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I'm a Woman, that's my weapon.

“What keeps you up at night?”

“The stories.”

Several months ago I was participating in a leadership program for women. During that program we were encouraged to explore our passion for feminine leadership. What was the call that we were hearing. It was a powerful and painful night for me.

I cried-all evening. The stories of war cracking open my heart. Every day as a counselor, I hold the space for healing for American Veterans of the Armed Services as they walk their journey of healing the emotional wounds from war. and most of these veterans have experienced one or two traumatic events. But, those weren’t the stories that shattered the protective shield around my heart. It was the untold stories of the women across the world who experience the threat of trauma and violence virtually every day of their lives. These were the stories that I was never told-that I never saw on the news. I felt confused.

I wondered...what if my current events class in high school told us the truth? What if there were Mercy Corps recruiters instead of Marine Corps recruiters in my school recruiting every day? What if the rhetoric about duty and citizenship included supporting the UN Millennium Development Goals and supporting gender equality? How might things be different?

I spent ten years training for battle with the most elite fighting force in the world today and yet I felt completely powerless. My “skills” were useless. It wasn’t until I allowed myself to fully rest in the pain, hear spirit, and descend into the Truth that I knew...

“I’m a woman, that’s my weapon.”

I found the above quote from Catherine Robbins, a biochemist, the following day when I was at the library and was flipping through a book entitled, In Search of the Woman Warrior. I took the title of this as a challenge. Yes, this is the rising up that I feel. From all corners of the earth I heard the “War Cries” from my sisters, my fellow Woman Warriors. I heard the cries from the woman who just broke free from the brothel; from the woman who just left her abusive husband; from the woman who said, “No, you will not cut my daughter!”; from the woman who just took her first college class...I heard it raging from my own soul! I have found them. I have found the Woman Warriors...They are on World Pulse!

I went to bootcamp to learn battle skills. I’ve come to World Pulse to hone my skills and to teach others the way of the Woman Warrior. We are redefining Warriorship grounding it’s essence in feminine power, fierce compassion, unyielding truth, and global citizenship. Our weapons are ourselves, because we are women!


Eugenie's picture

Hi Jennifer. We all

Hi Jennifer.

We all experience a lot of emotional wounds every day from the people who should in fact be our support and friends. But it doesn't mean we accept them. In fact they make us stronger. We heal our wounds and then learn to fight against the injustice by all the "weapons": critical thinking, discussions, meditations, sometimes sarcasm, laugh and even tears.Each life event is a new opportunity to learn and gain experience. So, let's do it!



Jennifer Brier's picture

So many opportunities!

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my post, Eugenia. Yes, our opportunities for growth are endless as long as we are willing to heal and learn from the events we experience. Yes...Let's do it!!!


"I am a woman, that's my weapon!" ~Catherine Robbins

aburch3's picture

Love the quote

I think that we should all look at your points as aspirations

Kim Crane's picture

a powerful call to action!

I have to say, usually battle metaphors make me cringe. Not only did your piece not make me cringe, but it really gave me pause to think. Yeah, why ARE military recruiters the only ones who get to go into schools to give kids a way to give back and make a difference in the world?! Why isn't the bravery of women who survive and risk their lives to change broken systems valorized like the bravery of soldiers? I love that you compare World Pulse to bootcamp! Maybe the comparison is a bit of a stretch, but I really believe that by hearing each other's stories of activism and personal transformation we are going through something really powerful together—and that by participating in this conversation on PulseWire we will emerge stronger and more capable of making a difference in the world. Or at least that's been my experience. I hope it will be yours too!

Jennifer Brier's picture

Thank your for your support!

Dear Kim,
Thank you so much for responding to my post with such honesty. I found myself naturally using metaphors of war and battle and at first I worked to remove them from my writing but I found that my writing felt inauthentic. This in itself provided me with a great deal of information for my own healing. It is an interesting paradox for me since some of my dearest friends are literally on the front lines of warfare and some are absolute pacifists. Meeting myself in the middle of these two sides of being is where the real growth is for me--I believe for the world also. It has always been easy for me to find support for the 'Marine' side, but I am so incredibly thankful for World Pulse to provide a space for me to clearly explore the other aspect of myself. Seeing all the options for being a 'force for peace' on World Pulse has been amazing. Thank you again for your feedback, support, and your powerful presence in the world!

In partnership...


"I am a woman, that's my weapon!" ~Catherine Robbins

jbaljko's picture

A call to action

Since I have a very close family member living with war-induced post traumatic stress, I wanted to first thank you for the work you're doing with the veterans. I'm certain you are making a difference in ways you can't even imagine. It's overwhelming to see the pain they live many, many years after they left the battle zone and very challenging for family members to help heal their deep emotional wounds. Like Kim, I reflected on your comment about military recruiters always being in high schools and your call for courageous women or non-profits groups to show up in a similar way. I agree with you - that could bring about a much-needed shift among young visionaries. I'm looking forward to reading more about how you hope to use your experiences and previous training to inspire greater activism, compassion, and honesty between women. Jenn

"The secret of happiness is freedom,
and the secret of freedom, courage."
-Thucydides, ancient Greek historian & author

Jennifer Brier's picture

Hi Jenn, Thank you for

Hi Jenn,
Thank you for responding to my post. The invisible wounds of war run very deep and are far reaching. I hope your family member has access to services to help him/her with the healing journey. It is so common that service members isolate and don't know how to access services. I do hope that we, as a global community, begin to broaden our ways of effecting change in the our global communities beyond warfare. Thank you for your presence...Jen


"I am a woman, that's my weapon!" ~Catherine Robbins

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