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My step towards empowerment!

I’ve learnt about Web 2.0 concept for the first time and I am already enthused to work on this unique project. What’s exciting about Web 2.0 is that voices of women from the grass root level and entrepreneurs will reach the world from an individual perspective without any political or third party pressure like we normally see in the print media. This is a great opportunity for young women like me who can constructively use internet to spread the message of social stage. Since I am an active internet user, I can now utilize my time online by focusing on Web 2.0 and learn and network with powerful women around the world.

Web 2.0 being a platform for people who can post their stories and create information to share globally on the Internet, it place a very important role in women’s empowerment because it gives chance to women to network, work on a platform which is not politically influenced and women like me can at least report problems that prevails in my society freely on the web to raise voices and concerns and eventually take action.

Reading the articles the fact that amazed me the most was that Women hold just 17% of global decision-making positions, and only 16% of global news stories focus on women. I think that Web 2.0 will be turning the face of media by giving opportunities to women and giving them the power to be heard!

In my profile I mentioned that I am running a youth-led women organization called the ‘Youth Dividend’, and we aim to empower young people, particularly young women through media, I think I have been associated with Web 2.0 at the right time and I can create a greater different with the platform I am provided. I have already started visioning of the exercise I will be working on and I am confident that web 2.0 will be the only platform which will voice the issues globally. I am working on a project in the Flood hit areas of Pakistan where I will be reporting concerns of women, young girls and documenting their problems which are not given preference, I will be focusing on Sexual and Reproductive health Rights of displaced young women in Flood Affected areas in Sindh and Punjab.



Rachael Maddock-Hughes's picture

Dear Hira, You are doing

Dear Hira,

You are doing marvelous work and your leadership and vision shows through your assignment! I would love to know more about how you think Web 2.0 can reach poor women in Pakistan--what sort of programs does Youth Dividend support? Have you seen a difference in young women's lives because of Web 2.0 in your community?

Keep up the great work!

Kind regards,


"In every human heart there are a few passions that last a lifetime. They're with us from the moment we're born, and nothing can dilute their intensity." Rob Brezny

judyschiller's picture

Dear Hira, Keep up the great

Dear Hira,
Keep up the great writing! I loved all the specific examples you gave about how you are working to empower the youth, about what you have read (you listed percentages, for example), and you were willing to admit your surprise (re. the statistics).

Your writing feels very, very personal, and I like that, Hira!

A very dear friend of mine just left for Pakistan about 10 days ago to help with the flooding, and I will get his organization's details and email them to you privately. It would be amazing if you could meet him/work with him!

By the way, a nice "added touch" that you included the graphic on Rosie the Riveter. She is one of my favorite icons in US art. How exciting that you know about her too!

Looking forward to reading assignment #2,
Judy Schiller

hirahur's picture

Dear Rachel, Thanks for the

Dear Rachel,

Thanks for the comments! there are numerous way poor women can be helped and are being helped in Pakistan, I think my part comes when i advocate for there issues, bring personal stories of these women into lime light and let the world know how more than 80 % of the women in this country is living an unsatisfactory life.. this reminds me that we just launched our National Millennium Development Goals Report and the gender equality and women empowerment index have gone down drastically and i wonder if all this big organizations who're working for women, rural women particularly are making any difference...
Through Youth Dividend we advocate for young people and women's rights, we do awareness sessions, write case studies.. and report the stories to the media. I recently got a grant to report GBV issues in Flood Affected areas in Pakistan and i am hopefully going to complete the project, reporting GBV issues and Young Women's reproductive Health issues and a documentary by the end of october. I think Web 2.0 is a HUGE network to highlight the real world issues and its surely making a difference in my life..

Hira Hafeez

hirahur's picture

Dear Judy! I heart <3 your

Dear Judy!

I heart <3 your message and i am just so pleased to read the smallest of things you've pointed in my blog :)

I would love to meet your friend, infact i'll be off to the field (i.e the flood areas) soon through my organization so it would be wonderful to catch him there. i would surely get in touch with your friend and be of any assistance he requires!

Well Rosie the riveter is my favorite 'girl' and ive been a fan of that particular poster since as long as i can remember! i think its inspiration to all young women!!

I just uploaded assignment two :) stay in touch

Hira Hafeez

suzanna of c's picture

Week I


I admire your work in the world and that fact that you shared the statistics about women and the media. It is exciting to learn from you. Your own excitement about what you do is palpable. I look forward to hearing about your project and to supporting it if at all possible. It is a clear voice that may promote woman's issues and make them a priority. You inspire me to think about the local issues for woman in my own community.

Susan Hoffman

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