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Take a look at this photo


Dear Sisters,

I wish to share this picture with you. It reads so many meaning to me and i know it does to you. For me it shows the
* Plight of Women
*That children depend on her mothers
*That a woman's body is made of food for growth.
*It shows a mother who is ready for action.............. for her children who are the future of tomorrow

You can contribute to this picture..................... what does it say to you as you look..................

This is a woman who wants a change and that is us all.................



Erna Surjadi's picture

Women's Empowerment

Dear Vivian,
A picture means a thousand words!

I think the woman needs empowerment to know about family planning and her rights to get proper development, sanitation, beauty and get more happiness to enjoy life while raising kid(s). Women get rights also for jobs as dual income family. Not only domestic arena, women have the rights for public arena.

We have to deliver the voices to let them know all the above; that women is central to family - women's empowerment is family advancement towards future investment. The stronger women in family the better management of family care will be and the best future nation it will be..

Raise up your dignity and be the Light in your family!
With hope, love and faith,


Erna Surjadi's picture

sorry for repeated submission

sorry for repeated submission due to blackberry less of sensitivity

Erna Surjadi's picture



naah's picture

How sweet and generous it

How sweet and generous it looks! But does the world really gives the deserved appreciation to women?

Erna Surjadi's picture


apparently not or far from enough

Aderinola's picture

The security of a mother

The picture also shows that children look to their mothers for security and comfort. A great deal of the child/children's survival depends largely on the mother.

irmia's picture

The future is on woman's hands

Dear Vivian:

Future is (always) on woman's hands. Just like a famous quote: "If we educate a woman, we educate a nation"


gina's picture

Dear vivian

Taking care of two little kids at the same time is not an essay task. This picture shows how strong women are, there is that determination in us and there is no giving up until when the goal is achieved.

Sulochana Thapa's picture

woman is the full circle

Dear Vivian,

This picture is a message to all the mothers......

* It shows the equality between the two children where the mother feeds both her children at the same time.....No disparity!
* It shows the importance of woman for both the sex (either a male child or a female, both of them need her).
* It also shows the strength of a woman to feed 2 children at the same time from her body..

A woman is the full circle.
Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.


fonirenezih's picture

Dear all, Looking at the

Dear all,

Looking at the photo, i see a woman with a heart full of love and care for her children,
but who seems to be facing quite a battle in catering for them.
I also see a woman who needs much emancipation, regarding family planning,
self care and economic growth. Child spacing would reduce her stress and promote
her health; self care would make her enjoy the gift of childbearing while staying beautiful
rather than look like she's carrying a burden; and economic growth would ensure that
she has the means to provide for her family and basic needs.



Fungai Machirori's picture

I hope those are twins

I really do hope those babies are twins because if not, this woman has had babies consecutively - and probably without knowledge of contraceptives. Am I stereotyping African women?

Yes and no.

Maybe she made the decision to have two babies in a row but I bet if she knew she could avoid it she would have taken the option.

from today i live out of my imagination
i am more than my yesterday
tomorrow i plant a new seed
nothing that lies behind easy
nothing that is ahead real
my within is all i have today
*Napo Masheane*

Ann Gloria's picture

mothers love

i see mothers love ,i see strength, i see determination ,she might be poor ,but the children gives her strength to move on ,they are her life and she will fight for them to her last bit ,

she makes me appreciate my mother and celebrate all women the life gifts

she might indicate poor nutrition ,poverty ,lack of knowledge on family planning but as a mother as a woman she will fight and lucky the children might survive though in a harsh environment but they will have a chance to live and fight and change the world

Meetu Gupta's picture

Dear All.

I feel myself very fortuanate that I can give birth to life...I am in this world to crate and not to destruct.

Read it some where that "Most of all the other beautiful things in life come by twos and threes, by dozens and hundreds. Plenty of roses, stars, sunsets, rainbows, brothers and sisters, aunts and cousins, comrades and friends - but only one mother in the whole world."

I am one of that masterpiece. Cheers to all women.

Love and Big Hug to All.

KAREEN UDOH's picture

what I see


Mkandeh's picture

what I see

I see that she is alone. Alone not only in looking after her kids but also alone as she looks into her kids eyes. The future of her country, Africa and the world. Where is her husband? where is the support that we are calling for. I think men should also look at this picture and see how much they've left the issues of women just in our hands. Men. women should be partners in development. this is a picture that is typical of every day life of women.

MS Kandeh

olamide's picture


I see a woman who despite all odds, will make sure her children do not go hungry. It is a picture that speaks a lot. It is a picture that says so much about giving without holding back at all

Patti's picture

I see pain

This photo makes me sad. I see pain ...... the pain of possible illiteracy, the pain of breastfeeding two children at a time possibly without adequate nourishment for the mother, the pain of lack of ample support systems to provide better care for mothers and babies (in West Africa), the pain of being neglected by the man who "blessed" her with the babies. I see and feel pain, and I wish I could give some concrete help to this woman and all the likes of her.

One of Many's picture

Women doing what it takes

Hello everyone:

I can relate to the responses I have read....which make sense to me and I can relate completely to these responses.

I wonder too, though, about offering another perspective. I affirm the power and magnificence of motherhood!

I see a mother, doing everything she can, at that moment, to see to the welfare of her children. I believe that is the primary instinct we have, to do all we can for our children and those in our care.

Maybe those aren't even both hers...maybe one child's mother has passed away. Maybe one child's mother got a job! And these mothers know better than to use formula to deal with the mom's absence.

I see one of the gender that composes more than half the world's population, affirming assets she has, the power to provide the healthiest food for her children, and the ability to be with them.

Our bodies are so programmed for childbearing and childrearing. Even when one has contraceptives, often we get pregnant, that physical drive toward furtherance of the species is so strong. If those are both hers, what a task she has!

I do also see no one around her, but someone is taking the picture. Also I see her looking into the face of one of the babies, and we can see the relationship there.

Childrearing can indeed be very lonely, though is it true that in non-industrialized countries, there is more community, that people who live near each other know each other well and have stronger relationships, that the extended family is more intact?

What can we do as women, together, to see to it that there are contraceptives that put the burden on the man, access to contraceptives and preventive, healthy food ??? We can come together, and discuss, and develop our visions, and voice them! Thank you all for being part of World Pulse!

One of Many, aka Anna

Speaking my Peace

Andrea Arzaba's picture

I see...

What do I see?

I see the beauty of nature, a woman feeding her babies and at the same time giving herself to them.
I see happiness, as she might feel she is passinge her knowledge and care through her milk.

I see LIFE.

Roseanne Romaine's picture

vivians photo

I see the beauty that we as women get the honor to live, breath, and feel through the nurturing our bodies allow us to give to our children. The world needs to realize how grand, how magical, how essential our women are to the survival of the world we all share. Thank you vivian

Vasantha's picture

Love exploited

Millions of Indian women do the same: in the name of love and 'motherhood' which Indian love to praise, they kill themselves. Men who want her to breast feed two child at a time, will not even bother to get her compensatory nourishment. And if a woman refuses to breast feed since she has to go out for employment, then she will be called a demon. So there is no choice but to sacrifice. We are trying to fight this tendency.

shakila's picture

love of a women

This picture means a lot to me . It is the love of mother for her children.

This photo makes me cry, it is a symbol of patience and true love.

This photo shows two phases, one love and cares of a mother for her children and secondly, it shows her suffering in the way of life to be a good mother.
It shows no one is stronger than a woman.

thank you

raviro mutonga's picture

Caring Soul

Dear Vivian

I being a women is so wonderful, its a God given gift to take responsibility in caring for the children. In this picture I saw a mother full of love. She doen't care how difficult life is but she wants to play her responsibility. The woman needs help in caring for the twins, and I believe Vivian you can guide her and help her to over come some of her difficulties.

Women please lets support each other.

Thank you


kabelomatli's picture


Dear Vivian
What a lovely picture. A woman. A mother, doing what God put her on earth to do. Giving love. Nurturing and most of all giving equally to her off springs.
I always maintain that in the woman's world that is where equality starts.

Through each other's support, the world and our families could be better places.

warona's picture

Even myself i have to say something

hello there everybody

Yaa we have seen and heared others,so this picture can be interpreted in many ways,according to me what i see in this picture is the art of God,the love that surpasses all understanding that the mother offers to her children,just look at the observation as she feeds them, it is so amazing,the bond has been created between them.Well one might wonder if these are twins or something.Well her looks might make you think she is in need even the way she feeds them in an open area like that might leave you with so many questions,

Just look at the wrapping of hands around her children, oh my God THE LOVE,JOY,PEACE they share its so amazing.Do you know that mothers can be supporters of breastfeeding because it is healthy,safer and causes happines and the bonding is forever.So in African homes we ve all seen this but not meaning that there is hunger or something, but its our way of life. So Vivian thank for sharing with us this beauty,its natural.its beatiful.And some women have never been to this world of breastfeeding,they only bonded to the unborn ones during preganancy,some its due to diseases,so they are not privelaged to this perculiar time.At least this woman can feed her children despite the look that you can depict from this picture.


Thank you, with regards


"success will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time " And when confronted conquer with love

constancen khimbong's picture

womens plight

Thanks dear for that wonderful pîcture.Thats a typical third world and a rural woman i believe.But women should understand it is not giving birth to a child which is important but bringing up the child under good conditions and and for the mother to be in good health.It is so wonderful when a women see herself bringing forth a human being and the question is after this excitment what comes next.i believe we should sentisize our sisters and mothers on this to make life better and happier.

liberia unitewd youth for community safety and development's picture

Mamie Kennedy

Personal Life story of Ellen M. Kennedy
Once upon a time; there live a girl called Ellen M. Kennedy who was staying with her Aunty named Miss Wuo. Before then, her Aunt told her parents that she was going to send this Ellen to school. After she took this girl alone with her in the next town; she decided that Ellen will be able to sell market while her children go to school. Every rime Ellen goes to the market to sell, if the goods did not finish she will not be allowed to go home. If she carried along with her some of the unfinished goods, her Aunty Miss Wuo would beat on her and even make her to under corporal punishments. After some years of selling for Miss Wuo, Ellen decided to ask her Aunty about when she will ever start going to school. The answer from her aunt was she must see all along the week and take two days to sell for herself to enable her pay her own school feels. While in this process of agreement, Ellen Bear it and was able to enroll herself in school and managed to be promoted in the 5th class in the same year the civil war started that cause to migrate to neighboring country Guinea as refugee along with her aunt and children. While in Guinea at the age of seventeen (17) years her aunt put her out of their their hut and asked her to go and live on her own Because her desire was to learn, she decided attending the refugee school in Guinea. While in school, this girl met one man who decided to help her to further her education. When this girl was been helped by this man in school and also helping her with every necessary needs. The aunt went to where Ellen was staying and told those who were there that she did not carry Ellen Guinea to get marry so therefore she decided to take her where she took her from which said was to her parents. While they were going she decided to take Ellen to jail without letting any body to know. While Ellen was in jail, some Guinean Police officer assigned at the Depot intended rapping this little girl at the time. Upon her refusal the officer put her back in the cell saying to her that she will not see daylight again. After three days without eating food and only to cry, the Depot Police Commander got concern and ordered that this girl (Ellen) be put out of the jail to explain what had happened to her that caused not to eat. In this process, the Police commander called upon Ellen aunty Miss Wuo to take Little Ellen to where she brought her from. Upon her aunt agreement, with the police she sent for a car to take Ellen to her parents. After Miss Wuo left with Ellen, she took her to another new place4 where she forces her to join the Sande society instead of her carrying her to her parents. Elle Said “I went through lots of difficulties and with God Almighty , I survived from this bad time” After her graduation from the Sande Society, she decided to escape to go back to Guinea, there she remained and joined another family members and went to Lofa County to find her family people instead of being around her aunty. Fortunate for her the family she joined at that time was so good to her; they helped her till she went to school and later she left and traveled to Monrovia where she stayed and graduated from high school. After her high school study she left and went in search of her parents in Lofa County where she met her biological parents and was able to explain every problem she went through while she was with her aunty. From there she left and decided to attend a nursing school. But because of financial problem break she was unable to complete her study and at this present time she is now working with an organization named Liberia United Youth for Community Safety and Development (LUYCD) based in Ganta, Nimba County, Liberia
I am now thirty (30) years of age

Marital status
Not married; but living with a boyfriend with two children.
Name of children: Suah Paye and Olive Paye

Ellen Mamie Kennedy
Cel#: +2316-408-082
Palm Farm Community, Ganta City
Nimba County, Liberia

The Liberian United Youth for Community Safety and Development, INC.
Chief Executive Officer Mr. Fred C Johnson LUYCD representative of LUYCD to LDCs Conference in Istanbul from 7-13 may 2O11.
Ban ki –moon Call to work together for a better world

ifeoma's picture


This picture shows a woman who is being sapped of life by all her dependants.The children suck her breast for nourishment ,while the husband sucks it for pleasure.This woman is a dependable rock that needs to ensure that she is alive physically ,mentally and emotionally,for the good of her family and for herself.This she can only do if she is empowered to know her full worth and how she is a change agent in the community.


gertrude kabwazi's picture

A moment like this

The picture just took me back to think about how precious my mother is and how as a mother I connected with my children through such moments, where you leave everything just to provide food and warmth. And the beauty about this moment is that it is common among females, all races and otherwise. Moments when we keep on giving without waiting for anything in return. Some would call it exploitation but I call it love and care. A moment when we contribute to the genesis of the world. Long live all caring and loving women!

Let the women be!

busayo's picture

Glorious sight

This is a Glorious sight. It shows how wonderfully and fearfully a woman is made. There is no mistake in our creation.
Infact this world would be useless without women, I AM SO PROUD TO BE A WOMAN. Thanks for sharing this Vivian.
WOMEN BANNER BE RAISED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Busayo Obisakin
Women inspiration Development center
Ile-Ife, Nigeria

Rose Candy's picture


Dear Vivian:
Na wa for you oo! You are really making waves, girl. I am really proud of you. I pray we all get there.
Where did get this picture? It really speaks volume. Thanks for sharing it, anyway.
First, I most say that this woman is making the best of being a good mother. She is breastfeeding and nurturing her baby. But, she needs to be nurtured, also.
She also neeeds to clean up herself. That's where empowerment comes in.
I bet you, I would have painted a worst picture of myself, if I did not get up and move, when I found myself heading exactly that way, during my days in the wilderness. If you look deep, that woman could be a widow. That's the audience I target for my out cry on women empowerment.
I wish someone could find her out and rescue her.She needs to be empowered. If that woman is someone you know, please, I would like to get intouch with her, so I can give her a tip or two, and help make a difference in her life.
Keep up the good work, Vivian. I will vote for you any day.
Stay blessed.
Rose Candy @ GrandmaRose Foundation

Mothering, Molding and Nurturing children

Christine.Dahl's picture

I enjoyed reading all the

I enjoyed reading all the responses. When I look at the picture I wonder what assumptions we make when we give the images meaning. Perhaps the woman is nursing two children because she is fostering someone else's child?

Angelista's picture

Comment on Vivian's recent post

Thank you for reminding us of the role of mothers. True motherhood is a complete life of giving, giving of everything including life. Consider what a woman goes through during child birth. I urge the entire world to begin to appreciate women / mothers in no small measure instead of marginerlising them. A world without the women will end in crisis. So women rejoice for we are great assets to our generation as Vivian has reminded us through this picture. We are made strong to bless our family, community and the entire world. Congratulations.

NI NI AYE's picture

We love you mama !

Dear Vivian
You picture male me an instant smile. It was so amused and looks really peaceful . This is w omen's unique. I love it.

Much amused


Congratulations on Very Happy Teachers Day through ten years journey!

Sampaguita Flores's picture

Dear Vivian The picture

Dear Vivian

The picture speaks louder than words. I am really touched in this picture. Thank you for sharing.

One can really make a difference.

Sincerely yours,

SATRAM DAS's picture

Hope and courage of women

Hello Vivian,
When I saw the picture really I surprised a moment that how the female across the hurdles of life.Really it is totally socially unjustice with a women.when male uses her as a baby giving machine.Here is also same situation in the some ares of our country where the female no right to say any thing about the birth of babies.Here a women gives birth to baby ,he is feeding same time after 5 to 6 months second pregnency take place,now it is so difficult for a women to handle the situation.
I salute to vivian on the great confidence and courage who share the kind mother part and componsate the babies.Really in this picture shows many things and different corners of life.
Satram Das

linet bitutu's picture

love and care

women have a lot to do especially at home, but because of the love and care, they have to satisfy the kids. the picture above shows a lot but, women empowerment can finish all these problems.

aderonke adeyemo's picture

depending on lean resource

this woman represents crude oil in Nigeria to will someday dry up'

Amei's picture

Giver Gives

Emotions and thought provoking Vivian

With giving there is life
With sacrificing there is success
With caring there is love
With hope there is light.

Who is going take care of the Giver? Where does the responsibility lie?

How can we assist the giver to sustain before “the Giver” before it dries out like crude oil in Nigeria, like the fresh water layer in Maldive islands?

Is it up to the “women” only to take care of themselves and the infants?

The beautiful, strong picture does stir up strong emotions. The challenges that lay in front of us are huge and we all needs to work together with women who need a helping hand.

A friend, Amei

everlyrose's picture

a thousand words and a heartbeat

it is a powerful picture viv, a mother is truly giving and selfless
it is in her nature and in hear soul to think only of her children's needs
did you take this picture yourself?
oh my, i remembered how i breastfed my twin daughters
and when i had Jayne my other daughter, eleven months after i gave birth to my youngest son jiego and i was breastfeeding them together too
and i felt no shame,
i did not even think about anything except give everything a mother could give
Mothers...they are truly special gifts from above
we should honor them everyday
Hey Viv, today is my moms birthday, I called her today and just said hello and happy birthday, i told her about my problems, and she said, i just have to keep on praying because she is doing the same thing
and one day things will be much better
i believe her even if she is so many miles away from me
take care viv


Solvitur ambulando
(it is solved by walking)

AlisonMarie's picture

Here I see a woman entrenched

Here I see a woman entrenched in the joys and struggles of motherhood...This image and her existence and struggle need to be respected. There needs to be a growing awareness of what motherhood entails and just how amazing mothers are. Mothers need to be supported in every way--emotionally, financially, with health resources and child caregiving resources and options. Being a mother is difficult enough without having to worry about living situation, nutritious food, income, housing, respect, access to resources and emotional support. With this image I see a woman who has so much to give and is giving freely to provide all for her babies. What we need from society is the same gesture in a sustainable way--giving with that awareness and abundance unto the mother so that she can do her amazing work.

bnyongani's picture

The Picture

Very touching. One moment it makes you to be sad and the other moment it brings out the joy of motherhood. In many situations some mothers are findning it difficult to feed their kids. The picture shows a brave mother, a devoted mother and a mother whose background is not so good. Its a picture which shows the need for the mother to uplifted in evry sense possible. Be it materially and emotionally. It shows a strong woman. Who can feed two kids at once and still shoulder the burdens of everyday life. It shows a mother, who has been working hard, sweating and has now rested to give her hungry and thirsty kids something nutritious to quench their thirst. It shows a mother who is fighting against all odds to raise her kids no matter what. It shows a mother who does not shy away from her responsibilities. Its nice to see that we have mothers who are still creating that unbreakable bond with their kids by leeting them suck leisurely and enjoy.

It shows a hard worker who is not let down by negative forces in her life. Thats determination. It shows a loving, kind woman who needs our help to elavate her to the next level. You go woman!


kgeorges's picture

I see power!

I see power! I see a woman with determination and strength. I also see beauty. I see a mother bonding with her children.

whitewater's picture

I see a womans love for

I see a womans love for survival of her babies. A determined woman who wants to ensure that her babies are fed so they can grow. She sees in them a future and a hope. i love the determination. Nature around her may be poor surroundings but her strehgt of charater to make sure her babies are fed is beautiful.

hafsah almohreb's picture


well this photo is so much
you cant know how much the mother Sacrifice for her kids
it's so hopeful and painful and lovely picture
really thank you
the world should be better for people like those

Gaeri's picture

No wonder.

I look at this picture and I think:
Maybe this contributes to other reasons why twins were being killed in the days of yore, down here in Nigeria.
Thankfully the act has been abolished.
The picture goes to show what we all agree on that women are unique creatures.
And we all should join hands to make here a better place for us.

Jehovah made both male and female and pronounced 'them' not just 'he' blessed. All women are blessed!

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