I dare not generalise. It is important to contextualise. Not everyone has to deal with lack of school fees or anaemia. Others deal with other issues. I am saying that in whatever situation one finds themselves, it is possible to transcend the situation. It is possible to transcend the superficial to reach to the basics.

Does this make sense?

SLaw's picture

Makes Sense!

In response to your addendum--yes, it makes plenty of sense. I think it is hard to generalize when you tell someone's story. Almost always, the reader identifies at the humanity level with the story of another. Theories generalize; stories personalize. Women around the world may differ in circumstance, but our stories spell out common hopes, desires, dreams, heartaches.

So thank you for sharing your story and Sharon's story.

Julene's picture


Your post is very poetic and deep. I am really glad that you added your admiration for Sharon in your writings because, although the other women you wrote about are excellent role models, I think it is good for everyone to pay attention to the not so well-known women (or people in general) around the world that make a difference too. I think the media (at least here in the U.S.) gives too much publicity to the rich and famous that do a little good when there are everyday women all over that do a lot of good. Does that make sense? So thank you for focusing on Sharon's story too!

Good luck :-)

kati.mayfield's picture

indefatigable snowflower

Dear wanjirumungai, you lovely indefatigable snowflower!

Your words are incredible, I have read your post multiple times and find new meanings and inspirations each time.

Thank you for helping Sharon, and for telling her story.

Your heart print is beautiful!


*resolved this year to think twice and to smile twice before doing anything*

Valerie from Oregon's picture

Beautiful Writing Style

Hello wanjirumungai!
I'm one of the listeners for your Week Two assignment and I enjoyed reading your journal entry. You have a beautiful writing style full of imagery and prose! I loved the way you shared how both famous women and young Sharon have influenced your life. Your writing exudes confidence and a positive vision for the future, both of which really draw in your readers. However, you didn’t actually address the assignment for VOF Week 2 which was to 1) describe the journey that led you to World Pulse and inspired you to apply for Voice of our Future and 2) how that journey fits into your personal vision. For the remaining two assignments, I would encourage you to read the writing assignments carefully and be sure that you’ve answered all the questions. Good luck…you have great potential as a journalist!
Your friend,

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