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To look at the world with open eyes.

I was never interesting about feminism. At school I am studiing^ at first WOMEN were leaders and it was named MATRIARCHY. Then MEN became leaders and it was PATRIARCHY.
Then I learn about poor people fighting against reach people – maybe, it was correct. I read about people of my country fighting against foreign armies – YES, IT WAS CORRECT!!! And everybody fighting for independence I understand.
I study about women seeking rights – sure it was correct!
My mother had a work as all women of my country. My mother can elect and can be elected as any adult women in my country. My mother received hie education free of charge and work for 40 yaers without any gender discrimination. She was married and was divorced due her wishes. She bore a girl and had no problems, she bore a boy and had no problems. She could make abort but she decided have children – her personal decision, no problems.
I live in the same country and have the same rights. I have a family and three beautiful kids. I have hie education and work. Need I to be feminist? NO! NO! NO!
Some of belorussian women are feminists. They cry about “how little the percent of women in parlament” and never say about how little percent of belorussian feminists try to be elected to parlament – a few women only. But they have GRANTS, and that is the main goal of belorussian feminism, I think. I was at three seminars and never hear about real action. Words, words, words. Need I to be feminist? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
One day accidentally I so information about MyStory at our site I came and saw the PULSWIRE.
The first article I read was a poem about burning bride in India. I found information about femicide in India and other terrible traditions… At that moment I understood: there are a lot of countries need feminism.
My heart and my eyes are open.
I proud to know women ready to change world around them. I have only my heart and my voice to help you, THE BEST WOMEN IN THE WORLD. What can I do for you& tell me, and I will try.


Joanna Krotz's picture

the journey of feminism

It's good to hear how you developed your understanding of the power and reach of feminism,

sarahgustavus's picture

Complexity of Feminism

There is a lot of different ways to look at feminism. You wonderfully describe your own feelings as you examined different perspectives on feminism in Belarus. Your writing is very conversational. I work in radio and that is always our goal - to write the way we speak!

I would like to hear more about how you want to connect with other women. You mention that you learned about some of the struggles of women in other countries. Do you now consider youself a feminist in some ways? What do you think you can do in the WorldPulse community to support women who are in very different circumstances?

Great to hear your voice on this topic.


jbaljko's picture

Agree with Sarah

I like how you contrast the current views of feminism and how many women in your region have already achieved equality on many fronts. Like Sarah, I'd like to hear more how you can build on your experience and share your vision with other women. Where are you seeing gaps? What other personal experiences can you draw on to guide others?

"The secret of happiness is freedom,
and the secret of freedom, courage."
-Thucydides, ancient Greek historian & author

lenka1st's picture

what a problem...

We can be active in all fields, but most of us make our world small - family and work and TV. Women of Belarus don"t like to go to politics - it is dangerous for the small world they live. Understanding what is the first - that is a problem. There is no security under dictatorship even you are a part of sistem. At first - democracy, than safety, good abilities, happy life. This elective compaign must show, are Belarussians ready to change the life. I hope...

Я твайго не вазьму, я свайго не аддам! - I shall not take your, i shall not give my.

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