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The Story of my Nation


I am from Nepal. Just an ordinary but privileged girl from the capital city of Nepal. Life has always worked out for me in its weird but blissful and possible ways. A story of me would not provide anything heart touching or inspiring. I would rather tell a tale of my beloved nation and its critical state.

Nepal, a country that most of us would inquire more upon. And we all have our already framed answer, “the land of Mt Everest; the birthplace of Gautama Buddha” and it goes on. But I would rather not tell glorious stories of beautiful mountains and adventure sports. My country needs change and I need hope for a changed nation.

I have lived in the same place almost all my life. I have had my share of observation and I have always wanted to share. I grew up knowing my country to be an abode of peace. A place that proved that little things in life were really blissful. We never had big buildings, promising industries or definite development plans. Life was simple and it would just go on that way .Politically, there had been a few changes. Rulers changed, governments changed but our lives did not. We always did have one supreme ruler to look up to and he took care of the basic needs. The luxury needs were up to the citizens but nobody really asked for it. Life had its own pattern and everyone was happy with it.

But it is certain that roads are never built straight and smooth and now my nation is going through a very meandering turn. After the 2001 Royal Massacre, where we all lost the Royal family, the nation started seeing the most chaotic patterns and events in our political history. Former King Birendra’s brother King Gyanendra took over the designation. Along with this, the Maoist insurgency brought negative changes. The King was compelled to give up his throne after Janandolan 2 against him in April 2006. Nepal then became a Democratic Republic. Maoists became the ruling party after the 2008 Constituent Assembly elections. I wish this was our chance happy ending followed by a series of plans for national development. Sadly, the story continued…

The fight continued to be so complicated and despicable that I find it hard to follow the political changes that have come along. The Maoists couldn’t prove themselves and the government was dissolved. Madhav Kumar Nepal became the Prime Minister and stories started getting more complicated.

I can take the political changes whatsoever, but the hideous effect it has on the social life of my fellow citizens is heart breaking. With this continuous fight for power among political entities, the ordinary citizens are just left helpless and hopeless. I hate the numerous forms of tragic irony everywhere.

Nepal has ample opportunities for tourism. People from the largest powers come here for treks, jumps, rafts or to see how nature looks at its purest form here. Yet, I see my men migrate to golf countries who work in spite of losing their dignity because their own nation does not offer them much. They have to work mercilessly to fight the unbearable poverty. I hate migration but it’s because of a desperate situation for better life after all. I hate to see when teenagers go abroad and work as janitors when they used to sigh at the idea of cleaning their own room back home.

Nepal is one of the richest in water resources. Yet we see dry taps, power cuts and the long lines in petrol pumps. When my neighboring countries take these facilities for granted, we are here struggling for them immensely.

And at a time when development seems to be a priority for the rest of the world, we seem to love anti development tasks. We love vandalism or strikes to make things work our way. It is only destroying what we already have.

It also hurts when agriculture being our main occupation, we still have to import the littlest things from other nation. I wish I could find quality products here. It would save us from inflation and the economic turmoil. We would me much more independent.

I hate to see a country which was perfect in its own simple way is now in its worst stage. I hate to see how politics, the lure for power and corruption has cost a big deal to the humble people here. We are in a maze of utmost uncertainty that is hard to get out of. A charismatic and selfless leader could simplify this confusion we are in and make the road simpler.

I have nothing much to ask from the present or future leaders. All that I for ask is hope. I ask for newspaper headlines that say we have a new government. I ask for news that speaks of construction and not destruction. I ask for the simple life that was…where little things gave us happiness and those little things were our own. It was nothing to fight for. I just pray and ask for that little ray of hope… the hope that will bring change for those who want a better tomorrow. A hope for youth to bring into action all that they have been dreaming to do, for themselves and the nation.


sunita.basnet's picture

Love of a country

Dear Nikita,

I wish all the Nepali will be conscious like you regarding their country. I can see the love of a country, although I am not in Nepal, I do feel the same. I wish a new government who can lead a country..... Keep in touch and hope to read much more about Nepal from you.

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

rimalnikita's picture

thank u

Glad u liked my story. It would be great to keep in touch so that we can share and learn together.

nilima's picture

very much true and i am happy

very much true and i am happy to read it on your words nikita:) keep writing

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