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Pulsewire: A Melting Point for Women

For me I see pulsewire as a melting point and a platform where women from different background, religious beliefs and fields of endeavour come together to speak out and share experiences. It is often said that she, who wears the shoe, knows where it pinches (the she emphasis is mine).
Women all over the world go through almost similar experiences, both in the developed and developing countries. Many women have fallen victims of different kinds of violence or discrimination whether it is being perpetrated deliberately or inadvertently by the perpetrator.
Sometimes these violence and discriminations against women are being perpetrated inadvertently, because our societies are patriarchy in nature, and it is generally believed that we are in a mans’ world so people tend to do things without knowing that they are violating the rights of others.
To this end, if we all want to put an end to this, we need to come together and speak with one voice, since these issues are similar and found all over the globe, from Pakistan to Russia and from Kenya to china.
Therefore there is the need to mount intensive campaigns all over, but first we need to come together as one, and pulsewire is already a platform for us (women)to air our views and pour out our minds for others to hear from us directly.
As an advocate of gender empowerment, I joined pulswire to hear, share and feel what other women and girls are going through in other parts of the world as well as see how we can campaign against harmful practices that endanger the lives of these women, in order to proffer lasting solutions to their plights.
Every woman is experiencing one form of discrimination or the other, and it could come in any form. As a mother of four girls I know how it feels, and the magnitude of discrimination one goes through for having daughters without a male child.
I remember when I had my last baby, when my husband called to ask for the sex of the baby, I told him she is baby girl, his reply was not again, because he is expecting a child that would take after his name, because it is generally believed that the girl would marry and drop her father’s name for husband.
After my younger brother congratulated me for having a safe delivery, he said well sister to make your husband happy, you must have another baby. And I told him that by the God’s grace of through with child birth, if these girls are taken catered for, they would surely make me proud.
In most cases, women champion the discrimination more in the real sense of it. My fellow women want to make me feel that without a boy, I have not own the house, and haven’t won my husband’s heart. The only way to win a man’s heart in this part of the world is to have a male child.
Some are actually sympathising with me because all my kids are girls, and what baffles me most is that these sympathisers are mostly women, the discrimination in a way is being perpetrated by the women and not the men.
Joining pulsewire would therefore give me an ample opportunity to share and sensitise women that being a women is not a sin, because i am of my biological construct of being a woman, so why should I feel bad having girls?


olutosin's picture

Mama Girls

Ah my darling sister, welldone, this is a beautiful piece that makes me laugh too, we are one, I have girls too, they are lovely girls i will not want to exchange with boys! But the day my mother in law called me and said, when will you have our own children for us, was the day I reduced my kneeling down for her, the complain is not even from my father in law nor my husband so all the girls I have are not yours not so, I smiled at her and said i will soon have your boys ma, just tell your son to put boys in my stomach at least you know how this thing is done.......
We have to take our stand and build a formidable world where girls are loved, appreciated and protected.

Pulsewire is our platform, yeah.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale
Founder/Project Coordinator
Star of Hope Transformation Centre
512 Road
F Close
Festac Town


salamatu's picture

Iya Abigirls (Mama Girls)


Thanks dear, i feel you because when i had my last baby my in-law said i still owe her a male child. And the last time i saw her recently, she also said something similar to what your in-law said, she said, she is seriously praying to God for me to have a male child'.

After four children someone is still praying for me to have another child, in this hard times when we are paying school fees through our nose, well i told her that God would answer her prayer.

When we give them the best my sister they surely excel in life more than their male counterparts.


sahar's picture

Women Who Win !

Dear Salamatu
I totally agree with your article and I know how it feels to have girls in a masculine community. However, we should educated the all community and especially women about their value as without them , men ,surely, will not have been born , raised and be fathers as well. I feel for you because we are three daughters and a wonderful mother. She never complains of having daughters although she sensed that in my father's family. She fuels as with thoughts powers and determination as allies to men that together we can create a fair community. And I am sure you can do that with your tomorrow's mothers , your daughters.


Sahar Nuraddin

follow me @snuraddin
"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."
- Helen Keller

salamatu's picture

Pulsewire: A Melting Point for Women


Thanks for your comments, sure am happy to have them as i see them as the sisters i never had, my other siblings are
all males no any other girl. All we need to do is to give them good training that would empower them, make them self reliant and independent in future.


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