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The Winds of Change

oya: winds of change

Today is the Fall Equinox and as I take a moment to sit back and breathe, I couldnt have asked a better way to bring in the Fall but taking the last couple of hours learning the World Pulse website and asking people to join my community. Summer ended with a bang, actually I think that Fall started about a month ago in my life. Right at the beginning of August the winds of change swept through my house and like tornandos, hurricanes and natural disasters the only thing left standing at the end was my broken heart and a unrecognizable home. Actually I was left homeless with my son and myself to figure it out. For the past couple of weeks i have felt like the last women standing, Alone,lonely, bruised, hurt, rejected, abondoned etc.

And just as the tornado is taking the last of whats left of me, on my lap lands this wonderful opportunity, to join this group, this community, this sisterhood. Today , I finally took the time to walk through the community and I feel more connected to all of you then to those women that I see everyday. You have reawakened in me the sleeping warrior, who lost herself when she decided that she was going to make her partner a priority while she remained her option.

Reading your posts, your unconditional sharing of your lives, your vulnerability to be seen and heard through your hearts as left me with possibility. While that doors closed , through your stories so many open. As the tornado hit my home, all I could see was the damage it was doing to me, now I know that at the same time the tornado was hitting my house it was also hitting all of our homes and together we can rebuild the way we are rebuilding, transforming our communities.

The Fall is about connecting to our higher self, our divine purpose, connecting, walking and bieng with Spirit. Its about reflection, beign the powerful women that we are, letting go, forgiving, going within, death, introspection, evaluation , weeding out from the garden all those things that dont serve a purpose in our lives. And every Fall, the universe gives us the power to work it ourselves or it will send the winds of change to do it for us and then we feel like we dont have control over the things that are happening to us.

So with your support, today I take back my power. I reclaim home within me, I forgive all those that have hurt me, I connect to my higher self, I thank my ancestors for paving the way and for walking with me everyday, I ask the winds of change to be gentle this season with my heart so I can love unconditionally. I ask for the gift of introspection so I can see the unseen. And I ask the Fall, to hold us all so we dont get swept away and we stay grounded and committed to our purpose not matter what is happening.

In Bold Rebirth



nilima's picture


Before i write anything i am so much touched and blessed with the love you have shown towards your life and towards the world. I can feel the positive vibes while reading your post and i must say you are in the right place for the right cause! I am so happy that you feel the same like what i felt while i joined the group. And this feeling of being together is being stronger day by day, at this time i can say yes i am in a group or the community where my voice is being heard and where i can be the part of many woman's life through the pulsewire! I am sure this enthusiasm of your will rise further when you will be listening to many voices in time to come! It's the one platform that wipes up the wall between the women around the world.

WELCOME from the core of my heart to the pulse wire!

with all sisterly love:)

olutosin's picture


My dear sister, I always ssay that the founder of Pulsewire does not rally know what she has created, she has unknowingkly founded a theurapeutic centre! She has succeeded in connecting the about to commit suicide with the healed and the just healed can confidently say, I passed through this, though it was serious but not life taking! You can do it too cos at the end you will smile. And we passed through it in sorrow and smiled at the end.

If no one has seen it before, it will neve happen, if it happened so you then someone hasa seen it! What aan eye has not seen before is just to create fear in the life of the affected person......That is an adage in my village.

I joined world pulse when my world was collapsing and the only pulse i could feel then was pulsewire, it kept me alive. A time came in my whole world, when all i was living for were my immeidate family especially those little girls they were too innocent to be left in the hand of a wicked step mother, and secondly, the dream of creating another pulse........and that dream must not die, it held me till now. Why will I die in the hand of a fellow woman when thousands of womena re looking up to me.......believing in me and the last thing is never to believe in myself.

Ilove your new step, looking up and down adn deciding to move on, millions of woomen in the nooks adn crannies of this world are looking up to be like you, to make you a model, why will a die in the hands of someone who is not worthy to have me....

Raise your head baby and begin to post.

Loads of love for you and regards to your spirirt, for I can confidently say, Namaste! I bow for the divine spirit that lives in you!

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale
Founder/Project Coordinator
Star of Hope Transformation Centre
512 Road
F Close
Festac Town


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