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Write a 500 word or less article that describes:
What most excites you about Web 2.0
Web 2.0 to me is one of the new technological dimensions of communication in the world today. It is radically different from the traditional means of communication like the Print media where information is one-sided i.e. flowing from one way. And also the audio-visuals, where communication, interaction and information are highly limited It is against this background that Web 2.0 poses a real exciting experience. Web 2.0 moves some steps from the traditional means of sharing information to a more interesting level of not just sharing of information but also interaction among women of like minds, who is trying to fight and advocate for a common course. By creating this therefore, it brings about a platform where women can share their vision, mission and harness resources for social change.

Web 2.0 creates a technological and global community of people all over the world to register their voices and more importantly connect as they share life experiences. Another exciting aspect to Web 2.0 is the technique and simplicity of usage of the web to share information and communicate with other people. Simply put, the introduction of citizen journalist i.e. people without professional journalism training making use of the internet is a really fascinating thing. It is a very good innovation to have introduced the citizen journalism, because if this had not been, it would have posed a great challenge to people who do not have experience in journalism.

Furthermore, I find the Web 2.0 more exciting because it is strictly for the womenfolk, with permission however for the men to comment. This bit is very much unlike most social networks that are always for every interested individual. Being a platform for women to socialise, it is also a very educative and enlightening medium of improving and advocating for the course of women from different walks of life and geographical background.

The statistics on the participation of women in the affairs in the world is most commendable to the researcher and the crew of VOF. It gingers the zeal in me to work harder in my own little way to see that women have more representation in public life and that our voices are more heard, and to also stand up against gender stereotypes and male chauvinism. The thoughtfulness of the crew of VOF is most fascinating as they made efforts to explain those relevant terms

The experiences of Halima Rahma shared is particularly touching and invigorates the knowledge that more work need to be done in the area of re-orientating people against harmful traditional practice especially the ones that bothers on women like the female genital mutilation. Furthermore, the examples of what is possible for citizen journalist and community organisers using Web 2.0 is really inspiring and is setting me thinking already about what I will embark on to affect lives and effect change.

Web 2.0 provides a good learning experience and introduction and it is just timely as a way of enabling women interact and share information on circumstances that pertains to them.

What solutions you think Web 2.0 brings to the global women's empowerment movement;
1. It brings about the solution of hearing the voices, and sharing of experiences of large number of women from different geographical locations and cultural background on social issues that bothers on women defying the constraint of time and distance
2. The solution of distance and its difficulties in communication
3. Improving the lot of women through training and interactions among them, and making them share diverse experiences.
4. Another solution is that you can reach the other person in a very short time
5. It is a place where you can learn with ease even within the confines of your room and you still have experts as guide
6. Being a social network site and women only, one could make friends freely; it gives one the confidence that one is not alone in ones predicament because you could always share even life issues.
7. It gives the opportunity of practising the journalist profession on another level and even in a more sophisticated manner. Journalism as a profession is redefined through Web 2.0

How is it already, or how will it be empowering for you?
1. It is already empowering in that I am making new friends, meeting new people, reading people’s profile and comments. With this I have an idea of what the other person in a different environment feels about a particular issue, thereby broadening my horizon and perspective.
2. In doing this assignment, reading the materials and answering the questions, I have learnt a great deal and even make me to be looking forward to future assignments and hopefully the real training as well.
3. I look forward to being empowered as a citizen journalist, writing, educating and effecting social change on social issues that pertain to women.
4. With the tip of the ice berg have had with answering this assignment, I look forward to being empowered the more in my writing skills, internet communication skills and networking
5. I further hope to be empowered the more on issues that bother on women and possible ways of tackling such issues.
6. Also to be empowered through doing the assignment with the materials and networking.
7. To partake in the mentoring session and sharing with the grassroot women leader as a way of improving my self
8. I strongly hope to selected for the training as I look forward to a great learning and practical experience to be used to better my present engagements and organisations on women issues.


patoftroy's picture

Puttting this assignment

Puttting this assignment together is such a interesting experience, i look forward to more of it.

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tell us more

i love your analysis but id like to meet the woman behind the words.what drives you?

patoftroy's picture

Thanks for the compliment.

Thanks for the compliment. What drives me? Reminds me of the quote that says "it does'n matter what a man drives but what drives a man".

I love to acquire knowledge and make use of them, I love to read and research, I’m passionate about travelling and meeting people, I love to teach and facilitate among other things. I love what I do and enjoy what I do. My core values are excellence, integrity and selfless service. I am a passion driven individual. My mission is to impact lives and my society by rendering selfless service to humanity, being the best at what I do and excel in all that I lay and will lay my hands upon.

My core values are excellence, integrity and selfless service. I am a passion driven individual. My mission is to impact lives and my society by rendering selfless service to humanity, being the best at what I do and excel in all that I lay my hands on. I have the ability to work well with people of any race and colour. I am capable of adjusting to changes as change is constant. I am willing to collaborate and be a reliable team member, I possess an eye for details and a dedication to achieving goals and being result oriented. I possess an attitude fuelled with positive thinking.

Do these answer your questions?

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I think you've put a lot of thought into this assignment, and your attention to the details of what can be done with and learned from Web 2.0 is amazing! You sound like a very inspiring, strong woman and I am looking forward to learning more about you and what you accomplish throughout this process...

- Julene

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Thanks a great deal, i'm

Thanks a great deal, i'm happy! I look forward to meeting you too. Thanks ones again!

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I love how you visualize the

I love how you visualize the internet as a great way to communicate. You use the web as a tool to help allow your voice to be heard. You can tell through your writing that you are excited about sharing yourself and your experiences. Though, most need courage to do this, it seems as though you have an open heart that you want to share through your stories and adventures.

Carri Pence

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Taking it further

You make a good case for the power of Web 2.0, and how it is a vehicle for sharing experiences worldwide. Your enthusiasm for wanting to learn more about how to better use this technology is evident, and I applaud your eagerness to improve your own skills. And, from the above posts, it sounds likes you have the determination and drive to impact change. Looking forward to hearing more about the projects you're working on {or social-change ideas you're thinking about} and how citizen journalism and Web 2.0 may help bring those projects into reality. Will follow you here. - Jenn

"The secret of happiness is freedom,
and the secret of freedom, courage."
-Thucydides, ancient Greek historian & author

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