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My ongoing journey to World Pulse,

It is surprising for me that even if I was giving interview; I gained more than the interviewer herself.

I was introduced to World Pulse by Sunita Basnet, the World Pulse 2009 correspondent. We both are students of the Asian University for Women. I can remember once she came to me and asked me for an interview. I slightly accepted her request, but inside I had many questions of what she is going to do with my story, and in fact I was not wrong, it was my first time to give an interview and to talk about my past life story. Some days after she had taken my interview, she told me that she had put my story on World Pulse, so that I should read that once. I was really eager, to read my own story, as for the first time I could hear my own voice and could have many other audience who are also eager in my inner life voice.

Once I tried to open “Word Plus”, thought that it would be the place where she put my story. I opened an account in it, but was not able to find my story, so I asked Sunita “how to find my story in Word Plus?” She opened the “World Pulse” log in page, and asked me to type my user name and password, I tried but I was not able to log in and that was in fact because I hadn’t made any account in World Pulse, mistakenly I had made one in Word Plus, so then after talking to each other for a while, we came to realize my mistake and then with the help of Sunita I made my own account, the beginning of my journey.

I started posting my journals in world pulse, and I was indeed really surprised, happy and encouraged to get many comments back on my journal. Honestly, before coming to AUW and joining World Pulse, sharing my thoughts globally with other women was not my vision. I basically didn’t have any vision at all, but after joining the AUW and world pulse, I started to feel sharing with others globally as one of my great visions. Now basically, I am in touch with lots of other women across the globe, and even I am competing with them for the VOF, but still I am not considering as a competition. Because according to social analysis, we all women have somehow same identity, and that makes us together as well as stronger to fight for own rights for our unheard voices to be heard. This would be possible only when we have some delegates to represent us, but in fact the power is with all of us. When the VOF are going to be selected, they will somehow be a source of inspiration for us because we will hear them approaching for many globally occurred problems of women, and so that is not my, but our vision.


pheebsabroad's picture

Good luck on your continued

Good luck on your continued journey finding your voice! It is amazing the way the world works to give us these wonderful opportunities to be heard...when we least expect it!


Mursal Hamraz's picture

Dear Pheobe,

Thanks and good luck for all other applicants as well. yeah, web 2.0 is a great opportunity to let our voices be heard by others around the globe, and get response for that. I am honored and happy to be a part of it.

ShukThi's picture

so wise for one so young.


Others may have told you this. However, let me add my voice to the chorus. I just finished reading all your journal entries. It is amazing to see the maturity and wisdom in your voice and the choices you are trying to make in your life.

It is fascinating, as well, to notice the change and growth in your writing. I feel that you are getting very good at developing your ideas clearly, and structuring your story so that it follows a clear narrative.

You write from such a deep, personal place, and your optimism and faith in people comes shining through, even as you describe hardship and oppression in your home country.

And finally, it is touching and beautiful to hear your thoughts on the nature of this Voices of the Future competition.

I am so glad that you are interested in becoming an engineer, and to use and develop your curiosity about the world around you.

I want to share that I too, studied science for a while, because I liked the opportunity to feel smart, use my intellect and make something good in the world. But, one day, I switched my ambition to fighting gender-based violence and that has been an amazing journey as well. So do not get discouraged if you cannot figure out a way to study engineering immediately. There are many ways to make change, and if you hold on to your dreams, they will come true in unexpected ways.


Dear Mursal,

It is so nice to hear your story and see the circle that started with Sunita interviewing you, ending up with you applying for Voices of Our Future. I would love to know more about what you want to do with all the sharing of global voices--is your goal to encourage other women to speak out, or do you want to use these voices for a larger goal? Great assignment, and keep it up!

Kind regards,


"In every human heart there are a few passions that last a lifetime. They're with us from the moment we're born, and nothing can dilute their intensity." Rob Brezny

sunita.basnet's picture

Flash back

Hey Mursal,

I am glad that after interviewing you you have joined this program. All the best with VOF program. Keep raising you voice oneday your voice will be heard.

All the best!

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

Dear Shukthi,
I am really encouraged with your nice comment. Of course, I cannot wait till I complete my education in order to act for the positivity of my society. But I have to first get what I need for a logical, right future and goal.
I also feel very smart when I think of becoming an engineer. That is because, whenever I solve any mathematical problem that I have worked on for a long time, and finally get the answer, I feel a real, deep joy for that, so I think an engineer also needs to try and try in order to finally get the proper solution for problems so that needs being smart. I love mathematics from the depth of my heart. As I have also mentioned in my profile info, I am really interested in Civil Engineering, but I might or might not be able to study in this field, but as you said, it will not be the end of my goals. In fact, my country, Afghanistan does need for any kind of career as long as the career is for the positive change in it, so I would be honored and would feel lucky for any kind of job that I would do in future.

Mursal Hamraz's picture

Dear Rachael,

Thanks for your comment. Yeah, I will always be grateful to dearest Sunita for introducing me to world pulse, where I have started the first moments of my life with a loud voice calling for humanity and equity. I think I am interested to do both, encourage women to speak out loud through some goals that I have.

Mursal Hamraz's picture

Dearest Sunita,

Let me first thank you again for introducing me to world pulse. And thanks for the lovely everyday wishes, “have you done world pulse assignment, (me yes, or no), best of luck, you can do it”. I am really inspired and encouraged through your strong voice and will try to do my best, hopefully.
With love,

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