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My American Journey

You know, growing up I enjoyed the American dream as much as the next person. My family went snowmobiling, to the beach for vacations and lived in a nice house. My parents were, and are, attentive. We traveled. We had fun projects, toys and music lessons. What’s not to like? Even so, I had a vague feeling as a young teenager that this life could trap us all one day. It could be a prison of our own making. 25 years later, I felt my busy, addictive, stimulating life HAD become a trap. Fun for awhile. A long while. But ultimately not fun enough to sustain life itself. I needed connection with the earth and with non-busy people!

I know that now. But my reaction to my over-stimulating urban work environment in Washington DC was to cut connections further. I simplified…stopped listening to music, stopped consuming so much and worked hard to be silent and healthy. I stripped away the confusing impacts of Hollywood movies, sugar cravings, annoying commutes to work, being a slave to expectations and my own anger. I kind of went too far. When my husband got really, really sick I relied on my faith to help us. But I also realized “hey I need HELP” and I was alone. So I re-contacted many friends and family. I am still doing so now. And that really, really helps. Only then did I fully realize how disconnected I had become. First trapped by material stuff and then cut-off from all that stuff and from the people I needed too!

As part of my re-engagement with the world, I traveled overseas. I loved the re-connection with people so much it fueled my desire for more. My travels reminded me that people live very nicely without material wealth. They know their neighbors for miles around. They rely on each other. If they are not poverty stricken, it is a lovely life. And it worked for me!!

I recently saw Jensine on FreeSpeech TV, speaking at a Bioneers convention and she inspired me to further connect so I signed-up at the WorldPulse website. There I saw the Voices of Our Future training program, and with pleasure I signed up for that too. What a PHENOMENAL opportunity. I’d love to learn how to be a citizen journalist. My antidote for my own dis-enfranchisement is to write a travel column/blog in which I report on everyday people in Pakistan and the Middle East. I think there is a great hunger and interest, in America at least, to know more about these places and about Muslim traditions, from a western women’s point of view.

I believe Web 2.0 is transforming the “silent majority” into the “active majority”. Every story counts. Change comes one-person-at-a-time when a person changes what is in their heart. I choose to be part of that active conversation and offer up a clear picture of other life styles that I have connected with. O People! Let's all re-connect.


CoachMarcie's picture

Great Piece

Thanks for sharing your story. I'm glad you choose to have your voice heard and re-connect with the world. Best, Marcie


DebKStone's picture

Thank you Marcie

Hi there - thank you for your comment and encouragement. It's a big world out there - but with each connection it becomes a tiny bit smaller. Warm regards, Deb

noreens's picture

nice story

I lived in developing countries most of my life, but we were not lacking in things - same as you. It's now as I get older that I find that I am appreciating the simple things in life. They keep my mind simpler. I write and most of what I write is about life in the Arab society and Islam. I think we have a lot in common!!

Enjoyed your story!

DebKStone's picture

Simple is "good"

Hi Noreen - it was so nice to get your message. Thank you! How wonderful we have similar interests. I will check out your writings. Many kind regards, Deb
P.S. I can't even think straight with too many distractions any more. So "the simple things in life" are definitely appreciated!

Frances Faulkner's picture

A Path to Knowing


What an interesting and courageous journey you have had, trying new things when old patterns no longer worked, and continuing on through rough patches to get to a great place of realization and inner strength. Your vision seems to gain clarity at each new junction, which is not always the case for people. You set a wonderful example of breaking out of "the box." Thanks for sharing and leading.


DebKStone's picture

Your note is heartwarming

Hi Frances, I am pleased by your message. It's a new paradyme for me to think that slogging through my experiences of mind-numbing hyper-reality is a form of leadership, per your note. It feels more like survival but since my journey connects with you as a story of breaking out of "the box", then I am happy to hear it by God! Thank you kindly. Deb

Hello, Deb,
You are a beautiful story teller, and you did a magnificent job of describing your personal "awakening." Thanks for sharing! You and I have many similarities, (having our material needs met while growing up in in the US but traveling to developing countries to learn about oh so many of the things that are often "missing" in the US as well).

I agree with you completely that every story counts and that change comes one person at a time!
Thanks so very much for "coming back" into the "busy world" to share your stories. We need to hear what you have to share, for only you know what you know! :)

All the best,

Hi Deb,

It's so refreshing to read about an American who questions our material culture. Your choice to travel has clearly been a huge source of peace and creativity to you. How great that you want to share what you have learned and what you are experiencing with a broader audience.

Thank you for your story,


DebKStone's picture

Your comments are uplifting

Hi Amy,
Thanks for your support and your comments. I am delighted my story was refreshing. Isn't it true that life is not about "things" but about "connections"? I believe that "things" do not sustain humans (beyond the basics which everyone needs). More and more of us are discovering "where it's really at" is connecting. In that light, and in appreciation of Worldpulse, THANKS FOR CONNECTING!

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