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My Journey to World Pulse,

I joined WorldPulse co-incidentally, but now willingly I want to be a part of it. Now, you all might wonder how this is possible. One day Mursal, my Afghan friend, came to my room and told me that she had an interview with Sunita Basnet about her life story. Suddenly, I asked her for what? She told me that Sunita would publish it in a website called WorldPulse, so that was the first time that I heard the name of WorldPulse. After that day I really became eager in the matter that someone take my interview and publish a story about me as well; therefore, when I saw Sunita, I told her that I was really keen to have an interview with her. So she accepted and she told me the time of the interview, and after I gave her the interview, she asked me “Why don’t you join WorldPulse.” Before, I never thought of joining a website, where I could share my stories or pieces of writhing; but I really liked to write, so I liked her idea and kindness of sharing this with me. As a result, I tried to make an ID in it, but I couldn’t so I took help form Mursal and after that the door of WorldPulse blew love and kindness towards me. To be honest even thought I am not a good writer, whenever I shared something, some of you gave comments on them, which was a kind of encouragement for me to write more. Now, I am really happy that I co-incidentally asked Sunita for having an interview, and I really appreciate Sunita for being very generous to introduce world pulse to me. I really like worldpulse because it is a place where I can write about anything without any hesitation or fear.

Joining WorldPulse lead me to apply for the 2010 Voices of Our Future and encouraged me to take part in it. Before taking part in voices of our future, I had lots of opportunities to apply for some scholarships, but I was afraid to apply because I thought I was not capable to do so. However, for Voices Of Our Future I applied without having fear because by applying for Voices of our future my aim was to exchange my ideas with others and find the way to interact with others globally and still my aim is not only to get the grand prize because I believe that without winning the prize still I can be a future voice. Also, I think that applying for voices Of Our Future needs lots of courage and challenge because there are lots of intelligent and informative people, so if I won’t be selected for the 5 month teaching program, still I will accomplish something. Whenever I think about it, I would feel honored and happy because at least I had the courage to take part and tried to be the future voice. My journey will never end if I do not get the chance, but it will open a door for me to know others and again some new information from others. At last, I want to say that by joining worldpulse I just lit the candle and now it continues to go by itself and tries to enlighten the dark parts of the world.


jadefrank's picture

Shout it out loud!

Dearest Fatima,

We too are so happy that you asked Sunita to interview you, and as a result you joined our community. Ever since you joined PulseWire, we have been blessed with insight into your world, as a young Afghan woman, a perspective we rarely hear from in the media. And your enthusiasm for life, for justice and for web 2.0 is infectious!

Keep writing and speaking out loud - the world needs to hear your voice!

In friendship,

Fatima Sabri's picture

Dear Jade Thanks for

Dear Jade

Thanks for welcoming me in worldpulse. Yes, I am happy that I asked Sunita for having an interview because it opened a door for me and let me know you all.
As you mentioned that it is hard to hear Afghan girls voice, which is true because they do not have the opportunity to raise their voices, but we can be their representative and raise our voice instead of them.
I hope that raising our voices bring a change for them and help them to come out of their problems. For raising their voice we need all of your support and suggestions, so please if you have any idea of making unheard voices hear, let me know because it is always useful to take advices from the people like you.

Fatima Sabri

Fatima Sabri

Manvitha's picture

Interesting journey into WorldPulse!

Hi Fatima,

It was nice reading your journey into world pulse! :) I'm glad that you stumbled into it at first and are now enjoying it as a conscious activity as well. As you can well imagine, Web 2.0 is a powerful tool. It would be great to hear from you on how you plan to use this opportunity and community towards achieving your specific goals.

All the best!


Valerie from Oregon's picture

Believe In Yourself!

Hello Fatima Sabri!

I'm one of the listeners for your Week Two assignment and I enjoyed reading how you became a member of World Pulse. I loved your comment “that the door of World Pulse blew love and kindness towards me” and that World Pulse is a place where you “can write about anything without any hesitation or fear.” Now you just need to have confidence in yourself as a voice to be respected with an important story to share with the world. I think your participation in Voices of the Future is a big step in that direction for you because, as you said, women who do so “need a lot of courage.” You touched my heart when you ended with “…by joining World Pulse I just lit the candle and now it continues to go by itself and tries to enlighten the dark parts of the world.” In your next two assignments, I encourage you to include more of your personal experience as an underrepresented voice in your country and your positive vision for the future. Also, as a technical matter, be aware of the word count limit on your VOF journal entries as this assignment exceeded the maximum. Keep up the good work!
Your Friend,

sunita.basnet's picture

Flash back

Dear Fatima,

Your journal made me remember the day when you asked me about world pulse. I enjoyed talking with you and was inspired from you stories. I hope you will continue speaking ..

All the best.

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

Kim Crane's picture

keep shining your light

I am so happy that you got past your fear and took the plunge to apply. Your positive attitude is an inspiration and I am looking forward to hearing more of what you have to say!


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