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My involvement with PulseWire Community, has given me a platform, to finally share my story. I came upon World pulse out of shear luck, and a quest for knowledge.
I went to a Cyber Café to do some research, and a friend, Tosin, who participated In the 2009 VOF, gave me the World pulse web link, and here I am.
My children have grown up and moved on, and I was left all by myself, and painfully lonely, having been a widow for so long. I have this passion for the plight of widows and orphans, having threaded that path.
Being very active, and still ready to contribute to society, I started by counseling women and widows, and enlightening them on the need to improve and empower themselves, through education, and self esteem. I became interested in their children also. My motherly outlook to life makes it fun for us. I am really interested in them. I have the time and the zeal. A book by Senator Hilary R.Clinton, “It Takes A Village To Raise A Child”, helped to activate my interest in this area.
Widows really do need help, especially those with young and growing children. This motivated me to set up the GrandmaRose Foundation.

Now, this is my personal story.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where people around you felt that you are so lucky and have everything going your way, while deep down inside, you knew there was something huge missing in your life?

I married young and widowed at the age of 21. I did not have the opportunity of continuing my education, earlier. My main focus was on my children.
Against all odds, I have had the success of giving my children the best possible education to make them productive members of society. They were mothered, molded, nurtured, well educated, and very functional and contributing citizens of the Universe.

But here I am with all these achievements, I still felt empty and unfulfilled. I did not have a college degree; though I had practically read every book on the shelf. I knew that reading all the books in the world would not give me the directive to survive in the world I feel I deserve.

My peers discouraged me, by telling me to be content with the achievement of single-handedly raising my kids and providing them with the educational enablement for a secure future. I am really grateful for raising my kids, which is every parent’s God-given responsibility; but I was yet to raise myself.

College and university education have always been one thing I had craved for all my life, and I did not have it, and yet I should be quiet and lose sight of my lifelong dreams. No, it would not be so, I reassured myself. I have a mind of my own, and did not welcome any negative or discouraging influences.

I would like an education that will enable me to interact intellectually anywhere in the world, like I am doing on Pulse Wire, today.
As I am getting older, I wanted a profession that will give me sustenance and influence on society. I would not want to be a liability to any one around me.
I know that with education, I can be anything I want to be. I can fit into any aspect of society. Most of all, I would like to be a literacy advocate for people, especially, women and children, I know there are lots of people like me out there. I know that coupled with life experiences, my education will benefit society in so many ways. I did not just want a college degree; I want the knowledge that goes with it.

It was this quest for knowledge, and a zest to belong that eventually brought me to Nassau Community College (State University of New York) in January 2001, my 52nd birthday.
I took the placement test, was accepted, and matriculated. Now my journey to success just began and will continue.

Finally, I got a degree in Paralegal Studies, with powerful courses in Office Technology, and the quest continues,,,

I would like to use this platform to reach out to widows and women worldwide, and encourage them, in any way possible to empower themselves by aspiring and getting an education. It's never too late to start.

I would like a world where education will be affordable, and reachable to all – my vision.

I am glad I finally let it all out, thereby creating awareness through WorldPulse.


Rose Candy @ GrandmaRose Foundation


Rachael Maddock-Hughes's picture

Dear Rose Candy, Your story

Dear Rose Candy,

Your story is empowering and I am so proud to hear that you pursued your education, despite the negative influences around you. You have inspired me to continue with my educational question for a Masters degree--thank you!

We should always listen to our hearts, no matter what the picture looks like on the outside!

Just a quick note, I added the "2010 VOF Week 2" tag to your assignment. You need to put that in the "tags" line, and not the "title" line. Everything is fine now though!

Kind regards,


"In every human heart there are a few passions that last a lifetime. They're with us from the moment we're born, and nothing can dilute their intensity." Rob Brezny

Rose Candy's picture


Thank you, Rachael. That's the whole idea of my "gospel". I am so glad you are now inspired to pursue your Master's Degree program. WAY TO GO, GIRL. Before you know it, you are done with it. Just start. Today. I promise to take you up on it.
It may interest you to know that my son is now pursuing a Doctorate Degree in Project Management Professional. That's my wish and prayer for every person, both young or old. I advocate the need for education on every opportunity I have. Educatio pays off ,big time. That's why I am excited to be a part of Pulsewire and Web 2.0., just to share the idea.
Through Worldpulse, we can help educate the world together.
Thanks for the "Tags" thing. You are really making a difference.
Stay blessed.
Rose Candy @ GrandmaRose Foundation.

Mothering, Molding and Nurturing children

Mila's picture

Feedback on Assignment 2

Hi Rose Candy,

It was great to get to read your work again this week. You did a wonderful job of explaining your journey to PulseWire and of explaining your personal vision. I really found your personal story to be quite inspiring. It was great to read in your conclusion that you are now a college graduate after enrolling at the age of 52. You are right--it is never to late to pursue your goals.
I do want to note that your writing totaled 753 words and for this assignment you were supposed to stay under 500 words. Part of being a successful writer/journalist is having the ability to write succinctly. After all, what you have to say is important and you want the reader to be able to finish what you have to say.


Rose Candy's picture


Dear Mila:
Thanks, Mila for reading my journal and keeping me in check. I really do need it. This is why the whole race is a learning process. I really do appreciate the points you made about my going over the 500 words. This is the discipline aspect of it all, but I was carried away. I am still learning, and thanks for directing my "paths", and it has really sunk in.
Stay blessed.
Rose Candy @ GrandmaRose Foundation.

Mothering, Molding and Nurturing children

Mirchii's picture


Dear Rose,

I think the persistence that emanates from your story will go a long way in shaping the lives of people that you have touched. It is truly inspiring- your determination to educate yourself, and most importantly, your desire to learn. I know exactly how you feel. There is just so much knowledge to be gained in this world that the sheer mass of it could fully well drive a sane being crazy!

Keep up the brilliant work.

Love and peace,

Rose Candy's picture


Dear Mirchii:
Thanks for responding to my journal, "FINALLY FOUND MYSELF". It's all about the quest for knowledge.
Education and, knowlwdge empowers one in every aspect of life. I really found a new me after going through the campus, and interacting with other students who were decades younger than I was. It was like a new lease of life for me.
I got the knowlwedge, the education, and the exposure, and I wish that on all women out there who were in the same shoes I was in earlier. I am also advocating seriously for every young person to view education as an ultimate route to success. This is coming from the mouth of someone who has been there, and has seen it all.
Stay blessed, Mirchii. SHALOM.
Rose Candy @ GrandmaRose Foundation

Mothering, Molding and Nurturing children

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