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About Venezuela

Venezuela is such a beautiful place. Summer-like weather all year, with Caribbean beaches, snowed mountain tops, dunes, rainforest and big plains. It has minerals and land and Oil. In 1936 a Venezuela thinker -Arturo Uslar Piertri-wrote on how we should sow Oil, meaning to invest those profits on th country itself. Sadly that didn't happen. Venezuela has exported its best, build with it's worst and importing the rest. It has no sustainability and for long it has seemed like any day it could all fall apart. But that never happens either. Somehow there is not a open war and yet more people are killed violently that if were. Something here is very wrong and yet all seems about right.

Tomorrow a big election is going to take place. Deciding, on whether to sustain Chavez’s two thirds mayority in the congress. Last year they past 134 laws, from which only 40 were on agenda. Basicly Chavez set the agenda, depending mostly on his mood and his need to control while selling the message that he works for the people, when 'the people's' problems are not being even addressed. It the basic needs cannot be met, what growth can there be? He keeps the wheal going on on money, words, gifts and bribery and people take it. Venezuelans always take whatever you give the free, even if it's poison.

And you always have to beware, of everything. If somebody robs you it's not that the thief was bad but that you were distracted. The slang for it is 'pagando:' paying it. I saw once, in a coastal town, a tropical beach destination, a big advertising with a giant picture of a big breasted woman wearing a skimpy bikini and a thong stating “if she’s dressed like that she’s asking for it” sponsord by local government attempting prohibiting woman from wearing little bikinis. You judge, I saw it. In Venezuela, there is no law. Everybody makes the crime, even if it is something as simple as not walking in the sidewalk but in the street. You do the crime until you get caught, but when you do, your only lament is that you got caught.

And from my perspective Chavez spread the wrong and has said to the ones that have always been suffering “see!! now they suffer too, this was all their fault, and now their paying the price, here is your bread for the Da". No growth, no sustainability. Some say, PDVSA, Venezuela’s Oil company and government “socialists” piggy bank, is simply broke. Future oil has been sold to china for today’s price and the country is floating in debt. If the Oil runs out, or people stop using it, I don’t know what could happen. There is no food, less water and all equipments are beginning to be out of date. There has been too much money, everything too easy, too dark.

These people work with dark forces. The legend says an African Lion was brought to Venezuela for Chavez to be bathed in his blood, and that he already has Opened Simon Bolivars Tomb (he recently did it again, publicly, as well as his sisters) and drank powdered bones. He is also said to participate in numerous indigenous-african rituals, a Cuban sect called –paleros- . they can be seen in specific points of the city, barefooted in the street all dressed in white. It is rumored that Chavez’s Abuses of The Power have led to natural disaster, such as Varga’s in 1999, yesterday hour rain collapsed the city of Caracas, a valley among mountains surround by ill constructed barriadas, big houses, a commercial centers, every underworld superimposed, In every one Chavez is a semi-god to love or hate. This city has been dubbed Crack-ass.

And people are still hungry, struggling, no values, educations, morality, no moral order, everything can be done and gotten away with. Everyone I know has gotten some sort of violence and grief inflicted on. It’s the rule.

This is the only country were you can fill a tank of gas with pocket money and get killed for the same amount.
Here you can always get killed. In August this year a Japanese sportswoman was hurt in her foot during an aperture ceremony of a baseball cup. It was a missing bullet. And that is normal. It happens. Frequently.

Yet, somehow I believe in this land, and only because I chose too. It’s my choice to believe and try to work for a better anywhere I may be. Now my Google map location is Caracas, Venezuela. And here I must build, with purpose, whatever I can. Until it is time to be somewhere else

So tomorrow I have a chance to vote. I hope. I pray. All will be well.

Pray with me,
In lake’ch

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