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My Journey to VOF

I grew up in a mostly-single parent household in my tiny country of Belize, Central America. During my childhood, my time was split between my main home, and most-populated district, Belize City, and further north with my grandmother in Corozal. Being the eldest of six children, I had a lot of responsibilities early in life, helping to take care of my siblings and helping my mom around the home as needed. I wouldn’t consider us poor… we had enough to eat, shelter, and clothing, but we were definitely nowhere close to being rich! The sense of responsibility that I was given as a young child has influenced many of the decisions I’ve made in my life and today that sense of responsibility is still very much ingrained within me. My family was or is in no way perfect and growing up my mom and I had a lot of issues, however, my sense of responsibility for my siblings has nonetheless fostered a fierce protectiveness and appreciation of family. Within my self, it has acted as a motivation to continue my education to make my life better and to do what I can to make my country better.

The first steps on my social path were made while I was at Junior College working part-time as an assistant to the counsellor and decided to become a peer helper. Just as I was about to graduate, she recruited a bunch of us as volunteers for a newly form HIV/AIDS organization and since then my life has been centred on social issues and NGOs. Not long after a stint as an HIV/STI Educator I decided to go back to school, finally settling on social work, which unbeknownst to me, I was already heavily involved. I will complete my Bachelor’s degree in December and my intention is to pursue my Masters next year in Social Policy as this area is much needed in my country.

My career path as a social worker is in line with my goal to make myself and my country better; as it my decision to pursue the Voices of Our Future application. I learnt about WorldPulse through an email from a friend in the civil service field and thought that with my background as a former television reporter and copy editor, as well as my future as a social worker, it would be quite a perfect fit. I am a firm believer in self-improvement and when my time allows me, I take courses and attend workshops that I know can increase not only my academic skills and knowledge, but also my grasp on humanity. That was what I took into consideration when deciding whether I would apply for the VOF and thought there was no way that I could past up the opportunity to learn from others around the world!


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I thought your assignment was well written and straight to the point. I applaud you for all your hard work and dedication. Best, Coach Marcie


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Thanks Marcie!


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Hi Again Kendra

This week I am not your listener, but I will continue to follow your progress nonetheless. First of all let me say - well done. I heard your story this week and found it fascinating. 500 words may not seem like much, but when crafted carefully they can impart so much information. I look forward to seeing you progress in your skills.
All my best,

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Thanks Terri, you made me

Thanks Terri, you made me blush! LOL... I am somewhat at an advantage because I've been in media and was able to hone my writing skills under one of the best in the business.


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Great post!!

I really enjoyed reading this post! Hearing your journey from a young girl helping her single mother raise 5 siblings to your dedication to social work was truly inspiring. I have spent some time in Belize, and have always been inspired by the wonderful spirit of the people in your country. You embody that generous spirit beautifully, and I applaud your decision to pursue your Masters in Social Policy (I plan to pursue a similar degree!).

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Thanks Olivia! So great that

Thanks Olivia! So great that you are also gonna pursue social policy, good luck! I hope it will grab and hold my attention as much as general social work has. So cool that you've been to Belize too! Hope you had an awesome time.


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I just wanted to say how great it is that you are involved in your community and plan to further your education in order to help others. It takes a very strong person to dedicate themselves to changing society for the better.


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