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Writing our hearts away!

I have always believed in the power of words. Communication is the key to raise awareness, and with this CHANGE for good is always POSSIBLE!

For me writing is an incredible tool, not only to express myself and let my ideas and passions flow, but also as an interaction within readers and writers, being able to create an oral community. It is also important as I feel it represent parts of our societies, where the only hope they might be able to keep relies on the different testimonies we are putting on paper.

I decided to apply to this project because there are many stories around me, from my classmates and people that surround me during my daily routine to women that live in different communities, from diverse environments, all of us in the same enormous national territory.

I got to hear about “Voices of our future” project in a very magical way…or better said as a coincidence; somehow I felt it had to come to my hands. And it certainly did. I saw a “retweet” from an announcement from World Pulse’s twitter account. And when I entered the link and read the information on the publication, I knew that this opportunity was ideal for what I want to do in life: write about what is happening in my community, and make people reflect on what women from a different country (in my case Mexico) are going through.

It is hard, and sometimes impossible, to generalize what all women in a region are living. I always mention a sentence, which I have written about before: there is not only one Mexico, there are several ones. It is not the same what is happening in the countryside, in the big the cities or in the various indigenous communities. It is not the same the North and the South, the poor and the rich, the young and the old.

But there is one factor that unites us (as I would like to include myself) all: We are all women. I would not like to dismiss or disrespect any male reader who might find this post interesting, as all of us deserve to have the right to be heard. It is very important that we empower men just as women, but with this kind of initiatives (referring to Voices of Our Future) we are giving women, who have been misunderstood and taken for granted for several decades, a chance to explore themselves, to write about their own life’s and to report what they see or believe in.

I invite all women in this platform to participate, to say what comes to their minds and to write their soul away…as this is a very special opportunity we get... to shout out loud what our hearts really want to say!


alia's picture

well done my friend :)

well done my friend :)

Andrea Arzaba's picture

Thank you!

Alia :) Thank you for reading my post!
Comments like yours keep my inspiration flowing all the time :)


sahar's picture


Dear Andrea

Well done dear ! This is the impact of social media on our life. You have got to know this opportunity through a tweet and see how many tweets you will perform to assist girls in your community by being a helping bird.


Sahar Nuraddin

follow me @snuraddin
"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."
- Helen Keller

Andrea Arzaba's picture


Yes! I know it might even sound funny...with just "a tweet"!!

In the end, we are all helping souls ;) we represent our communities and humanity itself!

Much love to you Hellen,


mariposa's picture

with open hearts

Indeed, Andrea, we are writing our hearts away; sharing our stories, releasing hurts, celebrating victories!!!
Beautifully put!!


Peace and ... Bliss,
Restorer of Peace

Claudia's picture

Andrea, I think you are


I think you are right to state that women are not the same, not even within a given country.

I was born in the U.S. but am of multiethnic origins. Part of my family is from Mexico and I had the opportunity to live there while I was younger and I travel back often. It was always clear to me that while I identify as "Mexicana", there are many cultural beliefs that I hold, that many of my girlfriends in Mexico don't.

One specific example is related to marriage. While this is not the same across the board, the general sentiment from the city where I am from is that women (whether they are professionals or not) should be married by a certain age. And of course, it is encouraged to have children. When I go to Mexico, this is the first thing that my family and friends ask: "Are you married yet?" I don't disagree with the idea of marriage, but I find it difficult to explain that gender constructions in the U.S., generally speaking of course, are such that women don't have to be married with children in their 20s. My mother is a strong supporter of my choosing to not yet marry nor have kids and I appreciate her so much for that. This is not to say that I don't appreciate how beautifully family oriented my culture is, because I find that to be one of the greatest things about being a Latina.

In any event, I would like to hear more from you about women's issues in the region where you live. I think the on-going dialogue in the U.S. concerns the disappearances of the women of Juarez. I've had the opportunity to organize and educate around this disturbing and sad crisis.



marissabrodney's picture

What wonderful sentiments!

I agree with what you say, that we should avoid generalizing women when we talk about women's empowerment - and I applaud you for stepping up and being a strong voice in this movement forward!
All the best,

sallysmithr's picture

I truly enjoyed reading what

I truly enjoyed reading what you wrote and the passion behind it. You bring up many good points regarding the power of words and being able to create an oral community.
As simple as it sounds I like the fact that you reiterated that writing is a tool and often one many people can forget about. I think it's great you want to write about what is happening in your country. I would love to hear and learn about it.

I look forward to hearing more and wish you the best.


ArtByMia's picture

Beautifully said

Hello Andrea,

Thank you for such a wonderful and empowering letter. I too use my words and voice for activism, awareness and education. Primarily on women and youths issues. We can build for a strong tomorrow where everyone including men will benefit from.

I would love to have your letter posted in the gallery to a show that i am having titled FAREWELL SILENCE. This show will have over 200 letters from women around the globe telling their stories, ideas, dreams and wishes. Youe words are inspiring and can help another be CHANGE in this world.

You can look at my profile for more info on the project that will take place on Friday October 8th.

In peace an unity, Mia

bougeotte's picture

Greetings from a listener

Hi Andrea,
I am one of the voices of the future listeners. I am here to help you in any way I can to become a voices of the future writer.
I must say that your enthusiasm was contagious and apparent. Your piece was empowering, but I found myself wanting to hear more about your story in depth - more details about how you were empowered. I am positive there is an amazing story there and cannot wait to hear it. As a writer you have an awesome and mighty tool in your arsenal - the written word - that will draw in readers and act as a catalyst for change. A story is a great element to weave in and out of an essay, and humanizes the issue for the reader.
For example, what drove you to become a writer/activist besides twitter. I also see from your writing that you want to tell the stories of your country - you mentioned the differences in various parts of Mexico, thus I wanted to hear more details.
You are a good writer and show passion for your vocation and cause. I look forward to reading more and seeing you develop as a voice of the future.

Andrea Arzaba's picture

Thank you Terri!

My dear Terri,

Thank you for your comment. I will write more stories and details on my next post (as far as I know, we should not edit our past posts, right?)

Thank you for your compliments and I will improve my writing labour :)

A big hug from Mexico,


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