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The economic and social environment I live in, everyday people have to think who decides who gets what, who decides who will get education, who decides who eats what, who decides who has a shelter and who live under open sky regardless of what the weather is like. There are million other questions come in our minds, however, out thoughts end with questions but does not continue to a solution. We take it for granted when we see people beg outside or to have a meal people bear such loads that are double their weight or a woman is being beaten by the in-laws. Our thoughts are manipulated is such a way that we blindly believe these problems will always continue forever and they are so complex that we cannot solve these. Additionally, we end of thinking about coming out of these issues believing that there are enormous issues happening around us, how many of them can we actually stop?
There are thousands other women in this world who are being exploited every day in many ways, but they silently endure all intolerable events since they do not have the rights or even if often some women wants to protest, they do not do so thinking of the consequences as many other factors are related to that.
I have first realized all these facts when I was doing a group project as a part of my assignment, on gender discrimination a few years ago. I was shocked and overwhelmed seeing women’s miseries that were happening just “outside the window.” The case I have worked with made me view my community and life from a very different approach. I have seen a woman suffered and had to take responsibilities of her and her kids’ after the husband left her. She was a subject to early marriage and gave birth to babies at a very young age. When she was diagnosed with tuberculosis, she was kicked out of her in-laws house. Further, she would be beaten by the husband when wanted to go back to the family. The situation was not as easy from her aspect since there were very less possibilities of work for her and she needed treatment. She walked from door to door to find a job with sick health and to feed the kids. This is just one of many cases how women are being discriminated in our community and how they do not have ways to overcome. There are many similar issues happening around us where women cannot raise their voices for their rights. I would not be in the situation I am in now if my mother or grandmothers tolerated discriminations and did not speak for our rights. And this is what inspired me to raise voice for those discriminated women, and I believe World Pulse is one of the big communities where we not only speak for ourselves but also for those who cannot speak for themselves.


Beverly Rose's picture

Dear Azima, Thank you for

Dear Azima,

Thank you for sharing your incredible journey! How courageous of your mother and grandmothers for speaking out! How courageous of you!

I am curious how you came to participate in Voices of the Future?

I wish you much success in this project. May we continue to hear your voice, speaking for yourself and for those who cannot!

much Aloha,

akaneko's picture

Dear Azima, Your personal

Dear Azima,

Your personal stories and experiences shed light on the importance of organizations like World Pulse. Thank you for your post and for using your voice to educate the world about such injustices. We are all grateful that you are following in the footsteps of your mother and grandmother by choosing to speak out for women everywhere.

I, like Beverly above, would love to know how you came to be involved with World Pulse. I look forward to reading your upcoming posts!

Best wishes,


tallybery's picture

Dear Azmina, Here I am again

Dear Azmina,
Here I am again as a listener. You´d enlightened some strong stories in there...It is really sad to know this harsh true, even here in Brazil I acknowledge similar stories regarding women´s treatment mostly everyday in the news. I belive that it is important to still get shocked with this, this can not being seen as part of a routine. That is also one of the reasons why it is so important to speak out. But I still miss some information about yourself on your writting...The assignment objective was to tell your personal story and the journey that led you to our online community and inspired you to apply for Voices of Our Future. The relation between your text and the assignment it self is not clear. I look forward to reading your next post and I am pretty sure that you will keep improving your writting skills more and more :-)

jenchapin's picture

Your post is very moving

Hi Azmina,
I found your post to be very moving, and also upsetting knowing that these types of situations where women are discrimated against, abused and marginalized can occur every day. I also know that it happens everywhere in the world and that it means that women need to help educcate and empower each other everywhere. I live in Canada, and I know that these situations where women are discrimated against or abused or are told 'you are not good enough' take place here, too, every day. I would love to hear more about your community and the things you are doing. I look forward to reading more!
- Jennifer

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