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Web 2.0: A mass media of being empowered

As it is known that web 2.0 is a very effective platform of interacting with people from different regions and cultures, we may view a topic or an issue from various perspectives. It is an incredible media of exchanging thoughts and gathering knowledge or just knowing about something from someone who we have not seen or met in person, someone who might live miles away from us. And that is the most exciting opportunity that web 2.0 has given to its members. People from the other corner of the globe can be able to talk about a situation and ask for others outlook on that, and others can give solutions if it is a challenging event someone is facing. Even if when someone wants to do something which she does not have much information about, she can easily get ideas from others through web 2.0.

Being a web 2.0, when World Pulse is a mass media of learning from each other or just sharing among a large group, women from developing countries can talk about different events and issues there and women from the other parts of the world can join in that share or cheer. Through this media, women can even help each other through giving their thoughts and ideas on a particular issue shared by someone. Here, the process can even be like showing paths to someone or find someone paths to achieve something. A person may have one opinion, since many people will have many perspectives on a matter, there must be some solutions come out of people’s views. Every person who joins web 2.0 is a resource to every other person in the same media.

The world is actually getting smaller through such an attempt of utilizing web 2.0. Realizing this fact, World Pulse is a learning platform for women from one region through understanding how women in other regions struggle or attempt to overcome challenges in today’s world. It does not necessarily have to be challenges and solutions to problems, it can be women share each other’s cultural aspects and learn how a practice is different in other cultures. For example, I have been hearing a lot form other women in the World Pulse, about other countries situations regarding how women’s empowerment is improving from time to time. All these knowledge let me widen my thinking into more optimistic and practical, let me realize how many ways people lead their lives in the universe and how many ways people keep trying to make life work. And learning about all of them is the most important way the web 2.0 or World Pulse is empowering me.


sunita.basnet's picture

All the best

Dear Azmina,
All the best with you VOF 2010 application and nice to see you in pulsewire after a long time. Keep writing , your voice wil be heard one day.

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

Frances Faulkner's picture

Widening the View


I really love your statement about widening your thinking to be more optimistic and practical as a result of what you have heard at World Pulse through the Web 2.0 media platform. This captures the change that is possible for each and every one of us as we trade information, stories, ideas, facts and creative inspiration. Hearing these things "live" adds a note of vibrancy to the collective voice.

Thanks much for your writing.


tallybery's picture

Dear Azmina, this is Larissa,

Dear Azmina, this is Larissa, part of the listener group. I can see that you´d worked on the general idea behind web 2.0. Sometimes, for us to find a plot, it is important to cutout from the subjetc big picture, what on it interest us the most...Getting deeper on our own relation to the subjetc matter makes our writting more personal, and that leeds the reader to identify with it. I belive you did a good job describing the big picture and it´s positive implications, but how it influences on your own personal experiences? Who have you met online who´d inspired you? I really hope to get to know you a little better throught your writting :-)

azmina karim's picture


Dear Larissa,

thank you very much for your ideas and suggestions regarding my post, it would greatly help me to learn more and will be a guide to write better in future.

Thanks again,


tallybery's picture

Dear Azmina, I am very glad

Dear Azmina,

I am very glad to help :-) I belive that improving is our goal, so everything comes to help us move forward on this direction.

Wishing you all the best,


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A smaller world with Web 2.0

Dear Azmina - You are right, the world does feel smaller when we use Web 2.0. Keep learning more about how this valuable resource can help you define and empower your personal goals. Continue to be strong and look for the countless possibilities to connect with others who share your voice on specific issues most important to you.

azmina karim's picture

thank you for the good ideas

thanks so much to all of you for all the suggestions, I really appreciate your thoughts.

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